Deep and popular fashion circles, the little blue sheep, when is the family?

No matter whether it is the month, Mikihouse, the two shoes have written a deep-handed article, so everyone will love these two shoes.

The last open group is more rushing. I patronize my family’s alis sister to wear a small blue sheep. I didn’t tell you this history. Today, I will deeply under the small blue sheep. All right. Because the articles are long, let go before opening


, There is a very large fan in the end of the text, don’t miss it!

In other words, Mikihouse and the moon star have their own award-winning shoes, and the little blue sheep actually also has a pair of classic shoes called “German Shoes”. Basically, people who know the brand of Xiaolan sheep will impress this style of shoes.


The so-called “German Shoes” is actually a German training shoe, which is German Army Trainers, referred to as GAT.

GAT was born in the 1970s, serving in the West Germany Federal Defense Forces, it mainly made shoes made with the appearance of the rubber sole, with superior cushioning performance and the top comfort at the time. The West German loved, which improved the indoor training of the German military.

GAT is produced by BW-SPORT sneakers for blueprint.

This looks greatly. GAT original shoes is made of white tough leather and gray suede. The sole is presented with brown thick and stable glue, not only wear-resistant, but also has extremely high buffering and acuity. There is no logo design on the shoe. Only the tongue has a number used to identify, these numbers represent footwear, numbers, and manufacturers.


It can be said that each pair of shoes are unique military supplies. In order to prevent military equipment from flowing into the market, the GAT shoe back part they use must make a record before the soldiers leave. It is reported that this pair of shoes in the 1989 German wall collapse, at least 500,000 soldiers are wearing it.

▲ There are numbers with the tongue on the tongue.

▲ Humbox record in the back of the shoes

Later, with the collapse of the Berlin wall. Sidid Dongde is a German, and the German Shoes began to gradually flow into the people. Because it is born with the military attributes, plus the classic white gray design and splicing crafts, so slowly in the fashion circle to the new concept.


MAISON Margiela Maison Margiela in 1999, Martin Margiela, in the vhunxia women’s clothing, showing the men’s clothing series, where some of the ball shoes are improved GAT. Then the brand began to launch the GAT of their own production, which is the Line 22 Replica shoes we are familiar with.


▲ Martin Margiela Line 22 Replica

All the stars love him, Adi and Hummer are more because this German Shoe is designed and not stopped, and both sides claim ourselves.


In fact, before adidas became the supplier developed at the German Federal Defense Force, PUMA did have manufactured GAT, but because the relevant information was very scarce, PUMA has long produced the German GAT, but why is it replaced by Adidas, almost It became a historical mystery.

However, whoever designs seems to be less important, because each big name has been designed with its own brand with De Training Shoes, and German Shoes become a fashion classic to stay.

▲ Left picture PUMA and Eye Comme des Garcons jointly, and right adidas Samba.

▲ dior homme


In short, De Training Shoes is not just a symbol of history.

And the little blue sheep de-training shoes we have to say today, based on the characteristics of traditional moral training shoes, have been improved, designing more suitable for infant young children’s wearing.

The brand of Xiaolaisury was born in 2005, it is the first soft slit. In 2008, the most cutting shoes process was condensed at the time, and the first generation of Germany was born. Infant children’s shoes, doing virtue shoes should only have this brand of small blue sheep.


Starting from its birth of 2008, a generation of Texas is exported to Europe and the United States, creating 100,000+ sales. At that time, most of the customers of small blue sheep came from overseas, exported to 69 countries. Until 2014, the market turned to China.

The picture shows the first generation of 2008 called shoes. Small blue sheep retains the most classic of moral training is the M-style of the shoe. After more than 10 years, the small blue sheep will upgrade GAT every year. Over the past years, the German usage model has changed, but the material and performance have been upgraded ~~


After returning innovation and improvement, the generation of Germany is more and more perfect, letting the child’s little foot is getting more comfortable. So small blue sheep’s moral training shoes have always been the best, bought the best.


As of 2019 new, the German training family has been updated to the fifth generation. The new generation of Germany shoes maintain the original generous style, but it is more light breathable than the initial generation.

The new generation of Texas is the most minimally built in the past.


In order to meet different needs, this shoe is divided into two types of full-skinned surfaces and pore surfaces.


The small opening on the face has aesthetics while breathabling, even the full-featured foot shoes, does not affect the baby’s feet free breathing.

Lightly, 9 yards of Dade training only 1 weight of eggs ▼


Small moral training ultra-soft soles, how to turn it is not deformed ▼


Dry breathable SUPER insole ▼


Small blue sheep uses advanced foam insoles, world-class running shoes dedicated shock absorbing insoles, which is in line with ergonomic design principles, wearing comfort, while breathable anti-antibacterial, healthy feet.


Many small holes are distributed on the insole fabric, it is a secret of dry breathable. The foot contact surface of the insole and the sole contact surface uses a different material, and well-distributed can be evenly distributed in the breathable hole of the feet and heat, and the foot is dry, the foot is soft!


This fabric has a quick-drying feature that not only makes the insole efficient perspiration, but also more convenient to clean.

On the other side of the insole is the activated carbon layer, the small black spot densely numb in the top is activated carbon particles, which allow the insole to accelerate the adsorption of the bottom of the foot.


In addition, small blue sheep also increased the football to the second steady shoes, used to support the ankle, adjusted the lower limbs, soothing the exercise fatigue.

The shoe pad that the article said is that this super foot pad is definitely not speaking on the same day.

My family, I specially like to play football. Every time I take it out from football shoes, I can smoke my smoked shoes. I have this pad. I directly put into the football shoes. I can prevent my feet, but also shock absorbing, for the insole I want to buy a double shoe ~

Ultra-soft ultra-thin non-slip sole ▼


The new little moral training, the non-slip shoe is ultra-thin, the baby can really feel the ground.

Small blue sheep’s shoes are particularly non-slip, and it is very strong. If you climb the mountaineering, please feel free, the little blue sheep is probably the strongest shoe in the shoe cabinet.


The reason is too non-slip, so I don’t recommend everyone to buy big, because it is easy to take too long to wrestle your child.

Dado training small white shoes are really wear-resistant and worn, wearing a bicycle, directly take the shoe as a brake, and the anti-slip is very good.

This is the 2019 small blue sheep team with the children of Bangkok Movement Playground Parkour, take photos of the propaganda film, and the shoes that wear small blue sheep are completely no problem.

Let the children wearing a small blue sheep can sport freely, this is the belief of small blue sheep. So, don’t read the deun shoes, look like fashion shoes, take him to play the ball and comfortable.

Health design of not exporting foreign goods ▼


The founder and Zoe of the small blue sheep graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, and the family of Lei was originally a traditional quality shoe factory for the international first-line big name. Not willing only give the factory second-generation, the second generation of the big-name processing shoes ultimately determined to create its own original brand LittleBluelamb, the purpose is A Wonderful World for Kids.


In addition to graduating from a designer at home and abroad, there are artists, men, and shoes, including multi-year shoes experience. Because it is the relationship between the family’s shoes, the small blue sheep has a solid process and mature team from the initial beginning.

With many domestic children’s shoes, only the style of the cottage, which brand is copy, which is different, and the little blue sheep is very attached to the child’s foot health problem. They have their own Foot Health Research Institute, according to different ages. , Stage children’s walking characteristics are designed to suit all phases. Small blue sheep in order to meet the development characteristics of children at different stages, this is divided into PRE-WALK, a stenning period (pre-school) and motion period (Movement Period).

Recently, Dr. Xiao-sheep was invited by Dr. Liu Chunyang, director of the Child Health Center of Beijing Children’s Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, participated in the interview of the National Health Committee’s health channel.

In this national character show, popular science has given more mental questions about the “How to choose the first pair of shoes”, give more guidance from the father and mother’s scientific protection.


Velcro from Big Taiwan Baihe Paiho

Little blue sheep’s magic stickers are also from Taiwan Hundred and Paiho. PAIHO new high-tension magic stickers, not easy to remove, hook bite frequencies, lateral bite Li Da 2000g, long use time, hook bite more than 10,000 times, water tolerance, not easy to break.


Taiwan PaiHo Baihe Group has a professional production of sticky belts in the nearly 40 years, with the famous “three hook” sticky belt, is a product designated by international big manufacturers Nike, Adidas, NB and other manufacturers.

New Generation Size Dexus and Code Number ▼


The graph is Xiaodexun, belongs to the school period, the right picture is a big moral training, which is a steady period. Based on the preferences of different children, cooperation and style are also a variety.


A large wave buyer show

This pair of shoes is originally I have to give Great Rong, the teacher asked to wear white shoes, the family is a sports model, not very good with the performance service, so I picked the big blue sheep Training, clean and generous.

The final match is also a lever. In addition to the eye makeup, I can’t pick other problems.


This shoe is called aqueous molecular moral training, divided into two kinds of air holes and no air holes, more breathable, suitable for summer, but I have no breath, because I have been over half, more For autumn and winter considerations.

The top-level ultra-fiber skin used by small blue sheep, although not a leather, but gas permeability is comparable to leather, it is better than the leather resistance, and about the small blue sheep.

Abandon the leather and choose the popular scientific science


I have before I have a popular science, and I haven’t described the reason.


Those dozens of 100 pieces of small leather shoes really can be leather?


I have always, I like to buy skin shoes to Ideng sister, because I have to match all kinds of small skirts ~ But the big Rong is rarely buying the gentle shoes, his shoes are almost a water sneakers because he wears I don’t have a habitat, it is not comfortable. Also, the shoes are also very small in the case.

But the style design of Dadex training is completely unspeakable.

Whether it is with small fresh jeans and white t ~

Or, home, mosquito, is salt and sweet ~


Even with the combat shorts and two people, it is also HOLD.


The shoes of the magic stickers are so off, and the shoes are connected in the upper surface, which guarantees the child’s feet, nor is not afraid of the shoes tongue nest in the shoes, and the feet are uncomfortable. The sole is very soft, and it is not difficult to be bent.

There is a day to school, I asked Li Darong: “Is this shoe to wear a comfortable?” Great nodded, a pair of shoes in the sneak shoes, and no one, I am very satisfied.

Twins series

In addition to Germany, this year is another newly upgraded style, Xiaokesh has a 2019 latest design – TWins series. Although Germany also has a girl’s color, but I think a lot of mothers may need more boat shoes with skirts.

I am tapping itself, it is called a shoe, because the pattern of the left and right shoes is different, but it has echoed each other. The tone is also small and fresh, full of Tong Zhen.

Small blue sheep designers LEI and Zoe are learning art graduation, so they are more advocated, so the classic moral training of small blue sheep will be designed and generous. But let’s take a closer look at the shoes of the small blue sheep, it will find that his family has both moral training shoes that meet the aesthetic aesthetics, and some special fancy, more children fun shoes.

This is because they find that the aesthetics of the child is really different. Adults are worthwhile, and they should cooperate with the environment and occasions, they are not too late, and they are not too pickless. The child’s aesthetics is most fearful, like bright, contrast, strong color, and imaginative patterns, children don’t mind themselves.


At the beginning of this year, the North Size-small blue sheep and Stanford alumni cooperated “small white shoes to draw lessons” — the children with small blue sheep classic white shoes for drawings, manipulating their own upper. You will find that we feel pure white looks, and children like to apply them a variety of bright colors. Small blue sheep is undoubtedly respecting the child’s aesthetic.

To be old truth, I will buy shoes to Ideas, always avoid the flowers of the flowers, embellish the skin shoes, because I don’t feel unhappy, so I’m not high, and most of the legs of the legistees are single, good.

You see the children who are wearing flowers in the street to wear a lot of children who are not toned, and they are afraid to be most of their own clothes. When I was lobby the Twins series when I was lobbyed by the small blue sheep, my inner heart was actually refused, because it’s too fancy.


However, when they tell me: “I will buy a pair to buy a pair, I feel good, wear on the foot can be happy and get the shoes envious shoes, isn’t it better?” I was in an instant.


Yes, maybe I should come to a pair of shoes that meet the aesthetic beauty, even if it may not meet my aesthetic standards.

The Twins Series wants to emphasize that everyone has their own personality, a total of 5, the left and right feet are different, each can tell a small story, this series of design philosophy is different, only more interesting .


Another wave of buyers show


When you make a bright makeup, I think it is when it is the best when this pair is?

As a result, private service is also unexpected. I deliberately picked a pair of white holograms, because I know that I’m like Xiao Fei, thinking that she must like it, it is not enough.

Match the summer floral skirt, timely, innocent girl ~

With a personality sling and seven pants, it is in meditation.

Holding your own overlord, I can go to school, and can also step on the domineering tiger and tiger.


If you want to turn into a Cool Girl, when you don’t want to care, it is also a kind of not bullied.


Because the small blue sheep’s shoe is very large, the shoes are also relatively deep, so even if it is the fat foot of the idea, we will not feel the halt.

The soles and insoles are the same as the German training. The ultra-clear and non-slip rubber-plastic bottom, the insole is a foam of activated carbon, which is the footwear for the international top running shoes before. The upper is ultra-fiber, breathable, and well-managed.

White shoes are easily dirty, before wearing the door, I found the sister’s shoes dirty, I used to use the rag to get some water, and wipe it clean. Over-fiber skin is more resistant to water than the leather, although it is still a bit boring, the general wet cloth is complete, better than leather shoes.

PS: Wipe it with a wet cloth, but you can’t bubble, you must pay attention to the coolness of the wind and cool, don’t expose.

At the end of the text, the same frame when two small performances, the brother wearing big moral training, and there is no relationship between the ramp, the non-slip is very good. The sister is wearing Twins, and the upper body is Chinese style. It doesn’t matter if it is.

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Welfare first, then let us start deep ~

The following benefits

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Don’t look at the shoes, but this foam insole is also big, there is a saying in the above article.

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