When the spring and thick shirts are just at the time, they can wear fashionable styles.

What is good about this season, I still want to be thin, so thick shirt is the best choice, a variety of colors and styles let you match a variety of shapes, easily choose daily street. On the overall match, when choosing color, it is recommended to recommend a combination of recommendations. Take a look at the stars and fashion people wearing a demonstration. Which style and color are your favorite, the whole wear a lot of daily. Street.


► Wear demonstration

♦ Line is not an old element, no matter in spring, summer, we can find its shadow, especially the style of the grilled shirt, the black lattice shirt on the top of the black plaid shirt with warm knitted dress, black bottom with white shoes and bag Simple daily borrowing wearing. If you want to dress, then the dark red grillat shirt of Yan Mengyao with a black tights, it is recommended to match the choice.

♦ A relatively relaxed look, so loose griller shirt is a recommended choice, in a light toned shirt and black, black jeans look good. When choosing a black plaid shirt, you can choose jeans everyday out of the street, simple wearing a recommended white bag.

♦ In the griller shirt, there is a long style, the relatively literary style, when choosing, the red lattice shirt is the best match is: black and black pants. In addition to red and blue is also a good attempt, in addition to black, you can choose to match white tunes.


♦ When daily out of the street, when choosing color, the yellow grit in the top of the picture is recommended, with jeans can go out, simple with shape. There is also a color tone of light flour, and the grilled shirt in Figure II selection is a black tone, and the urban temperament is recommended.


♦ In the color of the choice of dark tones, if the upper body and the color of the lower body are similar, the color of the boots can choose white (above), and there is a change in style detail, the gradient selection, matching in the second figure Color chooses black to wear.


♦ The thick shirt grid element is more, the grille is in a variety of color styles, and the above-in-one deep coffee grit shirt is selected. Or choose a yellow grilled style with black dress and boots, urban finishing to learn from the style.

♦ Long shirts are mixed with short skirts or shorts, choose long boots combination, simple modeling, yellow adjustment in Figure 1 is recommended. There is also the sky blue shirt, choose a light color to transfer the street, the casual match, the bag selection bright yellow to match, relatively boldly dressing.

♦ When choosing the whole shape, the second is the recommended referred to the elegant temperament. Drawing: gray shirt coat + white knit dress + white boots + color bag, the overall clean and tidy. When you go out of the street, the light toned shirt is mixed with jeans, and the boots can try to choose red tune, trendy new minimal tones combination.


In this early spring season, the style of the thick shirt is recommended for the first selection, which allows you to choose a variety of styles, different colors and styles, change the style, and choose grid elements in everyday wear. Light blue jeans, color of the bag is chosen to choose the preferred white. Another point is that when the shirt is selected, it is the first choice. If it is a query, choose black and white, the color is in three.