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Sustainable Temperature Adidas Originals Publishing Winter Series

In winter, the temperature is cold in a year, and the short night is long, but it is also a year to share warmth together, together to celebrate many holidays, this atmosphere has brought strength, let people feel the meaning of life. For this reason, in the line, in the line, Adidas Originals released the Winter new series. After applicable winter new products and special creative inspiration, it assists in people who have a festival’s pleasure atmosphere. In addition, the brand is more likely to create a creative plan with artist Azuma Makoto, calling on “Sustainable Temperature”, in which the holiday atmosphere is present, and it is suggested that people maintain the nature environment around us.

可持续的温度adidas Originals 发布 WINTER 系列

Created for warmth, enlighten with physical culture, this is the most central concept of Winter Series. This design will be applied to the end, incorporating outdoor elements in the bottom of the earth and clear colors – bringing intimate temperature and maintenance for urban consumers.

可持续的温度adidas Originals 发布 WINTER 系列

Thinking on the overall performance of autumn and winter, this series provides a rich and diverse single product, including down jacket, coat, outdoor, hood, vest, trousers, etc., in the blending street and outdoor clothing, etc. At the same time, it enhances autumn and winter feeling with dark colors such as olive green, carboniferclo, and card. With the careful match of this sub-film, interpretation of winter clothing and trendy models, no longer a heavy bloated and non-documented in people’s traditional impression.

Among them, coats such as coats, down jackets, increase the level of internal and external matching, even in dull winter, can be easily eye-catching in dull winter. Long and short-style different options have created a personality profile, and has innovations on the design and fabrics of pockets that focus on applicable and utilitative pockets, bringing a good warm warm clothes for clothing people in ice cold winter. In addition, the root pattern of the eggte, hood, sweater, more retro street, the design of the Adidas Originals landmark element, three stripes, and clover logo in design, integration of classic design and modern aesthetics .

The part of the shoes also contains rich surprises, Niteball, Drop Step, Superstar, Up Court, Samba Boot, FORUM HI, etc. ADIDAS Originals Brand Massenger shoes become winter with highlights. The retro and street trends are designed to design, and they give them a streamlined design of modern modernity, shaping new appearance. The classic continues to be widely contoured and high, boots style is intended to coordinate warm and warm in cold winter, and integrate warm and warmth.

In addition, Adidas Originals is specifically available to Japanese Artist Dongxin Kangren (Azuma Makoto) to develop collaboration, with warm and creative artistic visual style and creative video to further present “sustainable temperature”. A large number of trees have been cut down for festival decoration, and then they are discarded, this is the inspiration for this creative. The Azuma Makoto passed through the water and low temperature frozen fir, bringing it the second life. It shines light under the light, and the gratich is present on the ice column hanging on the branches, and the tenet of nature maintenance is conveyed to people.