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The 44-year-old woman in the UK will be born 22 births, happy to suck the stomach: the stomach finally convex

The Redford, known as “British Best Family”, has to usher in new members. SUE RADFORD will give birth to her 22nd child.

According to the “Daily Mail” on January 26, 44-year-old Su Redfu has been pregnant for 28 weeks, and more than 10 weeks, she is going to be born twenty2. This family lives in Lanka Summer, Husband Noel and Su Welcomes the first child 30 years ago.

The Redford can also be said to be Net red, and they have more than 200,000 fans in the social network. Recently, the Su has issued her pregnancy, and her text: “At the 28th week, I think my stomach is finally convene. To tell the truth, I can’t believe she will come around 10 weeks.”


Su Yugu published pregnant news in October last year, she was a girl, waiting for her to be born, there will be 11 boys and 11 girls at home, and the age of eldest son and the little girl is about 30 years old.


In this child, Su has been worried, because she feels that the belly has not drifted, not like it is often pregnant.

Two weeks ago, she called myself with a placenta, which was “like a nightmare”. Because Su thinks that there may be no belly, it is related to this. “I really think (my stomach) is smaller.” In October last year, “I don’t know if this is related to the preference of the placenta, but I am like Huairen, but it is also bigger. So I don’t know. “

However, she also said that her state is very good and I feel very energetic. And now the stomach of Su has been obvious, and I believe she can breathe.


Netizens also gave her to cheer, saying that they can give birth to a healthy and beautiful daughter.

Although there are many children, they are not a problem. Hardworking Soviet is late, and the husband is working together to operate family baking stores, and it is not imposed. Therefore, although the big family pressure is not small, they have not applied to the government for special care.

Original Source: Dailymail


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