The epidemic isolation is protected me, did not protect my wallet.

Friends, what is the feeling of “sitting on the moon” recently? Pure K Paradise, etc. “Happy House” is all restless, and the feelings of the old nest let everyone say “there is bored”.

But there is also some sisters, expressing “

I realized that I realized that I usually was isolated.

“, Very enjoy office in office, and then lying again!


Say that, in any case, the isolation policy is also to protect us. Seeing that every place in China is getting 0 (isolated diagnosis, double-clear zero), editing is still shouting:


Friends, dogs live! The dog is victory!

but! Edit this time

Repeatedly confirming your WeChat balance, Alipay balance and flower arrears,


Sincerely, I have a sentence: Isolated to protect me, but I didn’t protect my wallet. TMD …….


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Perfect Diary Animal Eye Plate Kitten Pan Puppy Different Color Eye Plate

¥ 169


Yes, I thought that I could change myself in my family, but I don’t know how.

Nowadays thinking is only consumption.

I really want to shake my shoulders: What do you want to do?

In any case, I can’t be a person (wallet) being hurt, I will send you a new product to buy List today.

Be poor!

Etude House


Good time limited edition

Korean makeup brand


The house of Yidi is deeply versed, if it is the house of Idi

Pink princess storm

It is the first impression that brings consumers, then the joint name is given to everyone, the sweet thing girl can’t refuse, whether it is a sweet chocolate or a “sweet” eye shade.

The joint name is most afraid of the head, but the product is embarrassed, or it is not used in it.


This “good time limited edition” contains playing color mini eye shadow, satin powder smoke glaze, dream beauty tool eye brush, there are many fans who feel emotions when seeing pictures: is the inner taste!


The packaging is really very useful (belonging to the sisters will stare at that), the color of the eye shadow is also very practical and suitable for spring and summer, what is the most heartless?

This set of fragrance is a chocolate taste!

Take this detail, I feel worth starting.

Jeffree Star

Blood Lust eye plate

Nothing to say, the editor is very much like j sister! As the third disk of the Blood series in J.

Blood Lust can also be directly translated as “blood desire”

, This 18-color eye shadow disk, the enhancement is won! Ok ~ Ok ~ Ok ~

This time

In addition to the classic matte, there is a new extremely shiny metal.


How does this set of color matching are – a thick effect.

Don’t be low-key, the crown will fall.

I don’t know if you have never seen “Qing you 2”, the eyes of the little sisters are bling bling, those that are restrained, low-key styles are really outdated, bold, give themselves. As a brainless and blood powder of J, I can tell you very responsible.

Eye shadow dishes are excellent, and the development of development is worthy of praise.

The editor has already placed this full range, and when you wait, you will get you!



Gao Xingxiang lipstick (garden limited edition)

Edited the previous two days of an article on a lipstick,

Many people say that wearing a mask to buy a red lipstick. But there is a message, let the editor you cry, she said: “Painting at home”,

Love beauty this!

I really want to see that you are really pursuing beauty. It is for your own pursuit to go, or to see you in order to see you, this is really two things.

We hope that you are really pursuing beautiful, really love the girl, so in the heart can always see beautiful, not just to remember the bad. So, what is the mask is still a lifetime? The lipstick should still be seen!

The previous “high-definite fragrance” texture and color are very pleased. This time I also define the lipstick in the color of the color of the color of the color. I added a fine flash in the paste.

It’s the most moving flash.

This Amway gives everyone the color number is N02

, A passionate strawberry red, plus golden thin flash, surprising, and the model is this color ~


Fabastic powder cherry spring limited series


France Guerlain doesn’t have to say it, seeing its product packaging, I want to sing “You will have a good mood ~” Guerlain classic make-up and perfumes, posing on the table, spring day breath.


Limited version of the cherry blossate is Guerlain’s “Flower Water Series”, whether it is a bottle of cherry blossoms or a mixed warm homix and white musk, and it is the same as the name “hot cherry”, giving one The hearts of the flowers in the spring of the sky and the heart of the flowers are refreshing. It is true that the smell of spring is right!

Yue poetry

White Peony Huan Crystal White Old Spot Essence (# 斑 白光 瓶 #)

Many sensitive muscles are not very dare to use whitening essence, worry about the ingredients inside.


But Yue poetry, this new product whitening essence adds peony flower extracts and some other bedium ingredients.

It is mainly added with a nicotinamide (as a editor of long acne, seeing nicotinamide) seeing loved ones)

. The whole is more generous, the whitening essence of sensitive muscles can also be used!

M.a.c charm

2020 Sakura Limited Series

2020 new Jin Lao model M.a.c and the cherry blossom defined bullet? This series is inspiration in spring cherry blossom, tender cherry powder for the main tones, packaging to colorful girl, simply overflow screen.

Classic bullet lipstick must bought me! The textured housing of the cherry pollen and two Xiqianquan powder seeheer & cherry milk tea Skew, confirmed the eyes, it is legal to grab the money M.a.c ~



Light Grid Whitening Essential Essence

What about those who like the goddess? Let me see your hand! What is the theme of the skin carefully in April?

Beauty ~ white ~!

Liu Yifei has just been officially opened to the global spokesperson of Shiseido brand, watching the skin state of the goddess, and I really want to buy all the same skin care products (I also want to buy hair care products! “

Shiseido this cherry-chromatic bottle contains a higher concentration core whitening technology 4MSK, accelerates deep melanin in the skin,

Effective improvement dull, dark yellow, uniform skin color (how many times have seen, I will also move because of these key words).


Mainly by promoting melanin metabolism inhibition of melanin generating ➕ to reduce pigmentation, I still have a very trustworthy product, and I am very trustworthy, but ~ blind ~ buy ~


302 whitening laser bottles

Wearing a mask for 2 months, is it apocalypse? Is there acne marks? Is it hard after picking up a mask? Acne is real and a headache, and this clinique Clinique is four years new upgraded Clinique 302 whitening laser, you can really try, help you break the black. It is about to be a hard-white artifact on your makeup table.

Dream makeup

Net Yan repair double star octavian bottle essence

Many people (such as me)

Wear “brush acid” and color change, and the horny layer is thin.

The dream makeup this new product is “entry-level brush essential”, this innovation


First reduced Gana bottle,


First reduce skin problems such as pores, blackheads, acne, and then add multiple soothing repairs with addition to add, so that the skin is translucent.






It belongs to the product that can be gently removed, and it feels that it is necessary to stand up at home ~

The Face SHOP

FMGT multi-function fashion color display

This multi-functional makeup disk attracts me the most important thing to – cost performance! I know: 169 yuan / 1g * 9 (eye shadow) + 2.4G (high light) + 2.4G (blush) + 2.4G (repair), travel a plate!

This plate is equipped with eye shadows, blush, high light, and is cultivated in it.

Warm tones are suitable for most Asian girls, and the powder is delicate, a plate is used, and it is convenient to carry. The editor found that the sisters around me were divided into two pieces. The open cosmetic bag was a “set class” eye shadow, blush, and the open cosmetic bag is a single monochrome eye, monochrome blush, radish green, Cute love. But if you are the former “Collection Part”, this is really – a collection.

IPSA Infsha

Clear foam sunscreen milk

In recent years, the amount and intensity of UV lines have increased year by year.

Innoquirting air pollution is also worrying, UVA and UVB have very bad damage to the skin, and directly accelerate the aging speed of the skin.

Not only is the face, the body sunscreen should also pay attention to doing good!

This bottle of Infsha clear foam sunscreen uses cool and comfortable “cooling bubble technology”,

Cool foam

I want to have it! Not only can you alleviate the heat accumulated in your body (heat dissipation and insufficient sweating) to brush protection. And on the texture, the foam is delicate and refreshing, it is not easy to drop, it can quickly penetrate the skin, thoughtful!


Natural hall

Solid sun waterproof and anti-sweat sunscreen

After the body is sunscreen, the facial sun sunscreen will also get together!

Sunscreen, like a man, lasting is very important (what I am talking about).

This can not only be high-proof to UVB / UVA, but also fully protect the infrared / red-blue light, etc.


Among them, the nanoscale (15-100 nm) of Japan is flat enough, which can strengthen this sunscreen, don’t use it for one hour (嘻嘻)!

Anna Sui Annsu

Pink elf

Do you have a girl who is obsessed with Ana Su? Anyway, I have, at the time of the street in Xidan, Anna Su did not dare to be close (because it was too sacred). The bottle of the purcent incense is still full of pink silk prints and butterfly decoration on the perfume bottle. A fairy (that is my own) lying on the sandy circular bottle, as if meditation in a magical flower sea.

“For me, the powder is sailed in the deep ditch in the water, find a lush garden, which is full of your favorite flowers.” Made in Miyu Michelle Defina is said. It is very beautiful, but this is not important, because as long as it is Anna Su, I will buy it.


Although it is good to spend a lot of time, it’s still a time.

But every time I receive the delivery package

Who knows who is a mood?

I hope everyone can also be in the isolation period.


Buy (moderately) buy buy to relieve your bad mood!