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8 people measured: a 100-piece lady mask, where is it?

Positive value in the white season, we went to the front time. We launched [宠 宠 名 维 Vitamin C Mask], American sister himself is the faithful advocator of this mask.

Big s recommended the preliminary bio-fibrous mask of the name in her beauty king book, this V. Mask can be said to be a classic upgrade version ~ The main function is to brighten the skin and prevent dullness.


The ingredient is distinguished from ordinary vitamin C, selecting ethyl dimension C, sustained whitening, anti-oxidation,


Sensitive muscles can also be used with confidence

No need to think about whitening and worrying about allergies.


The mask is divided into three layers, the middle is jelly, touch very Q, slide,

Very fitting facial skin, not easy pleats

It is best to lying flat on the face, otherwise it will be easy ~

Essence is very rich

There will be a lot of remaining in the bag, which can be applied to the elbow, knees, neck, etc., etc. It is easy to ignore the dullness.

The skin color will not be white, but

You can see the obvious effect

The moisturizing effect is also very good, and the beauty of the beauty is very good.

After use, it will be more hydrating than the old version, the next day makeup exceeded post.

Although a price is approximately 100 yuan, whether it is a sense of use or after use, it is quite a value.

Once the line, the number of participants exceeded 3000+, and the trials of the friends who have tried the mask.

▼ 成 分 好 评价: Ethyl vitamin C bright white effect is more efficient

(Image from: Cynthia)


Biological fiber mask has always been a star product that is a favorite name, which is divided into different effects such as moisturizing, whitening.

This new mask is high purity, high permeability, high stability

Compared with the old version of whitening membrane, it is mainly due to adopting ethyl vitamin C, more pure concentration, effectively reduced melanin, bright white skin.


@ 965733:

The first is the appearance, the name of the pet is completely compliant with the color requirements. Believe Beloved is so warm, and the shell packaging has a red yellow gradient to the main tone packaging simple atmosphere, highlight the product VC bright white effect.

Sister Sister Review:

Ethyl vitamin C is not only more stable, low sensitivity stimulus, but also more pure vitamin C concentration, which is the highest vitamin C derivative, and the molecule is smaller, and the penetration is better.

▼ fitness full score: biofiber material, jelly touch more


(Image from: Wendywang255727)

@ Wendywang255727:

The mask uses biological fibers, a bit like jelly material, tender QQ, the service is good! Due to the material, the name of the pet

A mask is at least twice the common mask.

. Very thick, weight is considerable.


@ 我 是 碧 碧 I will bubble i848002:

The mask of pets is heavy than that of the past, which has three layers. This mask has three layers, which is like a skin like a jelly.

With the face of the face is 100%

This is very good! And this mask

Also self-with eye mask

Happy to fly ~

(Image from: Mai fun chicken box 45622)

@ 趣 盒 45622:

There are three layers in the mask, put the middle of the layer in the face, I haven’t seen this mask in this material, the texture is a bit like a coco, this material is so comfortable,

The size is very suitable, it is very fit on the face ~

Open the mask can see the mask has three floors, the middle transparency is the most soft is to pet to love the home’s live bio-fibrous mask, and touch the hand and tender. Find

Eye film is also part of the mask

, Very good, feeling can be applied, irritating should be quite small, very safe.

Strawberries in @venus cry:

This favorite name of the hyaluronic acid-striurine peptide mask has three layers, the middle is a translucent biological fiber mask.

Since the mask is relatively soft, it is necessary to bond the surface of the paper film in which a more soft side.

The bio-fibrous mask of pets is organic fiber. The essence can directly penetrate into the bottom of the muscles, more effectively introduced without evaporation, and the jelly-shaped tactile stickers is very comfortable on the face, and can be perfectly wrapped.

▼ Essence Rich: Thick texture but refreshing is not brief

(Image from: Zhuang 965733)


@ I want to have a good hug!

Its essence can be applied to the neck and hands, but there is no feeling of sticky.

Very refreshing.


Mask liquid super

The rest of the neck, wipe the ankle, there is no more than 18 minutes, it is not dry, and it is still very moist, and also wipes the wrist ~


Although the essence is thick, due to the natural plants, water-saving,

More and more refreshing than the general mask essence.

Although the essence is very much, because of the special material of the mask paper, the essence is not in the process of dressing the mask, the ability to lock the water is very good, and there is no sticky feeling.

▼ Use the effect: Extunition is obvious, can be used as a first aid

(Picture from: I am Xebu, I will bubbling I848002)

After use, the hydrating effect is very good, and it feels that the skin is tender to drip water.

Skin color is really brighter and uniform!

Compared with the mask I used, the texture is better, the fitness is higher, the moisturizing force is stronger, and the highlighting effect is more obvious.

When you get up the next day, the skin keeps a clear clear clearness, and it feels based on the old whitening mask before the previous use.

The new moisturization force has improved.

After I finished, I didn’t wash, massage to absorb, the mirror feels that it can brighten the skin, but also

It is a slightly allergic skin that is slightly allergic.

When making a mask, cooperate with the Hitachi instrument. After the film is filled, it is lightly massage. The essence is absorbed very quickly. After absorption, the skin is very soft, and the feeling of drinking it.

Skin is delicate

, Compare the visual effect, compared to unused

Skin is translucent

. I saw the effect after getting up for a night, I feel

Some of a good color

, The water-moisturizing effect is also good.

Not only contains hyaluronic acid activation molecules EXO-H technology, but also contains natural plant hydrodyners that make the texture relatively refreshing.

Deep moisturizing and refreshing


Even if the sensitive skin can also hold HOLD ~

After revealing, you can see the skin tone and brighten the skin, the skin has become delicate and shiny, and the next night is used. The second day is still very good. Before an important occasion, it is good to use it as a first aid mask.

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(Image from: Cynthia)

(Image from: Cynthia)



@ 965733:

@ 965733:

Sister Sister Review:

Sister Sister Review:

Sister Sister Review:

@ 我 是 碧 碧 I will bubble i848002:

@ 趣 盒 45622:

@ 趣 盒 45622:

Strawberries in @venus cry:

Strawberries in @venus cry:

(Image from: Zhuang 965733)