[Depth] After “abuse”, Huzhou Xiwi children’s model is still

Reporter | Wang Fujiao Lin Bei Chenlou

If you want to do a child mode, come to Huzhou Wend.

“Niu Niu is played” incident After the Weibo is fermented, Huzhou City, Xiwi Town, became a small town of children’s clothing in the country. From the bus stop, a big red “China Wendry Children’s Wear City” billboard is on the side of the road, telling the people’s clothing market in the status of the weaving – there is more than 13,000 children’s clothing enterprises in the wear, related to the children’s clothing industry The company accounts for nearly 90%.

“Niu Niu is played” soon became the topic of your heart in the locals. During the interview process of the interface, in addition to normal communication, many photographers, children’s mothers, and training courses will ask. “Do you know that Niu Niu’s thing? Nowadays, it is very big.”

Unlike the external public opinion, in the woven children’s clothing small town, many interviewers believe that the Niu Yong incident is amplified by the media.

An interviewed parent told the interface newspaper, and cultivated a child model. In fact, it was huge, and the parents were very hard. A lot of mothers came in full time with their children’s running field, running a conference, basically a broker’s identity. If a training course is reported, the a year’s tuition will probably be around 1-200. And in order to actually competitive.

The “nickname base” in the intersection of Ziro Ankang West Road and Power Liang Road is one of the largest photography bases in the weave. After the incident of Niu Niu, the registration and inspection were strengthened here. Registration is detailed to write a clear visit because of which customer. No longer allows any outlishes to shoot.

The only thing is unchanged, until 9 o’clock in the evening, here is also shot in the lights. If you encounter your parents with a child, dragging a big suitcase, that is, child mode is undoubted. Even if the outside is noisy, the center of the storm is still running in accordance with normal tracks in the past day.

Prosperous woven childhood

The town is a small town that is less than 100 kilometers from Hangzhou, which is affiliated to Huzhou. According to the official data, Jane Town covers an area of ​​900,000 square kilometers, with more than 5,700 children’s clothing companies, nearly 100,000 people in town specialize in children’s wear production, processing and sales. Taobao’s rise brought a series of manufacturing small towns in the Yangtze River Delta, and the weaving is the manufacturing of children’s wear.

In the woven children’s clothing industry chain, there are more than 3,000 annual transactions of 560 billion yuan, including printing, embroidery, ribs, face accessories, and forming the labor market, linkage market. Wait. In May 2018, Xinhuanet has also issued a document, and it has become the “weaving sample” of China’s small towns.

A boss specializing in school uniform business will move the factory here, just because the industry chain is perfect. As the largest children’s wear production base in the country, Huzhou Xiwi, from cloth, accessories to design, shoot, has already been equipped with a complete children’s clothing industry chain. On a street in the weave cloth, dozens of rows are ranging from the neighborhood, and behind the street stands on the town of the building.

Children’s model is an important part of this industry. The good and bad shoots of children’s models can even directly determine the business of a Taobao shop.

Huzhou and Hangzhou are the most important two major children’s model industrial cities. A photographer told the interface newspaper, Hangzhou’s photographers and models will also go to Huzhou, and Huzhou customers will come to Hangzhou. The key is to see the choice of communication between the two parties. However, Huzhou is because it is a children’s wear production base, so it is generally based on wholesale customers, and small models will be more hard. One can take more than two hundred sets. Hangzhou is mainly relatively easy. If the photographer of Huzhou goes to Hangzhou to take the exterior, the number of shootings will be more.

According to local residents, there are two large-scale photographic bases on the Town of Jiji Town, and one of the “Child Mode Vision” in Lisi West Road is the “nickname base” mentioned above. In the studio, you can see the price list for photographers to the merchant, the price:

A children’s clothing store boss tells the interface news reporter. If you want to complete a new childwear shooting on a clothing, it takes about 10,000. The cost is mainly divided into three major blocks: including the price to the photographer (see above), the lease fee of the shooting base is 200 yuan / hour, the shooting cost of the child model is 60-350 yuan / set.

The child’s model took a set of apparel quotations. In order to improve the popularity of the child, parents who have just enhanced their children will be filmed and even let the studio quote. Just for chances of mirrors, or win the good mouth in the industry. The weave is not large, the circle is very small. Which child is so taking, which child is easy to cry, there is a word of mouth.

Due to more and more “children floating” in the past two years, there are some opportunities around the children’s model industry. In the “nickname base”, a children’s model training course is conspicuous.

The yellow three-story small room with a balcony and a window, the hostess Fan is a 84-year fashion mother, a person operator entire child model training course. The enrollment poster of the door, the girl model wearing a feather-like Chinese suit, painting a light makeup, the spokesperson of this poster is the daughter of the owner.


Every Saturday, nearly 60 children poured into this small building to participate in training, learn how to take pictures, and show. Even in children’s models, there are many doorways – take pictures of the instrument, action, and the show, the typhoon – Fan Fan divides the course into “flat class” and “T-class”, the course implements a small class, a teacher’s class There are more than a dozen children.

A 40-minute course, the unit price is approximately 130 yuan, but it is sold in the year. One year’s course price is 12,800 yuan, and the child can be over 96 classes. 60 children, the teacher is only 2 people, 70 million water in a year, in addition to the rent and teacher commission, the training class is a business that only makes not lost.

Fan Fan’s daughter likes to teaters, so the training course has a mini-headed section to practice with a layer of T-class. After the children’s model has a training basis, it is easier to receive the work to make money.

A child who is three years old and height is less than 100cm. It is called “golden period” by the hipster in the town. The three-year-old child has just enlightenment to the camera, let the child quickly enter the state, the parents are always willing to spend 1 to 20,000 yuan for shooting training.

The hidden rules in the town are, each of the photography room, the first question of the staff is always: “Is the child training?” Or “child has a foundation”? Photographers and sellers are more willing to choose mature, obeying children.

Most of the teachers trained from Hangzhou. Every Saturday, Fan Fan personally went to the town’s station to pick up the teacher to train class, and then sent the teacher back after discharged at 6 pm. In contrast, it is a large number of students registered locally. The small models of Yuli Town often live in the town of their parents. Even if they are not the local population of Huzhou, they will rent a house in the weaving, live here for training and shooting .

Eight years ago, Fan Fan came to the Taobao shop from Chengdu hometown, and didn’t think about fishing a bucket of gold from the training industry today. “You see this dress on this dress, from the cloth to the zipper, butt, or even which type of car, you can find it in this town.” Fan Fan believes that the decision to leave the country is right, relying on the industrial chain advantage, her Children’s clothing Taobao shop does the wind.

Two years ago, Fan Fan noticed the needs of the child model training market, and founded the current child model training class with friends, the cause is a daughter began to take pictures, showing a different kind of enthusiasm.

Initial, daughter in the camera in the town of the plane as a flat model. Fan Fan daughter cherry mouth, goose egg face, also followed the high nose of my mother, very popular in the market. But she quickly found that the hard children’s clothing model often has to endure the annoyance of frequent dressing, and her daughter quickly lost interest.

Amy’s mother and daughter quickly found new hobby: attending the conference, walking T! In the texture of the children’s model, once you grow from the “child”, you can participate in the manufacturer’s conference, and the clothing display on the stage. In addition, children’s style show, the model contest is more interested than a simple photo.

In December last year, Fan Fang took a daughter to participate in a model contest in his hometown, although only 5,000 yuan of registration costs, there is an additional income of training courses, and Fan Fan never disadvantages the daughter’s own expense. expensive.

There are more than 100 large and small photographic studios, like this training class, is like the rain.

Parents in the storm center

Parents taking pictures with their children in the weave did not think that the video of “Niu Niu was played” triggered such a strong network decision on Weibo.

In the afternoon of April 11, user emotional fermentation. Even rumors say, “The child is too slightly suspected of malnutrition,” Niu Niu mother is a habit “.

In the weave, a photographer told the interface newspaper, in his work experience, Niu Niu’s case can only be considered extremely individual. This mother is very angry, and the resistance is poor. Or us with the plot of the child and the child is also like this. Just because the child is working, this thing is more deteriorated. But most mothers are very taking care of their children, usually playing mobile phones next to playing mobile phones, children who eat or drink or go to the toilet.

In other words, the photographer believes that the network demon has made the industry in this industry and enlarges its “evil”.

Many people can’t understand this behavior that makes children coming out “hole”. But in fact, in addition to some parents are simply made children make money, there are some parents who want children to see more “world”, even in accordance with the standard of future childstone. The circle competition of the child’s model plane is too fierce, and some parents “impetuous” and “anxiety” are psychologically.

Just in early April, Dad Wang Yong from Fujian finally made determined to bring his baby daughter Amy to the weaving, because the woven child’s model was perfect, and there were many opportunities. Amy has been 6 years old, and it is about to start early this fall. She belongs to the “middle child” in the woven children’s model market.

The child is tall in 100 or less, as a “child”, that is, the group to which the girl is hitted in the video. Children under 2 years old are called “young children”, because young children are too difficult to discipline, the market is nearing public, and many photo buildings are clearly stated that they don’t do young children.

During the interview, the Dad repeatedly mentioned the word “size”. At the usual, we expressed the child’s “height”, “size” words not only mean the object, but also the commodity properties: “Children are different, and high-value, this size is cute”, “this Sentences such as size and long phase are important.

In Wang Yong’s eyes, the size is one of the standards of measuring the ability of children. He brings his big daughter, and the mother stays in Fujian to take care of their old two. 6 years old Amy is a slight mature in the same age, there is a little mixed feeling. Wearing a leather, leather pants can also take pictures naturally. A shrinking adult. Whether it is a photographer to make a little cool, it is still a little different requirement, Amy can be completely completed.

She is already in this industrial chain. Training. But not all children can be like Amy.

Amy is not a puree. Before you came, she has received the training of planes and shooting. Previously, I have participated in the 2019 Fifth Water International Auto Show Children’s Motor Mold Competition, a spring conference of a children’s clothing brand, and even participated in Yang Lei’s “Great Pediatrician”, etc., these have become her list in the industry. Adding points, and Dad is praising in a friend circle, promoting the weight.

Wang Yong emphasized that Amy’s advantage is that she is obedient than other children. For this old child mode, the photographer will have more requirements for her, and she is stronger about her own control. But in the early days, they also paid a high time and money cost.

The earliest, the child should take a delicate “mold card”, which is a professional term, which can be translated into “child model card”. This card must have at least a group of children’s makeup, height, height, Basic information such as body weight, age. If the child has previously filmed the experience of the business card, it is also an additional item.

For some mature children’s models like Amy, parents have to do more. Amy Dad’s contact, many children are there a lot, some mothers are accompanied by full time. At the scene of shooting, mothers are a professional “speechless”, which is the only person who can be responsible for the childhood. Sometimes, a photographer has passed the past, and his mother must know that his task is coming.

Mom still has a task, that is to prepare accessories for children, even in some basic shooting work, you can make makeup for your child. For example, many shadows are filming in summer clothes, girls, moms must give her a good headwear, bag, footwear, toys, etc. Jacket. These preliminary investment preparations are about a few thousand yuan.

Even if everything is ready, it is normal to pick up the list. Due to the development of the woven children’s children’s clothing industry chain, in these two years, the market has poured into a large number of children’s models. The market turned into the seller market. If a child mode is filled, there is a crying, the interruption time is too long, and there will be alternatives will be replaced immediately. Come in. This also means that if the mother is not a child, this will soon be drifted. Even later, ranking in the list of photographers will rely on.

Users are not just a photographer, and there are sellers. According to reason, the operation of the seller store should be related to traffic operation, marketing, and product quality multiple elements. However, there is a cute playful child model, which will make clothes more popular, the owner is more willing to promote. In the hearts of the owner, the quality of children’s model is directly linked to the performance of the store.

This makes the world’s pressure of the world’s pressure is not lost in the pressure of the adult world.

This fierce competition is also quickly conducted to the parents. The parents of children’s models are completely a broker’s role. In addition to orders, talk about business, quickly expand their children in the circle, they also need to pick up the child in their spare time, even for mirror opportunities. Some mothers gave up the original work and came to the weaving full-time accompanied. Like Amy Dad, you must be separated from his wife.

In this circle, it seems that the children take pictures to make money, but in fact, both children and parents are working, and parents are not easy. Some photographers believe that netizens’ so-called “make money by children” is some of the prophet.

And the child can be a few years in the age of a child model, the most gold, the most popular market is 160 or less, 6 years ago, their time is free, there is no lessure pressure, strong plasticity, is a child grows into children Mold golden period. Under internal and external pressures, some temper parents have some excessive lines when shooting. This behavior is even more common.

Of course, this does not open the behavior of the child. Moreover, the work of the small model does not do, and the general decision is also in parents.

Future of weaving children’s model

After things happened, Taobao quickly withdrew all the children’s clothing of Niu Niu. Taobao children’s clothing store owner Xiao Wang told the interface news, this time the store will definitely no longer dare to use the Niu Niu, but Taobao shop is also watching.

On the evening of April 11, Taobao called 110 Taobao children’s clothing store main joint names called for normative children’s models to protect children’s rights. Call for regulation of children’s model shooting industry to promote child mode protection. These owners appeal: the merchants are united, strictly regulate children’s model shooting, strictly forbidden to treat children’s behavior, refuse to use all pictures / videos that damage children’s equity behavior during shooting.

In this regard, Taobao’s explanation is that Taobao rules have clearly stipulated that the product picture is clearly stipulated, and the withdrawal is also based on Taobao rules.

What Taobao did not explain that the withdrawal is temporary? How to completely eliminate the industrial treatment of children’s models?

The truth is that under the existing law in my country, in addition to the appeal, there is no clear terms to stop such a phenomenon.

Source gender center lawyers, minor protection expert Li Ying said that legal is not clearly stipulated for children’s participation in models and actors. The child was hit and did not have a direct causal relationship for Taobao store. Therefore, Taobao shop has a bit reluctant to take responsibility for this, unless the child is tired for Taobao shop, there is a physical and mental issue, which requires responsibility.

Shanghai Daxian Law Firm Partner Tour Yun Ting also expressed similar views, as far as this incident, this is not within a relief range. From the perspective of adolescent protection, there must be a problem. However, as long as it does not affect nine-year compulsory education, it does not involve child labor, the law will not intervene. In law, the responsibility to protect the child gives guardians, and if you want to put an end to this situation, it is recommended to guide the media exposure to let the merchant self-discipline.

In other words, there is currently no legal regulating to guide the ecology of the child model.

Sina Weibo on a grateful commentary: “I hope Taobao ban children ‘s model … No sale, there is no harm, all tiles and hanging shoots are physical maps, which can be sold very well.”


But the Fan Fan of the training class disagree with this statement. The child’s model is very cute, whether the camera is on the phase, and directly determines the sales of clothes. At the same time, she as a Taobao owner and her mother, even if I buy clothes to my daughter, I will more inclined to the model.

Massive Taobao merchants and parents are born with children’s model, behind the hugeness of the children’s clothing industry and the demand for beauty. Regardless of the merchant or parents, a sudden incident is not enough to dispel the huge attraction of the industry.

“You don’t shoot, the factory has a constant model waiting to be taken.” The second day of the child abuse event, Wang Yong still liaisond the prime mirror, for him, more important than news is The daughter is about 7 years old, and the industry is higher than the big models such as her.

Tianyu, a children’s clothing photographer from Hangzhou, believes that it is not just a large shooting intensity of the children’s wear industry, and the plane model of the entire e-commerce industry is very large. “But it is not a parent’s decision.” Tianyu said, “Maybe you want to think about the question, all adults work around a child, he is inevitably need to work in the world of adults, so that the child is true Is it ok? “

As the upstream of the children’s model ecological chain, Taobao’s main king believes that many merchants are not unable to force, but not. “If you slow down the shooting progress, I am willing to tell the parents don’t matter. Wait, wait for the first to shoot. So many parents may not worry, will not use the criticized children to ask the children to cooperate.” Xiao Wang said, but slow shooting progress Often means that timeout, the venue fee will rise, and it is definitely not willing to see for merchants.

From the child model, parents have earned profits in advance, and the merchants have received traffic and transactions, and the photographer has completed the work. If you leave your child childhood, you only have you can’t change your clothes, and you will take a lot before the camera. Who is really what they have experienced?

(Wenzhong Fan, Wang Yong, Amy is the name. Interface Journalist Huang Yu also contributed to this article)