Returning to the country, I lost 40,000 yuan in cash

Recently, Mr. Dai, returned to Mr. Dai, accidentally put the bags that carry on the G60 Shanghai Kunming Expressway, there is an important document and nearly 40,000 yuan in cash, and he quickly helped to the Zhangzhou high-speed traffic police.

Cheer in the service area

Help to high speed traffic police

Signifier Dai is Jiangxi Ji’an people, driving back from Jinhua Yongkang back to Ji’an, on the way to eat in the Hong Kong-style tea restaurant in the G60 Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, leave the package in the restaurant.


Mr. Dai: “There is 10,000 yuan inside, then add more than 4,000 dollars.”

In addition, there are ID cards, bank cards and other important documents.

High-speed traffic police help find bags

There is nothing in things


After the situation, the high-speed traffic police Fu Wei immediately called the colleague of the Zhangzhou service area to Xu Jianjian.

Fu Wei, the second brigade of the high-speed traffic police, Zhangzhou Detachment: “I wish you, you are in the service area, there is a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant in Jiangxi direction service area, there is a bag in the head, there is a driver to fall there, now the car stops Inside 389 km, you have come to see, on the left hand. “

The high-speed traffic police who received the call Xu Ziji took the spare bicycle and quickly rode to the tea restaurant in the Zhangzhou service area.

High-speed traffic police Zhangzhou detachment two brigade police: “Do you have a package here? (Oh, some, is this? You open it.) Is there anything? (There may be 50,000 yuan in it. Under the verification. But this has a password lock.) Is there a password lock? Wait, I asked him. “

After verification, the package with a password lock is Mr. Dai’s, after the check, there is no less than 40,000 yuan in cash and documents in the bag.

The owner means thank the police

Mr. Dai has expressed his gratitude to the police.

The high-speed traffic police Zhangzhou detachment two brigade police Fu Wei: “Slowly open on the road, then pay attention to something else to fall in other places. Ok, all the way to the wind.”

Mr. Dai: “Good, thank you, thank you to send us warm, happy new year.”


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