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Which brand of BMW originally supported tires is better

There is a BMW car owner says that the car is less than half a year, and the two times have been exploded in the last 1 month. It is indeed a pit, but the pit is not big, and the speed is not fast, it is 30-40, how can it be so easy? Explosive? I am now Bridgestone, I know that the BMW has a lot of tires, I want to change a brand, which one is better?

It may be to reduce the lazy sex of a single brand, or the impact of a single brand has too much influence, BMW almost matches all tire big brands, such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Xiren, Han Tai, Gu. , Hips, etc.

Although it is a big I brand, we really hear a lot of puncture sounds, do not say the reason, you know what you know, BMW models


Tire is complained in the puncture

宝马原厂配套的轮胎 哪个牌子的更好点


,Followed by




, Complaints


, Then later


Occasionally, I saw complaining of puncture.



At least, freshly seeing complaints.

Of course, good brands, if you don’t pay attention to the car, we know that the main cause of the puncture is three:

1, tire pressure: Don’t be too high, don’t be too low, 2 o’clock in Bar is good;

宝马原厂配套的轮胎 哪个牌子的更好点

2, flat ratio: try to use more than 45 fetuses;

3, speed: Before the pit is accelerated, try to reduce the speed to 30 or less, and the big pit is the most I good 20 or less;

Do 3 o’clock, it will definitely keep away from puncture, especially in article 3, there is car owner does not believe in evil, always think is a tire quality problem, after I report 78, I finally learned the slowdation.