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Winter builds business winds, coats and suit wear, see how this fashion is handled

For many partners, the modernity of the business style is a must-have for work. Whether the weather environment in the four seasons, you must create a formal elegant business model.

In the single product of winter business wind, coats and suit are the main items of style, as long as they can wear these two items, the style can show the temperament of elegant gentlemen.


Many partners believe that the single item of coats and suit can only wear it, in fact, Asian can wear its perfect effect. Hisba Yoshimasa, which introduced this issue, Hoshiba Yoshimasa, and his matching of business winds, the partners can understand.

As a fashion directory, model, blogger’s Hoshiba Yoshimasa, is also often unveiled at major fashion exhibitions, with unique fashion ideas. As a middle-aged fashion uncle, he can perform the shape of the business style, weigh the “template of walking”, so the partners can find some of the inspiration in his shape.


First, how to build a business style, how should we wear?


Gentleman’s elegant woolen coat is a must-have for business men, which can create different temperament according to different styles.


1 with suit suit, modeling exhibits formal rigorous attitude

With coats with suitcases, the shape can be kept in the formal feeling, and the warmth of the shape is better, and it is suitable for some calm workplace men. However, the fabric, version, color of the single product should be paid to the fabric, and these factors are the key to the perfect shape.

In Hoshiba Yoshimasa’s shape, he has in place for these details, so each modeling is like a textbook.

Coats, suit, trousers version must fit

Wearing a formal style in a suit, the version will always emphasize that this is a very important ring after all, and only the version of your own can make the shape of the styling.


When choosing the coat, the version is also fit, the shoulder and the sleeve length are the most ignored position, after all, the size of each brand is different, so be sure to try it.

Choosing your fit is not to choose slim or tight

The fit is based on its own physical characteristics, not to say a certain version, like a small belly and body-thin partner, and choose the “X” version, then the shape is easily exposed. In fact, in the version of the coat, “H” will be more than a hundred, and the shape wears is also simple atmosphere.

The length between the trousers and the shoes can also affect the exquisiteness of the shape.

The length of the trousers is also often overlooked, and there is a great difference in the effects of a pile trousers and nine pants. Keeping the profit style of the trousers will be more refined, nor, it is necessary to choose nine pants, and reduce the pleats at the ankle is a good way.

2 Select the inner line of the casual style

In the inner ride, the shirt tie is changed into some kind of leisure wind, the formal degree of styling will fall, and such a suitable population is more extensive.

Even if the pants still choose a simple trouser boot, change the leather shoes to the boots, and the shape becomes more concise, and the stabilization of the stabilization is also presented.


The shape of the high-collar sweater is warm and practical. At this time, the trousers will be more stronger, but the shape of the wind is stronger, but the shape of the wind is in the existence of coats and high collar sweaters.

The change of the hue makes the shape more unique


There are many choices of coat colors, gray, blue, black, and khaki are all classic style, varying the color of the shape through the change in coat color. The khaki coat and black are very wild, and the inner and pants form a uniform, so it is also helpful for optimizing the visual ratio.


Some elegant hue will look more advanced, and the coat can also be equipped with gray or white pants, which is very attractive, but such color is more chasing, and it is necessary to handle the overall tones and layers.

The style of the fashion director looks perfect, the khaki coat takes a piece of beige high collar sweater, plus light gray trousers and brown leather boots, but the shape is not only the tone is very coordinated, the clothing fit version makes the shape Be more exquisite.

Second, we can wear different charms like wear models.

Hoshiba Yoshimasa wear a suit can also easily show different charms, which may be very monotonous in the western suit in many partners, in fact, through the version, the inner and pants, and the shape can also create a variety of styles.


Of course, the official style is the most classic model in the suit. In addition to paying attention to the version of the fitting, the use of the color of the apparatus will also be integrated. Highlight quality leather shoes and bags are essential, in the gray suit set, brown or black shoes and briefcases will be a good choice, let the shape look more gentleman.


The same suit is also a must-have shape for business Fanqiu and winter. At this time, the color of the suit and the inner sweaters can be adjusted according to the style, but regardless of how the shape is maintained.

Gray suit and black high collar sweater looks very unified, and the effect of contrast makes the shape of the shape rich, coupled with a pair of black leather shoes, and immediately transforms business elite.


There is also a classic combination of jeans in the suit. At this time, the jeans can be simple, the version is mainly based on the style of the straight, so that the style created will appear more calm. Inside, you can choose, shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters are classic.

Third, build a business casual style, the shape is also very good


When building a business leisure style, the coat has a lot of choices, including the shape of the leather jacket with trousers worthy of recommendation. For small children, the short version of the jacket plus a straight trousers, the visual ratio of the shape is very good.

Of course, the brown and gray are also very classic except for black, and it is very good, and it is still a stable atmosphere with trousers. It is very suitable for daily commuting.

Although the hue of each set is different, the integrity and level of the hierarchy are very good, just like in this light-tuning shape, the black neckline and leather shoes echoed, so that the shape is more rich, this is a detail deal with.


Of course, in winter cotton clothes

In addition to the gentleman’s coat, in order to create a business leisure style, the warm cotton clothing can easily send the field, and the stacked shape of the suit seems to be practical, and the treatment of color colors is also worth reference.

There is also the easiest way to match a down jacket, plus a simple trousers model, and like this, the pants should also maintain a profound, otherwise the shape will appear bloated state, this “simple and simple” The combination is very suitable for winter wearing.

So different styles have different ways of processing, some partners who face business winds, can boldly learn from this fashion director.


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