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When “Suit”, “Converse”, serious suit will be easily controlled, the sky

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Wearing a suit is a very confirmed serious, cautious, single, and is very right for the brothers’ simple fashion, and the fashion in the suit is indispensable in business, but with the modern people pay attention to the comfort, in the suit When combining, it is incorporated into the casual, wild, often seeing them in the west, in the west, with casual pants or casual shoes, and the old-fashioned people will also ran into the realm of free trends.


Suited in the suits is a very popular way of the year. All entertainment commices have also debuted, Ouyang Na, Su Zhiqi, Yu Wenle, these three people put the suit with freedom, use us very much. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star with a suit of the suit, completely let us have another understanding of the old-fashioned suit.

Black suit with thick bottom shoes

When “suit” married “Converse”, the old-fashioned suit will be easy to control and the sky.

The classic mixed suitcase shoes, I started to be popular in more than a decade, just in the past few years, only the twenties of young people were free to match, and the middle-aged men and women were not so high. Cognition, but as liberalization of popular pursuit in these years, the wednish shoes seem to be mainstream.

Especially in black suits, there is a classic match, and this kind of match can participate in any large activity, and the suits are equipped with panel shoes. In this way, it will not look so bad, it is Exclusive match is a casual clothing, so short helpers are relatively suitable. I have to remember that it is best to match the shoe shoe, especially the short brother and my sister’s thick-faced shoes, it can stand up to your height, and it will have a high body effect.


Yu Wenle This is very well-dedicated, deep blue print suit with a Converse pseudo board shoes, orthodox is unlucky, see part of the tape seems to be the very formal suit, but the foot is equipped with this panel shoes, instantly become A faint point-like pattern on suit seems to be very free, and the suit is also very popular, and the overall visual is very comfortable, and it is still a kind of look.

Black suit with thin floor shoes

Su Zhizhen’s body is a high and very stunned. He is equipped with a pure black west to wear a thin bottom Converse board, and the lower body trousers are completely small troupes. This will look very fashionable with thin shoes. Although it is a comparison of the board of shoes, it is a comparative single, but you have the fashion effect of your right one.

With thin floor shoes, you must match the pants, don’t wear the kind of harsh or fat pants, Su Zhizhen is because of the standard 182cm height, so the shoes with thin bottom is also true, and the in -raulic internal test match It is a round tie, which echoes the upper and lower, and the overall visual threshold is obvious. Therefore, with panel shoes are also more standard in accordance with the proportion of the body.

When matching, the upper and lower color are coordinated.


In the same time, it is the first and lower color system to coordinate. Visually, the color sensation is comfortable, and the general fashionable visual habits are the basic law of the color system, and it is more visual comfortable and decent, but match Bright pink trousers, although the difference in color is a impact, but in the popular interpretation, this color contrast is a large coefficient of contrast, and it is also a very new fashion matching method.

The high-top Converse board is the favorite of Xiaobian, because Xiaobian’s height is in 165cm, I like to wear a high-tech shoes to make me look very safe, it’s a high-top Converse board, it can be very good and stable, so walking so The way is also very comfortable. Even Ouyang Naina also wore the classic tidal feeling in the past few times.

This green collection pants + white t-shirt + high to help Converse shoes, simple beauty Exclusive wearing.


The style of itself is not a dazzling full-purpose style in the shoes, but it is their classic, which is to let people feel, deeply involved in their wild and free style. You can’t cut off, so small Every time you see Converse shoes, you will not help start a few pairs. You have a variety of costumes. It’s a leisure and trend. It is a description of this brand of shoes. It is also a description of love. Hope and Xiaobian love this shoe. Baby, start together!