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“Half-length Skirt” is the universal single product of autumn and winter, and the body is generous and comfortable, suitable for ordinary people.

The skirt is really liked for many favorite urban women. This kind of item is generally very simple. Will be wrapped up in the lower body, really highlight the body, in the autumn and winter season, it is very popular, belonging to a universal single product.

This kind of generous and comfortable, interested in the specific expressions. There are retro, leisure, self-contained concepts in the style of the skirt, worthy of being sought after.

Just like this blogger wearing this style, is it feeling a bit like English retro wind, the pattern on the skirt is a matter of sheets, which is a retro research. The above is wearing a gray down jacket with a blue liner, which is really high, quite generous.


Occupational packing skirt


Many women on the workplace For the skirt, it is particularly sought after, usually with bright elements, it looks very beautiful. When designing, you will use some trend elements to maximize charm. Even if it is the most basic single product, I can look good.

This blogger wears a brown leather skirt, color saturation is not very strong, it is really gentle. The middle is used for the fork, the location is just to the calf, there is no kind of intensiveness. The upper body wears a plaid jacket, the short format is the master, suitable for the slim.

The style can also be reversed, trying to transform, bringing different surprises. This half-length skirt is mainly black element, the slimming effect is obvious, and it is very good to sway. Wear a small wind, quite connotation, color with the skirt “echo”, worthy of being sought after.


Sexual beauty

If you want to put the skirt into a sexual beauty, you will be based on the type of basic paragraph, add some hipster atmosphere. Even if it is a different item, it will not feel the price. This kind of wardrobe will have two pieces, which is really cost-effective to cross two seasons.

This shape of the blog wears, adding a skirt with a shirt, which is very sought after. The color is used in blue and black, which is quite generous. Half-length skirt selects grit design, almost covering the skirt, the classical breath is very strong. In order to alleviate the black old gas, it is blue to cover up.


Even the same style skirt can also be decorated with other items, which is a gray jacket. Paying attention to the coat + lining, and use the rope to replace the button, it is very personality.

Some people wear brown coats, color saturation is not too high, and the syndrome is very strong. In order to alleviate the expansion of the color of the jacket, cover the black liner, the masking effect will be better. Here we wear black short boots, the overall harmony is very good, it is worth effective.


Pursue wild effects


In the autumn and winter season, many people choose to dress it with coats, suits together. The visual effect is very good, it will not feel too personal, and the wearing effect is quite good.


This brown coat wearing the blogger, the style of the kind of fashionable feelings pursued. The lower body chooses to use black, and there is a steady breath. The windbreaker is tied with a belt on the waist, and the chest is below the leg, the legs are very good. The inner shining is white, and it is also a black and white with the color of the skirt, and the price is quite strong.

Many people still like wearing a suit, have a slim effect, and we will wear some white lining, and use V-neck design very harmonious. The following wear retro skirts, very packaged, and the enchantment is very powerful. Paying attention is a thick and light combination, the whole person is very young, suitable for women to wear.

Pursuit of fashionable items

On the skirt, it is a basic paragraph, which gives people feel too monotonous. You can use something else to “decorate”, it is very classic.

It is very well used in a suit + half-length skirt, and it is very decent. It is very good. Specific expressive means, the moral effect is very obvious, there is a button to install the point, it is really beautiful. With a suit jacket, it is very popular with white lining.

Of course, there are other fashion items for everyone to choose, like aze-like top, with a black skirt. This kind of style is really euphemistic.


Half-length skirts are selected on the selection, there are different options to choose, you can see your personal choice.

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