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4 thin coats suitable for autumn, one can not be small, a hundred

Hello, sisters, I am a pill paper, share some tips that can quickly become beautiful every day ~

Today, I will recommend jackets to my sisters. After all, autumn is here, the temperature difference between the morning and evening is still a bit big, plus all kinds of uneven small coats, really want people to be done.


Moreover, there are many possibilities of the coat, different, and the style is completely different.

Whether it is a summer T-shirt or a small sling, it is still with a variety of small skirts, the coat has played a role in the ground, and it is very good.


There are many sisters recently asking: There are so many jackets in autumn, what should I choose? Which jackets have a hundred-bedroom?

OK, pills will help you solve these problems, this 4 outer sets recommended today are super suitable for autumn, hurry to look down ~

Shirt jacket

The shirt is really a magical existence. As a must-have item in the spring and autumn, it can not only be used as an inner, but also be used as a jacket to wear, buy one top N.

Inside the summer, the next shirt is in the outside, it looks very autumn feeling, fashion and cavity.


Short-sleeved shirts can also unlock the buckles when doing jackets, the T-shirt is OK, everyday is real, neither feel too hot, but also a warm effect.

Moreover, the superimposing can also increase the overall LOOK level, and look good.

I always feel so soil. Then use it when wearing it.

The white T-shirt can not only brighten the skin, but will not let the overall match look ash, and wear a duckling cap, which is very Korean little sister.


Dienie jacket

Of course, the cowboy jacket is also autumn, and as a single product, it is also very effective.

But I want to look good with the cowboy, except for the match, the version is also very important.

It is recommended that the sisters must choose a slightly loose style, too tight, and it is very easy to open.


The brunette is a little fine.

However, the elements of cowboy have the feeling of lazy feelings, so it is recommended that the sisters don’t choose the styles of Taiko, or they will lose its original sprinkler.

Wear tired black and blue denim coat, you can try it, it is also very good ~

It is also more well-behaved with the little skirt, and it is very fresh, and it is very fresh, I still like it.




As the saying goes, it is incomplete in autumn without a windbreaker. The windbreaker is really quite magical, as long as we put it, immediately change the graceful people, it looks very temperament.

The long windbreaker is definitely the king in the windbreaker, properly walking the wind, the gas field is full.


If you want to be casual, you will match your sneakers, you want to make elegant with high heels, you can swrench for one second.

The short windbreaker is more suitable for small sisters, and its official feelings will be weak, and even better to the feeling of leisure, it is not difficult to match. Pants, skirts can be.

But the style is also not necessary to choose a slim style, soil.

Four suit jacket

The suit jacket wear, but it is not greasy every year.

Once we believed in a suit jacket, it is no longer a standard of workplace. After the variety of improvements and color diversification, there are more casual feelings, and they don’t pick people at all.

I like a suit jacket + dress in a suit, gentle and sweet, mother MAN balance, look good.


Morandi’s suit jacket looks sweet and more, fresh and elegant colors, as if summer ice cream, so it is best to wear the seasonal season in summer and autumn.

Many sisters feel that the suit jacket is not good, in fact, the simplest match is T-shirt + jeans, casual feelings, not always look, and old.

Ok, let’s talk about it today ~


Autumn is really useful to use these thin jackets to create a single level of the overall match, and the whole person will have a different feeling ~

Which one do you like most? Welcome to the commentary to discuss the discussion ~

I will wear the pill paper, pay attention to me, learn more about matching skills. I am serious!

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