Bamboo fiber shirts in shake fire, can you really bring your temperature?

The best life is that everything around you is a comfortable existence. Whether it is friends, items, or what happens, it has improved the quality of life that people have pursued by people. Will Schwarbe has said: Good quality, more important than extending life.

How do you do it to gradually approach the real high quality and high quality life?

From the person who chooses to be in life and the details of the living size, it is an indispensable focus of high quality life. For me, the close-fitting clothing is an important basis for ensuring the quality of life.


Speaking of close clothes, in addition to the appearance of joining the eye, the material is not negligible. In the hot summer, it is the choice of smart people.

Today, I recommend you “bamboo fiber”, as for reasons, listen to me one by one.


As the name, “bamboo fiber” is a cellulose fiber extracted from bamboo. It is the 5th natural fiber after the cotton, hemp, hair and silk materials. It has more than 100 years of history, but in 1999. .

“Bamboo Fiber” is a relatively wide word, in fact, including three categories of bamboo fibers, bamboo charcoal fibers and bamboo pulp fibers. The real bamboo fiber actually refers to the bamboo fiber, which is the tennis fiber obtained from the stem of the bamboo stem, also known as “natural bamboo fiber”.


The lower cellulosic fiber production has been as high as 26 million tons, which is not its most brilliant moment, with factors such as population growth, energy crises and resource depletion.

For example, traditional cotton, hemp, and natural cellulose fiber is limited in the scale of development. Naturally produced cellulose fibers are subject to social concern, and important positions have gradually increased.

China’s bamboo resources are extremely rich, mainly distributed in Sichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and other places. The vitality of bamboo is very stubborn, and the growth force has been very fast, and it can be used for two to three years after survival.

The bamboo contains 40% -50% natural cellulose, which can be between coniferous wood and broad-leaved wood, but also this cellulose fiber raw material, not only for natural cellulose fiber reducing growth and utilization pressure, more bamboo. There is a right value and reasonable utilization finds an appropriate reason.

Bamboo has a strong growth ability, shorter medium, and the growth ability is rapid, and it is a representative of “once afforestation, permanent use”.


We reopeously pull the bamboo fibers back to the life sight and do nothing is everywhere. Bath towels, underwear, socks, bedding and clothes, etc., even children’s diaper, it can be seen that it is high enough. In addition, what are the benefits?


Environmental health

Most of the bamboo fibers choose the age of 3-4 years, the color is bright, strong and very strong, and after the high temperature is cooked into bamboo paste, extract the fiber and then processed into cotton.


The toughness and softness of bamboo fibers are very strong, belonging to natural green materials.

Bamboo fiber in the application of life products and flexibility are its optimal state, natural and environmentally friendly, health and safety.

Strong water absorption, easy to clean

The capillary effect of bamboo fibers is very strong, and the absorption and evaporation of the absorption and evaporation in a short period of time is also known as “the fiber that will breathe”, and the textile made as “is also known as” The second skin of human, “water absorption is even stronger.

I can do an experiment: take a pot of water, place the cotton and bamboo fibers of the same grams, the cotton will float it on, while the bamboo fiber will be sinking.

This advantage is also embodied in summer clothing and bedding, sweat-absorbent breathable is often the primary purpose of people’s choices in Yan Xia.

In addition to water absorption, its vascular structure can only be water molecules, and the oil is barrier in the surface of the bamboo fiber, so most bamboo fiber products can be cleaned, eliminating the trouble of various detergents.

Authentic products, soft skin

The fiber of bamboo fibers is actually very thin, and it is good in whiteness, which is why it is good for gloss. In addition, it also has high yield.


Bamboo fiber products touch cotton, but more soft than cotton, light and delicate, comfortable, which is more used for personal use, can give people a zero pressure comfort.


Especially in the summer, bamboo fiber products will make people feel cool, and winter and spring will fluffy and warm, exclude excessive hot air.


Shirts are inseparable from men in four seasons. They can buy refreshing breathable, and the shirt that can breathe is simply the perfect response to this summer.


Matchu yd bamboo fiber series shirt, there is no doubtful bamboo fiber natural ingredients, enjoy the summer, indulge breathing. Reduce odds, long and fresh and dry.


* Fabric ingredient: 54.3% regenerated cellulose fiber, 45.7% polyester fiber


Lazy cancer men’s welfare, natural anti-wrinkle is easy to manage, can also be washed, simple ironing can be smooth as new, so that you can go to work or travel.

As a must-have to wear a single item in the four seasons of each man, comfortable health should be the largest enjoyment, and the anti-wrinkle is flat.

I hope that you can have an extremely enjoyable personal clothing, add a new opportunity to life and work.