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Production of Packed Dumbbells bestsellers

Bachelial dumbbells that are favored by the market

This newspaper (reporter Liu Yong) Recently, the reporter was in the CD

喀左天宇科技 生产的包胶哑铃 畅销全球

In the interview with the left economic development zone, I learned that Tianyu Technology (Chaoyang) Co., Ltd. Fitness Equipment Production Project was officially put into production in June 2021, and the global production of the coated dumbbells produced.

Tianyu Technology (Chaoyang) Co.Equipment, the company’s product market has a large amount, currently supply 50% of the Wal-Mart Shopping Square.

It is understood that the project tried to produce in March 2021, officially put into production in June.After all of them, the annual sales can achieve 350 million yuan, drive 50 people.

[Source: Yandu Morning News]