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Save the old cold legs, the joint is cold! Wear 500 yuan 1 catties of goose knee pads, 10 minutes temperature 10 degrees

I was cold in winter, and the knee was cold in the first two days.

As a little slightly, there is a pain, especially in the evening, it can’t sleep.

Later, I found out that people who did not pay attention to maintenance in the end of the year, as long as a cooling knee is cool.

Especially for the age, because the body can fall, even a little wind blowing in the summer will hurt, and the wind is raining is even more painful.

Whether it is for yourself, it is necessary to prepare a knee knee after entering the autumn.

And this “gold down tape” goosevet + Jordan velvet double warm black technology knee pads, legs, and wear it to wear jeans.

“Gold Down Belt” Goosece + Self – heated Jordanian Flush

Wear 10 minutes to warm up 10 degrees

The knee pads on the market are basically cotton.



Only in thermal materials


Shangpin, light and warm

No other than saying that in the winter, the down jacket is basically one person.

Down is unparalleled

The weight of the down is about only 1/3, but the warm ability is 3 times the other warm material.

But Duvet is also an unity, now duvet is mainly divided into goose and duck.

Under the same volume,

Goose rolling compared to duck 20%

Around, goosevene can achieve better warmth than ducklings under thinner conditions.


If you put ducklings and goosevets into the cup,

Puff is very different.

In addition, because the duck is an eclipse animal, the goose is a herbs, so

There will be a smell of the ducklings.



Goose rolling


And the goose down cost is higher.


The market offer is more reached.

A catty 500

There are around Yuan, which is much cheaper than white duck velvet.

The material selected by this knee knee is more likely to “Hermes” in the goose rocker, they are from

43 ° north latitude

China Northeast Songhua River

90% of the “gold down tape”

, Fluffy is almost five-star fluffy.

In addition to protecting the knee’s goose down, it is more adopted near the fabric of the knee.

Jordan velvet



Innovative self-heating materials.

Determination of professional inspection agency, Jordan fleece

30 minutes

Average temperature rise

4 degree

More than industry standards

2.3 times


It is like a small sun in warm your knees, especially comfortable.


Etienm: 10 minutes of 10 minutes by docting knee pads

Let’s take a look at the goosevet + self-heating Jordan velvet can achieve a magical effect.

We use the old way, this is the leg temperature in my normal state, you can clearly see the temperature of the knee is obviously low,

27 degree


Then I took a knee, one leg, quietly waited.

10 minutes.

Waiting for knee pads,


Wear 10 minutes knee knee (left)


10 degree temperature rise

Customized spotted elastic line


Neales of legs, can’t fall, do not affect pants


I don’t touch your legs for a long time.


A brand of knee pads make it easy

Excellent knee pad

At all

There is no moving position.

毣 毣 down knee pad

Only a coin with thickness


And there is no different thickness with ordinary jeans, and it is definitely comfortable.


This knee pad is used.

Germany imported three-needle five-wire bone sewing

No extra lines


It is more comfortable to wear.

Food grade packaging paper bag

, Give the old man enough at home, nothing is more important than a caring care ~

Woman in the market

Wool knee pads have more than 180 knee pads

And more lightweight than wool


Eskill cashmere knee



99 yuan

It’s hard to get home.

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Youqi self-heating down knee pads

¥ 99



More convenient than cover blankets.