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708090 tidal mother-in-law EGG recall: Double 11th period enters bankruptcy clearing, future or transfer underwear market

During the eleventh period, a news that Shanghai Egg costs bankruptcy clearing, causing attention. This information came out in the middle of a lot of 70, and the in the middle of the year, it set off a full memories.

On November 10th, the public number of the Shanghai bankruptcy court released a “Double Eleven” special news, mention Shanghai Egg Clothing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Egg”) bankruptcy, will be in the online store ” “Special disposal assets.

The sky-eyed investigation, Shanghai Egg Clothing Co., Ltd. has applied for bankruptcy reorganization by Shanghai Luzhou Knitting Co., Ltd. last year. The Justice Department is the third intermediate people’s court of Shanghai, the case number (2019) Shanghai 03 broke 155.

Many netizens have a message, “High school, the university, one more than a thousand yuan in the winter clothes, if someone wears an Eger’s clothes to go to school, it is a very faceful thing.” “A tears of an era.” At that time, I still feel expensive, I don’t want to buy “;” In those years, this brand is good, the mall is, many girls are proud of this brand “

On November 13th, the “bankruptcy” reported on the media reported that French women’s brand Erg responded that the suspension is a wiring, and it will focus on the lingering line in the future.

According to the public information, in 1994, French women’s brand Egg first entered the Chinese market, and established Shanghai Yingshi Garment Co., Ltd. in China, and opened the first store in Shanghai in January 1995.

According to “Fashion Headline Network”, Egg takes “local sales, local manufacturing” business model, only two years, and 723 stores have been opened in the Chinese market, with annual sales more than 900 million yuan.

However, with the fast fashion brand Uniqlo, Zara et al. Into China, Eger slowed in China in China, but its number of retail points in China was still as high as 3460.

In 2013, Agge has begun to decline in the performance of China. In 2015 and 2016, the operating losses of the Chinese market in China reached 7.4 million euros and 19.4 million euros.

After 2015, Eig was a way. Now, Egg has returned to the original underwear.

In 2018, Egg once again announced its Chinese market’s garment business ETAM Weekend, ES and E & JOY to Hong Kong an investment institution, and only retain the underwear business.

This year, Double Eleven, Egg, which appears in the bankrupt, the special store, has no appearance of youthfulness. Many clothes prices are below 100 yuan, a jeans 39.9 yuan, a cotton coat is less than 100 yuan, a white duck velvet Korean down jacket is more than 150 yuan, a lot of discounts. The stylish brand that has been beautiful is gradually faded out of the market.

In recent years, under the new retail model and e-commerce impact, such a brand of the market, Eger is not the first. The true virtues, La Chapei, a generation of “shoes Wang” Daphne, etc., also from the peak.


Some analysts pointed out that under the new retail mode and e-commerce impact, the original fashion will enter the shuffling tide. If the national brand is not active and innovative, seek strategic transformation and upgrading, will eventually be eliminated by the market under the impact of time, the whole The shuffle in the field of domestic clothing shoe industry or will continue.

Upstream News – Chongqing Morning News reporter Xu Ji


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