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What is the NMD date? See my full day of the converse all star!

Saturday’s push is a broadcast station that is the latest trend information. We will use the shortest text, the most economical picture allows you to quickly learn about the five trend events that are most worthy of attention in recent times.

Halo! Audience friends!

Welcome to Saturday “Your Trend My Heart”, I am the host of your show, I didn’t, Wang Dadong!

YO ~ I am coming back in the East. I would like to thank the teacher for the teacher to help me make a master host. I don’t have much meat. Drink together tonight!

Ok, the show started! Everyone knows that this year is the 100th anniversary of Converse. During this time, there are also a topic works, and I know that there are a lot of brothers who are definitely! Yes or no?

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

However, there are more than half of the time in 2017, and there will be more joint or re-enhanced shoes, so, I still have to continue to make money to buy shoes!

When I said it was fast, Converse had new products, it is said to be a full version


NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

what’s the situation? Don’t worry, I first call my wife to sing songs to you.


NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

1. a pair of very Japanese converse

In order to echo the 2017 autumn, the world’s Japan, Converse will launch “All Star 100 False Hi” in Japan in June, and the CONVERSE that has never been identified since 100 years will be injected into the Japanese text. shoe

On the child, the Japanese film fake name “コ コ バ ー ス オ ル ル ス タ ー チャ ク ク ★ テ ラ ー ー” replaces English letters, respectively, on the inside of the shoe, and on the lace nameplate, this series has a total of black, red, blue three-color version.

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

Price: 7500 yen, the specific release date is undecided, the big brothers who like the brothers should pay more attention!

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

Since the Japanese version of all star appears, it seems that the Chinese version also can wait for the day, so let me preview to everyone, BTW, do not vomit my PS technology

!嘻嘻 ~

2. Black, Bai Samurai returns

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

Since the early VETEMENTS and Reebok collaborate, the shoe has become a good head of many shoes, but there are many people who are in the joint model, however, Reebok I re-introduced the whole black, all white color reebok pump


NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

Shoes still retain minimalized shoe body design, with brand iconic PUMP technology is presented in “Z”, so that the airbag portion is more fit.


As for the middle and bottom, the upper bottom of the whole carbon plate is used, and the Slip-ON design required to match Planta Sensor is selected. Finally, the Slip-ON design required for the trend is selected, and the whole is more likely, and the shoes are black, and the white color is more It is fascinated.

Sell ​​price: 1280 yuan

Missed (can’t afford) VETEMENTS X ReeBok Pump SuPreme, this best alternative is not missed!

3. High quality joint tourist suit

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!



NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

Canadian brand WINGS + HORNS is again connected in Japan PORTER in this season


To build a series of products for design themes, the series includes the use of durable Cordura materials, which is slow

Shock laptop computer bag, and passport clamps and zipper wallets.

The design inspiration is from the early days of the WINGS + HORNS team. This series has a simple black in the WINGS + HORNS brand, respectively, with HerringBone sewing and high quality Riri metal zipper (passport clip no zipper) Detail is embellished!

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

Sell ​​Price: 168 – 405 US knife

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

And when the passport clamps and wallets have used high-quality handmade leather to create, texture!

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!


NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

Black Soul

It seems that I didn’t see the G-Shock message for some time, and this time I specialize in celebrating the 35th anniversary, I specially found the Paris creative team BlackRainbow to cooperate, choose the G-Shock classic model GW-5510 as the design of blueprints, bring four full black hands


NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

The cooperation series four watches, which are presented in different leather materials, and the straps are made by the top luxury leather brand Jean Rousseau, which is the best! Unfortunately, cooperation is limited to 50 and is limited to COLETTE exclusive sale.

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

5. Huawei also has MacBook?

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

Said that there are so many foreign brands, the last one is still left to our motherland pride – Huawei, in fact, I am not a 3C player, mobile phone, what can I use, I will continue to use, never greedy old! In recent years, Huawei mobile phone is more and more,

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

Also be one of the competitors of Apple!

This P9 believes that everyone will definitely be strange!

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

Huawei P10 and P10 PLUS

In addition to the mobile phone, Huawei has also begun to enter the laptop market, launched a new notebook computer product, named: Matebook X, look at the past, how to be like MacBook with Apple? The same is 13.1mm in MacBook with a 12.5 mm thick design showing a 12.5 mm thick design.

As for the I7 chip, 8GB memory and 512GB solid state drives, 13-inch 2K display, I am afraid it is a little bit of MacBook’s Retina screen, but Matebook X uses the material of essential service (PCM phase change temperature control capsule material) Help notebook Welding, this is better than the love-free Macbook!

In addition, Matebook X has a fingerprint sensor integrated in the power button, easy to access, and splashing keyboard, current MateBook X price is between 10780 yuan to 13090 yuan (configuration different prices), see this price, um Well, not cheap.

Therefore, the big brothers will give up MacBook in their hands and choose this Huawei Matebook X?

Ok, the time is almost, this is here!

NMD 的日文算什么?看我全日文的 Converse ALL STAR!

Thank you again for listening to your trend!

– END –