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Chen Yuxi started the first show, the red down jacket was warm and eye-catching, and the middle and long curls were aged and aged.

Red, it is the church of the gratitude, and it is a festive tone that can be attracted. The year will close, many people will like to choose a red to install themselves, not only the atmosphere of the festival, but also make yourself have a good luck in the coming year. The more daily wear, the more you want to use red to refresh the image.

The actress Chen Yuxi, is different from a lot of net red cones, she grows with a cute baby, pure look, once is the most beautiful in the hearts of many boys. She was born in 83 years old this year, but she can’t see from her body.


Red down jacket warm and eye-catching

In addition to maintaining better faces, it is also unsuitable relationship with her daily. This time, she chose a red short down jacket + blue slim jeans, with white small boots, red and blue collision, both warm and aging.

Red and blue is a set of mutual contrast colors, which can form a clear color effect, one is warm, one is calm and long, a cold comparison, bringing infinite delusions, also It will collide with gorgeous sparks, such a set of colors together, can always become the most eye-catching focus in the crowd.


Short down jacket adapter is high, compared to long down jackets, short style is more suitable for petite girls, will not be too high, and will also create a feeling of unsuccessful practitioners. . Although there is no special shape, you can make people look bright in front of the color match.

This length of the down jacket is actually very testing, and it will wear five five-fifth passwords. There is no significant effect on the power of the body. Chen Yuxi official 161cm is 161cm, and does not belong to a particularly tall type. In the choice of opening the clothes, through the inside, it will achieve a significant effect.

Open to wear more

White T-shirt combines blue high waist jeans, color fresh nature is very refreshing, put the upper plug in the trousers, portray the shorter size, easy to pull long legs. Such wear looks easily, and can avoid the risk of being significant because the expansion of cotton clothing.

In the dressing of the red costume, the small portion of the blanks can alleviate the expansion of the fresh color, thereby creating a visual comfort. For example, the lines of the neck are facilitating the thickness of the whole, so that the shape shows a bit of light feelings, and can draw the neck lines.

Appropriate skin care is more light


Chen Yuxi took a white T-shirt, the big open round neck style, will not cause the bondage of the neck, and make the visual have an extension, which can show the strength of the neck line, will also prevent the fluffy due to jackets. It brings a feeling of being more fat. However, such a warmth is a lot of warmth, and the cold little sister is not suitable.

Large-area red will bring a strong visual impact, which is easy to produce visual fatigue, which can bind to small-area color embellishments to reduce some red impact. Chen Yuxi’s red down jacket added a part of black connection, and the more the red is full of red, and it can suppress some red desires and add a stable sense.

Red is already the most eye-catching color, and it is not too fancy in the choice of the inner choice. If it is to reduce the sense of conflict, you can use the foundation black and white gray. I like the picture cheerful and active and aged, white is a good choice, and it can take out the white skin and create a light and bright feeling.

Wear brightly toned costumes, don’t forget the light makeup, jumping color is too stealing, it is difficult to create a good color, especially for girls, girls who are not very confident, the dark tune clothing will make skin color more dim . At this time, a makeup face that is suitable for you will instantly improve confidence.

Light makeup


Chen Yuxi’s makeup is still very natural. The overall style is more likely, in addition to using pink lip gloss, it also emphasizes the soul of the eyebrows, it looks full of energy. Although the face is still round, this is also known as a buns, but it does not hinder her beautiful bloom, but keep her a foundation for her.

In terms of hair style, Chen Yuxi still continued the natural refreshing style, and the middle and long hair made a slight radians, which can maintain a state of natural and natural, and create a fascinating woman, naturally disconnected, it looks gentle, but also Do the effect of modifying face.

For the hair loss phenomenon facing now, Chen Yuxi’s launch is enviable. The hair of the filling can make the hairstyle’s fullness of the fullness, and the cranial top can be made high, causing the passage of the head face.

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