Shorts is the “” in the summer, this year, this year, this year, this year, wearing like this, is slim, cool and comfortable

It’s a high temperature in summer, and many girls hope to be more cool when they match, give your body more space. Think of more people who wear a skirt, but the shorts will be more convenient, and as a pop single product, you can bring more matching ideas, both comfortable and thin.

There are many kinds of shorts, the fabrics are also very different, and the shape created is a different sense of fashion, this summer, there are in a suit shorts, denim shorts, version, and five points. Shorts, etc.



1, suit shorts: soft skin, strong plasticity

Today, women prefer to neatly neutralize with the wearing, with stronger inclusiveness, except for the skirt, the number of splices popularity will be higher, whether it is a T-shirt or shirt, it can guarantee cool and Trendy, and exposed a part of the legs very much and advanced.

It is also easy to walk with the skirt, it is possible to show sexy and handsome, it is a weapon with daily.

From the fabric, the suit shorts will be more popular in the summer, most of the suit shorts are Dad pants, which is greatly advantageous in the version, whether it is a set of wear, or with a t-shirt and a shirt. It is handsome and generous.


The suit shorts is not serious, and wear is very suitable in the workplace. They are both practicing and not lost, and their daily T-shirts, or ordinary styles, there are also daily casual style.


2, denim shorts: strong contour, hipster


The item of cowboy elements will have various types in the four seasons, and it is very popular. The profile of denim shorts is relatively strong, and it is a certain relationship with the hard feeling of its fabrics.


Most denim shorts are popular in Bermuda, which looks more beautiful, and its style comes with a feeling of leisure and youth. It is also extremely friendly for women in the roots of the thigh. , Daily match, handsome and practiced

3, cotton and teen fabric shorts: comfortable breathable

When wearing it in summer, it is more comfortable and breathable. After all, it is a big relationship with personal experience. The cotton and linen fabric, but there is a problem to note that the cotton and linen single item is more likely to appear, and it takes time to take time.

Short pants hipster open mode

1, shorts + T-shirt

When it is in normal time, most women will use simple basic style as the main choices, shorts and T-shirts are relatively daily, and most of the shorts are three points, five points, or according to their own style. Match.


Three-pointed shorts are more playful, pointing at the roots of the thighs, special identical legs, and five-fifth pants can wear handsome belongings, all of which have two styles, more daily is round Lead, there is also a retro atmosphere with a POLO shirt.

The POLO style T-shirt directly pulled people to the Hong Kong style of the 1980s and 1990s, this T-shirt has a retro angel, the splice between the gray and white, with a dark color Jeans, very vintage, fashionable.

Combined with modern elements, give people a sweet style, and retro feelings. The silk scarf is used as an embellished, a more bright eyes, and more fashionable.

2, shirt + shorts

The shirt is one of the foundations of the daily match. In the summer, there is a length of length, the long-sleeved style shirt has a certain sunscreen effect, the short-sleeved style shirt is shaped from the neutral neutral in the 1980s or 1990s. Style is a designed designed design with most women.

When allocating, the shirt belongs to a simple style, there is not much taboo, and the selected shorts can be used freely, whether it is a suit fabric or a denim fabric, the style of the display will have powerful The gas field.

1 white shirt + suit shorts

The suit fabric style shirt can be said to be the most classic in shorts. It is affected by the fabric, and the entire tailor is very comprehensive, and there is a certain kind of danger, so it is possible to show a woman who belongs to women. Attention.

The upper half of the mixture, no matter what kind of item selected, it is possible to concave shape. White shirt overlay a tube top, a sense of layering, while gray shorts use black belt as weight loss, coordination between colors in full body is more advanced.

2 print shirt + shorts

This summer, special popular print style shirt, which can better control this type of splicing type of shirt, very happy, handsome, the lower body is a black shorts, the position of the knees It is very friendly for your body, and many young people are now playing with socks, more advanced, more fashionable.


In the summer, shorts are more convenient, and it is also very resistant to see, don’t worry about the problem, you can shape a diverse style is one of the best choices for women.

Ok, the above is sharing today. Pay attention to daily matching guidelines, use more beautiful yourself!


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Shorts is the “子” in the summer, this year, this year, this year, this year, wearing like this, is slim, cool and comfortable