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2006 Korean girl disappeared, computer records were deleted, laboratory more than 70kg “animal” bodies

100 million won is equivalent to 550,000 yuan, as long as you can build Korean female college students

Li Yixi’s go, you can get this reward. There are countless people challenge to solve this puzzle, but there is no one to succeed …

So, where is Li Yunxi?

▲ Li Yixi

Time is returned to the early morning of June 6, 2006.

At around 2:30, a bar next to South Korea, the veterinarian department has just ended a class party, drunk female college student.

Li Yixi first got up and went out, and he muttered while walking:

“Is it over?”

Seeing that Li Yixi has begun to become swaying. At this time, her male classmates and pursuits Jinmao took her to help her, saying to send her home.



Li Yixi


The rental apartment is close to the wine, only 1.5 kilometers, so the two walks in the past, soon it will go downstairs.

After breaking up, Jinmao worried that Li Yuxi will be unexpected after drinking.

Li Yixi’s light on the room was turned to leave … But he didn’t think of it, this is the last meeting of their two.

▲ The bar is very close to Li Yixi’s apartment.

So, what kind of person Li Yixi is? Why did she suddenly miss?

Li Yixi disappeared

Li Yixi is born in Gyeonggi, Gyeonggi, South Korea. Before entering the Department of Veterinary Medicine in the North University, two undergraduate degrees of statistics and art have been obtained in the famous Pear Flower University.

But in order to achieve an ideal for a veterinarian, Li Yixi entered the college study in 2003. When she was missing, she was just 29 years old and only one semester left graduated.

▲ Looking for Li Yuxi’s street poster

On the day of the incident, because the gatherings were already in the early morning, everyone went home very late. On the second day, Li Yixi did not go to the school.

Because the academic will be exhausted, the important courses have ended, and many people are busy looking for work and sprint practitioner exams. Therefore, even if it is a learning from a non-war, there is no concern that there is too many people. The only thing that is uneasy is Jinmao.

To this end, he specialized to Li Yuxi’s apartment knocking, but the door is locked, no one responded. It can only hear the two dogs that Li Yixi raise the two dogs in the room.

Although Jinmao at that time was uneasy, I thought about her may have no time to explain.

On the third day, Li Yuxi still did not appear. Jinmao and other three students went to the apartment again to see, there is still no one to answer the house, everyone walks opposite, through the window, seeing two dogs have made the room with a mess, all the land is garbage .

Four people feel unsatisfactory, simple discussing, and immediately call the police and 119.

At 12 o’clock noon, the firefighter opened the electronic lock on the door, four students and the police entered the room. It is really chaotic, the dog knocked over the trash can, or pulled a lot on the ground, but

Li Yixi is not in it. but


It is not like a criminal scene.

Because here is both

There is no horrible blood and weapon, and there is no other fighting traces.

So after the initial investigation, the police made a breath and disconnected to Jinmao and others. The probability of the owner is an urgent time to return to the hometown, or because of the examination, the pressure of finding work is too big, and I can’t use it alone. It will come back in a few days.

The reason why the police believed that mainly because of the college students who are about to graduate, this kind of policeman will encounter a few times a year.

▲ Li Yixi renting apartment


After listening to the police analysis, four people followed their hearts. Then, A classmates follow the police back to make a transcript, the remaining C classmates and Jinmao, began to clean up and clean the rooms in Li Yixi in the case of the consent of the police.

In the afternoon, the police contacted the family of Li Yixi before they confirmed that she did not return to I.

Compared to the calmness of the police, Li Yixi’s parents heard the news and was very anxious. They didn’t believe that the daughter who made a well-behaved will do such a way to escape.

So, then, they rushed to the apartment with Li Yixi’s sister.

Copping surface

However, due to the few days before the incident, Li Yixi’s mobile phone was robbed by the motorcycle fighter, and no one can contact her. Therefore, in addition to waiting, still waiting.

In this way, the long 24 hours passed, Li Yixi still did not appear, and with time, her family gradually fell into collapse.

Finally, at a strong request of the family, the police restarted the investigation on June 10, and some strange clues finally slammed the water …

Clue 1: late night search

After another discovery of the police, I found that from 2:58 to 3:01, there were three search records on the computer in Li Yixi, from 2:58 to 3:01. They are: “Spring Festival”, “Sexual Harassment” and “112 (South Korea’s alarm phone)”

After a simple analysis, the police believe that the first look seems to be an error input.

So the second search content, in the search record of “sexual harassment”, showing the operator to view “Touching the ass to be assisted by boys”, “Du Shu can’t call”, “Q: This kind of thing can not be called forced harassment” Several search results, and no specific views on the “112” search.

Thereafter, the computer has not been operated until 4:21 after an hour, the computer is turned off normally.

▲ Li Yue Xi’s search record

Clue 2: Disappeared items

In addition to this strange search record, the police also discovered a problem.

Originally, there was a folding small table in Li Yixi, usually made a coffee table and desk in bed. Although it is already very old, it has not been given to throw, and the table is loose.

At noon on June 5, there were students who accompanied Li Yunxi back to the apartment and saw this table, and I put a coffee cup.

But when four students and police came in June 8, the table in the room disappeared. Until a few days, Li Yixi found the desktop of this table in the old furniture in the nearby garbage dump.

At that time, the front of the table was intact, there were some scratches on the back, but the four metal legs were gone, it seems that it is carefully detachably removed by the use of a screwdriver. In addition, the police also found that Li Yixi’s toolbox lacks a hammer.

▲ Folding small table disappeared from the room

Clue 3: Metamorphic pursuit

Hammer, screwdriver, these tools are what men often use. So, the police began to pay attention to the man of Li Yixi. As the pursuit, Jinmao first caused the police doubt.

Although Jin Mao is Li Yixi’s pursuit, but in the process of pursuing Li Yuxi, it has shown excessive paranoia and weird. He will follow Li Yuxi, monitor her every move, write the results into the “Li Yixi Observation Log” every day.

Even him will also collect the items used by Li Yizhen and the dropped hair.

And Jinmao entered this university, because Li Yuxi.

At Seoul, he is already a fanatic pursuit of Li Yixi. When Li Yixi decided to enter the whole North University to learn the veterinary doctor, Jin Mao did not hesitate to follow, and also became her classmates.


However, Li Yixi is very abnormal for the pursuit of Jinmao. She seems to have accepted Jinmao’s pursuit.

I often eat together, go shopping together.

Also set him to emergency contacts.

At the same time, in front of other classmates, Li Yixi does not cover this relationship and will be very calmly wearing golden clothes.


However, the two did not have sexual relationships, only four kissing (Jinmao), can be said according to other students, Li Yuxi seems to be a little disgusting Jinmao, often referring to him as “eating dog”.

▲ Li Yixi and Jinmao

Clue 4: Class Classmate’s memory

Moreover, in addition to Li Yixi and Jinmao is worthy of doubting, I have accompanied Jinmao to Li Yixi’s memory Classmate’s memory Classmate’s memory has also happened.

According to the classmates who accompany Li Yixi back to the apartment: At that time, in addition to a table, there is a drying rack, there is a lot of clothes, but when I go in, the clothes hanger has been put away from the wall. Clothes are also gone.

In addition, Li Yixi’s family lived in the apartment that night, and saw a blanket that was blurred by a dog, and there were four towels and one underwear that had been washed under the blanket.

But strange is that the blanket is Classmate when cleaning the house. But according to her memories, there was a clothing in the washing machine, which should be more than four towels and one underwear.

That is, some clothes are taken away from the washing machine! Although C classmates did not dare to confirm, the C classmates at that time were a 30-year-old housewife student. She had a feeling of clothing in the washing machine, should be more accurate.

As a result, if there is other clothes in the washing machine, you can only be Jinmao. I would like to know that he left the room with the C classmates. He not only used water to drag the ground, but also packed a large bag of garbage, and ran to the ground of more than 100 meters away. Throw away …

In this way, if Jinmao hids the sight of Classmate at the time, take it out of the clothes in the washing machine to sneak away, not impossible,

So, why is Jinmao thrown the laundry in addition to the clothes outside the towel and underwear?

Core 5: Unpopular professor and excessive animal bodies

Although Jinmao’s suspicion is very large, there is no more powerful evidence in addition to these suspicious things. In contrast, the police moved their attention to other men who had relations with Li Yixi.

At this time, a professor with Li Yixi is very close to the police’s sight. It is understood that Li Yixi has a good relationship with this professor. She also talked about her homework every week to earn pauses.

However, at the party in the evening, when this professor wants to sit on the edge of Li Yixi, she is very unnatural, immediately changed the seat, avoiding this professor.

Moreover, more embarrassing is that Li Yixi’s veterinary system will crematize the body of the experimental animal every week, usually only 40 kg, but in the week, the scale record is shown to be 110 kg, more than before 70 kg.

However, there is no one who remembers who dissects large animals. Therefore, the extra weight is once again become a mystery.


But the police assume that if Li Yixi is really damn, and the corpse is burned together, then this professor is undoubtedly the most crime condition.

Moreover, it is more suspicious that like Jinmao, this professor has no evidence. When the police disc asks when he returns the home that night, he first said that it is two points, and then the change is two or a half. But no matter which time is accurate, there is no other person to prove.

▲ Looking for Li Yixi’s small card

In addition to these quite obvious doubts, other trivial clues include:


The place that reached out on the room was originally nailed to take a bunch of dried flowers, but I was found to fall on the ground on the same day, it seems that there is a fierce fight here.

Li Yixi is the case of the original animal anesthetic and syringe, which is used in the room, which is the article that is not allowed by the law, but also participated in the animal anatomical experiment, the veterinary student, backpack as a previous day There seems that there is no difficult to understand.

On June 10th, some people used Li Yuxi’s account to log in to the music website and email in a hotel in Seoul, but the police did not find Li Yixi or other people worthy of doubt after monitoring video.

There have been someone eliminating the data on the computer, including MSN chat history. Although it was found, the police said that the police could not recover, so the way to do this is that Li Yixi is still a murderer. We don’t know

Li Yixi was grabbed by mobile phones, and after an incident, he had driven in the campus of the North University.

Li Yixi’s sister found a cigarette butt in the balcony, because she was afraid that her parents blame my sister, she secretly threw the cigarette. Will this will be the evidence left by criminals? Not necessarily, because Li Yixi has a habit of smoking in Seoul, although she will quit, but according to her classmates, she will still smoke it.

Police conclusion

Although the doubts of the case are heavy, the most important Li Yixi, the case, but the dead is not seen.

Since I can’t find Li Yuxi, many police assumes and doubts cannot be verified. At last,

The result of the police determined is “missing”

And the evidence based on the evidence of the time, and the possibility of the victory of Li Yixi in the apartment.


Their evidence includes:

· There is no hopping marks such as bleeding indoors;

· The sound insulation of the apartment is very poor, and the neighbors have not heard any abnormalities;

· The summer of the summer is very early, according to the shutdown time of 4 points 21 points, the murderer cannot take away the bodies of Li Yunxi without being discovered;

But in order to steadily,

The police also made a lie test for Jinmao and professors who were considered suspicion, but the two successfully passed the test



So, so many seemingly scientific detection methods give the results really persuade Li Yixi’s family?

Family rebuttle


Of course, Li Yixi’s family does not agree with this conclusion. So, in order to find Li Yizheng, in addition to the rewards of 100 million wons to collect the line of Li Yixi, they also locked the criminal suspects on Jin Mao, and asked him for more than a decade.

So in 2016, when Jinmao opened in Seoul’s pet clinic, Li Yixi’s father also came to the door to protest.

▲ For more than a decade, the family has never given up looking for Li Yixi.

In the eyes of Li Yixi family, the reason will cause today’s situation.

They are all from Jinmao’s love, and they don’t have to hate.

They believe that Jin Mao is about to graduate, but it can’t see the future of this feeling, so I lost my last reason. On the way to Li Yixi back, Jinmao implemented her sexual harassment.

After the heavy rush of Li Yunxi, he immediately searched the relevant information on the computer, and he wanted Jinmao to get the punishment. But very quickly, Jinmao used the mastered electronic door lock password to come in, and the two had a short battle, and the bouquet on the wall was thrown away.

Finally, Jinmao raped Li Yixi in the room and killed her. Looking at the outdoor situation, the desperate Jinmao gave his father asking for a phone call, as a skilled construction worker, his father drove over, two people carry the body to the car, and by Jinmao’s father Buried in an unknown location.

That night, in addition to turning off the computer, Jinmao put the clothes hanger in the fight against the wall, because the evidence of criminals were scared, he stuffed them into the washing machine for cleaning.

On the leg of the small table, some key evidence may be contaminated (such as the blood of the murderer), taken away by Jinmao, the remaining table panels are abandoned in the old furniture of the garbage dump.

No. 8, Jinmao fake with everyone to look for Li Yuxi, using the police’s dullness and irresponsible, “Don’t let the confusing environment, the Lishi family”, which has been left to the room. In this way, Jinmao not only completely erased all the traces of crime, but also took the opportunity to take away the clothes in the washing machine. So let him implement “perfect crime”!

Although the police believed that “there is no movement of the body” at the time, Li Yixi’s father also made a detailed calculation:


At 3 o’clock in the evening, Jinmao broke into Li Yixi apartment. By 12 o’clock on the 8th, the police entered the scene, Jinmao had 57 hours, he was very clear that Li Yixi did not relatives in the whole state, except himself and a few The same classmate, she didn’t know or exchange.

So, he has enough time to ship the body. In fact, Jinmao No. 7 and No. 8 did not go to school. If his father stops the car in the parking lot below the apartment, it takes only 30 seconds from the third floor of Li Yixi, which takes only 30 seconds, and this apartment has an average of one person to go upstairs, so the probability that is seen is 1/120 (30 seconds / 3600 seconds), that is, only once every 120 times will be seen, so as long as you choose the right time, you can observe in advance, then you can escape others in advance!

Although Li Yixi’s father’s calculation is so fine, the police still have no trust. Perhaps, as long as Li Yuxi can be found, the case may always be dusty and there is no progress. However, we may wish to make a simple analysis of the case according to the Okham razor!

Okham razor principle

The principle of the Okham razor is actually as much as possible to ignore the details of ignore, and look for the truth in the remaining simple clues.

First of all, Li Yixi must be harassing, and the probability is before the party.

She was in good mood, and she rushed in a hurry. After the home, I found some information, and all kinds of performance proved. As for who is the harassor, it may be that professor, or it may be someone, but it is less likely to be Jinmao. After all, the two have been in the past few years, even if some excessive behaviors, the woman may be angry, but it is generally not to return to sexual harassment.

Second, some people in the evening are not possible.

The residents in the apartment are intensive, yelling, fighting, and even though the bark generated by the two dogs in the house will leave a deep impression on the neighbors, but in fact, there is nothing.

Third, regarding the use of the computer.

Turn on the computer for three minutes, then no longer use, and turn it off after more than an hour, this seems to be a strange behavior, in fact, it is very conforming to a drunken manifestation. Use professional software to delete computer data, perhaps, before Li Yixi’s own operation.

Fourth, about the disappearing item.

The disappeared small table may be Li Yixi yourself, after all, after all, although it is repaired, but do not rule out again, the table leg is metal, if you put it outside, it is easy to be removed by picking away, and the table The board is wood, there is no recycling value, it is used to throw it in place. As for the disappearing hammer, there is no significance, it is definitely not a real scene (because there is no blood, if there is, even if the room is cleaned, it will be discovered), let alone no one proves that it is still the existence or I have already been lost.

Fifth, the dried dried flowers.

If the flower is not hurting by the dog, it may be that Li Yixi will take it down and throw it on the ground. This is more like an emotional vent, maybe because it is not mood, it may be because the people who sent flowers were Later, the harassment.

Sixth, the mystery of Jinmao took the laundry machine.

The most reasonable explanation is: Class C students have been wrong, after all, she is just an inadvertent glimpse. The clothes hanging on the clothes hanger were previously hanging on the clothes, and I have been taken to the wardrobe by Li Yixi a day before the incident. In addition to the Classmite put in that dirty blanket, there were only four towels and one underwear from beginning to end.

Seventh, is Li Yuxi left it?

It should not, she didn’t take away the money in the room, and didn’t even take away the bag. As for the account in Seoul Hotel, it is possible to be a person with the close-up of Li Yixi (knowing the account password of Li Yunxi), who learned her disappearance.

So, summarize all the most close to the truth, maybe this:

Li Yixi, who was smashed at the table, woke up, see the time on the computer, has been more than four in the morning, she turned off the computer, got up and prepared to go to bed, but I feel a little bit hurt, my throat is very painful, she takes her A little money is ready to go to the nearby 24-hour convenience store to buy some drinks and cigarettes.

When I left the door, I looked at the dried flowers thrown on the ground. She thought of the disgusting man, “I can’t cheaper him, I will call the police today!” She secretly determined.

Li Yixi walked on the road and saw a truck on the side of the road. Few people would be so violated parking, I am afraid it is a driver who runs away. It is not willing to live in the hotel. It is a poor person … … she wanted to go, suddenly, someone lived in her neck from behind, turning her with the truck just now.


▲ From the apartment to the convenience store, Li Yixi needs several roads.


He is a murderer, a stranger, a foreign manner, a metamorphosis murder, a cold blood button.

Li Yixi is just a prey that is not fortunate in the wrong time. Everything is stem from accidents, all analyzes are in vain. As the door is smashed, everything is destined.

Not the only missing person

In fact, Li Yixi is not the only missing person in the North University. Li Yixi’s first year, just happened here.

▲ another missing man Park Zhongzhi

Male students in the North University are unsained from the place where Li Yixi is not far away. This case police have not detected.

Although Li Yixi and Park Zhongzhi do not meet, there is no special association, but after a year, their fate is weaving together, this can’t be said to be an unexpected intersection!