Tianjin Consumers Association carries out stockings comparison test This 21 sets of samples do not meet the standard

Original title: Consumers Site comparison test This 21 sets of samples do not meet the standard

A few days ago, Tianjin Consumer Association conducted a comparison test of women’s stockings, staff and 3.15 consumer rights volunteers randomly purchase 46 sets of samples from physical stores and online channels as ordinary consumers, and the city consumer associations do not The 22 sets of samples were subject to sample confirmation, except for a group of nominally selected from Suning Tesco Trade Federation, the company replied to Shanghai Zhaolin Industrial Co., Ltd. stockings, “The store and products are not Our genuine “therefore do not count in comparative test follow-up work, the effective sample is 45 groups, of which 21 sets of samples do not meet the relevant standards.

The nominal trademark is “Simply Basic” “Europe” “Mihana” “Home Choice” “Yidi No.” “Cosy Le” “Outiai Outi” “Interight” “” GATTA (Gata) ” “Antarctive” “Cat” “Cats” “Manzi Mass” “Wisdom Heart / Northern Western” “TINGE” “Finna” “Tianzi Tianzi” “Yongchun” “Merlory” 21 group Stockings samples do not comply with relevant standards. The remaining 24 sets of samples meet the standard requirements, especially those can solve the cancer aromatic amine dye, water-resistant fastness, soap-resistant fastness, sweat-resistant color fastness (acidity, alkaline), resistance, and odor , Formaldehyde content, wet friction fastness, etc. performance.

12 groups of identifications do not meet the relevant standards: “Outiai Outi” “GATTA (Gamata)” “Antarctic” “Manzi Manzi” “Wisdom Heart / Nebu” “Arctic Film” “TINGE” “Fenna” “Tianzi Tianzi” “Yongchun” sample, 11 of whom purchased through the online purchase of 44% of the 25 sets of samples of all online shopping.

7 Fiber content does not meet the requirements: “Mihana” “Home Choice” “Beauty No.1” “Cosy Le” “Lancome” “Outiai Out Love” “The Good Land”.

Group 1 pH detection does not meet the standard: “Mei”.

4 sets of direct extended values ​​fail compliance with standards: “Simply Basic” “Cosy Le” “Antarctive” “Land Good”.

10 sets of lateral extension qualification rates do not meet the standard: “Simply Basic” “Mihana” “Mei No.1” “Cosy” “Interight” “Antarctic” “Heart” “Arctic Film” “TINGE” “Finna” “.


“Anti-line” is not guaranteed

At present, the market is nominally “non-routine”, “anti-cleaning”, “any scrap” becomes an important propaganda language that attracts consumers, and this comparison test also purchased products with such slogans. The results show that some products cannot comply with FZ / T 73055-2016 “anti-off smell sock” standard requirements. Because all samples were not nominally enforced FZ / T 73055-2016 “anti-off smelling sock” standard, the “anti-line” function promoted was not guaranteed. (Reporter Han Yiqing)

(Editor: Tang Xinyi, Wang Hao)