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Domestic brands compete for “Basketball Shoes” title, Anta, Li Ning, Chapk Who is more

China Business Daily (Reporter 颉 颉)

The domestic basketball shoe market has been staged in the top of the three major sports brands Anta, Li Ning, and Shi Jie released high-end basketball shoes. Regardless of the scientific and technological content or marketing, the above brands have opened the horsepower, focusing on the title of the domestic “basketball shoes king”. In the insiders, the strength of domestic brand products is constantly strengthening. The high-end basketball shoes currently launched have also been recognized by consumers, but it takes time to achieve a level that can be competed with international brands.

Basketball shoes are mounted to slow sporting new technology

On September 29th, the new basketball shoes series XTEP JLIN2 in Shi Squet is officially released. Compared to XTep Jlin1, the biggest difference between the series of basketball shoes is to carry a new X-TepBooom system in the middle, which is composed of large-scale carbon boards and special rebound technology. The system can provide a soft-elastic foot and reduce the weight of the body, and increase the shoe body to mister while providing advancement.

In addition, the series of shoes also added two TPUs (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber), which enriched the protectiveness of the user, and enhanced the protectiveness of the user.

Anta also launched Thompson seventh generation signature basketball shoes – KT7. This basketball shoes use Anta’s latest nitrogen technology. It is understood that nitrogen technology has enhanced the reboundability of KT7 compared to KT6. Anta also uses smart shock absorber Smart S.a.m on this shoe, combined with a 3D Flow system, can continue to strengthen the support performance of the body and the cushioning capacity of the body.

In addition, the shoes also have environmentally friendly characteristics. Zhu Shuanghong, a senior director of Anta Group Shoes, said at the Anta Innovation Science and Technology Conference held on September 27 that Anta nitrogen technology used nitrogen foaming, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, reducing carbon dioxide emissions It is also the actual actions taken by Ant to respond to national “carbon neutralization”.

In terms of design, senior director of Anta Basketball Design, KT7 Designer Zheng Yongxown said that KT7 is inspired by the “Twelve Water Map” in the Song Dynasty painter Ma Yuan, and the philosophy of “Water is invisible” is integrated into the shoe body design. Express the product characteristics of KT7 “” is born with the “rapids” concept.

It is understood that Anta hopes that the new nitrogen technology can be applied to more sports products to promote the full coverage of multiple product categories. Senior Director, Anta Brand Shoes Innovation Management Center, said that now nitrogen technology is only applied to basketball and running related products. Future training series, life series, and skateboard series will be used in nitrogen technology. “By 2025 we hope to use nitrogen technology to use more than 75% Anta brand products.”

Li Ning has launched the 9 unlimited version of Wade in the near future, and the two basketball shoes of “Test R1”, the price is 1699 yuan and 1599 yuan respectively. It is understood that Li Ning’s “弜 科技” first applied on the series of basketball shoes, “弜 科技” can make it slower rebound more obvious.

What is worth paying attention is that the outer shape of the above two shoes is also quite unique, and the 9 unlimited version of Wade is the theme of “the best male basketball player Dewhene Wade” with a famous American male basketball player. Hand drawn graffiti elements. Fused street fashion and sportiness. Shoes and follow-up positions with Wade, the picture of the photo; the shoe zippery is carried out with the name of the Wade daughter.

“Test R1” outer upper is used to use a transparent material. The upper is retained with many industrial products such as shoes, numbers, barcodes, and creates a unique industrial design style.

Star Net Red Marketing “Non-shortstaught”

In terms of marketing, the three brands are also “various magical powers.” For example, Anta will make consumers understand KT7 and their new technology through the Hosting Innovation Technology Conference. “In the future, the Innovation Technology General will continue to hold, become an important IP of Anta.” Cai Zhimen said to the Chinese Business Daily reporters.

“Everyone used to be more than the big show of the clothing show. This is the first time to release innovative technology as the core of technology. In addition, Anta hopes that the next September and October will release such a big show, release The latest technology in every year. “Vice President of Anta brand, Anta brand chief marketer Zhu Chen said to the Chinese Business Daily reporter.

It is reported that in order to communicate more smoothly in and young consumers, enhance the influence of brand in young consumers, and Anta also carefully designed virtual host “small nitrogen”, led her a large number of brand spokesperson to Anta.

Zhu Chen said, in addition to the preheating and drainage of the spokesperson, Anga also invited a very good athlete to perform very well in the Tokyo Olympics. “We consider that the National Games have just ended, some athletes are tense, so they take the way online connection, let these Olympic athletes appear in the live broadcast, talk from the athlete’s professional perspective, how nitrogen technology helps them in everyday It is better in training. “

The special Scholar Lin Shuhao continuously publishes the photo of XTep Jlin2 on social media for the product, and introduces Xtep Jlin2 to consumers through live broadcast. He said that the team in September last year has begun to design the shoes and spend a few months to try it, he also tried on this shoe near the year. During the design, the team tried a lot of materials, this material is much better than Xtep Jlin2, the rebound and actual experience are also very good, I hope the fans can like it. The additional xtep jlin3 is already in discussion.

Li Ning also took advantage of its influence of his spokesperson Dewhene Wade. It is reported that Dewhene Wade often shows Li Ning’s basketball shoes, or forwards Li Ning designer Zhou Shijie’s latest developments and works. Although there is no very detailed product introduction, the picture of Dewhene Wade still triggered a number of fans and praise. In addition, the Chinese Business Daily reported that many shoes bloggers and net red released the evaluation of two basketball shoes on Wade 9 unlimited version “Moment” and “R1”, which triggered consumers. Added a heat to the product.

How far is the domestic basketball shoes is from the high-end market?

It is not difficult to see that domestic brands have a great effort in basketball shoes, and the price is constantly close to thousands of dollars. For example, the Anta’s KT7 price is 999 yuan, and the XTEP JLIN2 series of Shi Jie is 799-899 yuan. Li Ning’s Wade’s 9 unlimited version “Time” and “Test R1” directly broke through thousands, reaching 1599 yuan.

Industrial analysts said to the Chinese Business Daily reporters that domestic basketball shoes have made great progress in their scientific and marketing methods. Previous domestic brands are more willing to put resources on the store or do a bigger discount, attract consumers in cheap prices, and put less in research. Nowadays, the scientific research awareness of domestic brands is getting stronger.

However, compared to the research and development of foreign sports brands, the progress space of domestic brands is still large. Cai Zhimen frankly, the brand still has to correctly judge the current level of innovation. “From the perspective of sports brands, we must definitely not claim that our current level (within international scope) is high. But our goal is very far, we now also ask yourself with high standards, from ‘ Chasing ” ‘Ping’ to ‘catching super’, Anta has conducted a very detailed strategic plan for five years. “

He said that Anta hopes that the future products can achieve the extent to which foreign brands have been competent, and can represent countries to internationalize in sports scientific research and innovation.

The above analysts said that Adidas and other foreign brands have become earlier, and there is time accumulated advantages. The accumulation of relevant sports data is also more comprehensive, and domestic brands catch up and have a certain time. “I hope consumers treat domestic brands with more accessible attitudes.”