“Dear love” behind the red, this is the old ancient town that makes people

If you want to ask this summer’s most popular drama,

That is undoubtedly “Dear Love”.


This drama is really not going to do it.


Originally refused


After reading it …


How is this sweetness feel so cool? !


Come, let’s go!

At the same time as Xiao U was broken by Tong Yan, he didn’t forget to take a scene of this melon. Let everyone can play a sweet date online.

Do you have a date?

Tong Yan couples have been,


Everyone does not hurry.

Come to the tickets in Town, Town,

This traffic jam is at night.

In fact, in May, “Dear Love” last year.

Come here to take pictures,


Tongli ancient town has always been a photographer of the popular big drama.


Can stand out in numerous ancient times,

It is enough to see its excellence.


“Why is it silent?

Tongli Ancient Town

Jiangnan is good,

The scenery is old.

Sunrise Jianghua Hongsheng fire,

Spring is green and green.


Can you still recall Jiangnan?


This is the impression of Baijuyi’s Jiangnan. In the same way, the Town, the town is the epitome of Jiangnan, and the dynamic rhyme of this auch is exhibited. “Millennium Ancient Town”, Jiangnan “rich”, carrying the history of Suzhou, witnessing its millennium change.


15 small rivers in the “Sichuan” glyphs were separated into seven small islands, while 49 ancient bridges were integrated, so they were known as “small bridge, flow, people”.

Today, it seems to be maintained at the beginning of Jiangnan, without other ancient town, still maintaining its plain water-seek style. Here, time seems to be stationary.

Qing bricks, four seasons such as poems. Unlike Zhouzhuang, Wuzhen is a household name, but it is very fresh and people close.

Shake the wooked boat, climbing the ancient wall of the vine, the sunny sun, in the same mile, everything is the most common life picture in the days.

The small town green water is surrounded, and the weeping willing, every door is full of stories. Occasionally, I will stand a dog, watching the tourists who come and go calm.

Especially the morning after the rain, it is even more than the joy and slow position in Jiangnan. Every breath seems to be infiltrated with an emandy and long champion.


In the ancient curved streets, the faint stream sounded on the ear, such as the world, and looked down.

“One Garden, Second Hall, Three Bridge” is the place where the same is the least missed.

A park

Returning garden


“There are many bridges in the waterway, the family is doing the pillow”. Although the returning garden covers an area of ​​nine acres, it is the only world cultural heritage of the Classical Garden.


The overall architectural style of the returning garden can be described in “although some people are active, it is awkward” to describe, water ring rings, water is mainly, the building has more water, such as floating, the water is reflected in the water, Concentrated landscape.


Side-building, four sets of different styles of buildings, Self-west, Branch Hall, House, atrium, garden, unique layout, pavilion, Taiwan, Building, Pavilion, Square, Bridge, Hall, Hall, House, Room , Xuan is correct, and the pool is centered, one step is not exaggerated.

Chunjing “Sitting in the Spring Festival”, Xia Jing “Yu Yu is cold”, the autumn scene “Tianxiang Autumn”, the winter scene “Years of the Three Friends”. “Sitting in the spring of the moon building”, there is a spring flowers; “菰 雨 生 凉” 小 内纳”Inside the furnace, there is Songzhu Mei Shuo.”

The steps of walking are different, which can be “Mo Dao Garden Small, Jia Jing Zhi Zhizhi How much”. The ancients live here, it is really uncomfortable.



Jiayin Tang


If you want to ask Jialin Tang’s worth, Mr. Liu Yizi has lived here. Now we seem to have more hope to make the inner heart in the history.

Jiayin Titang is known “Green Hall”, as for the origin of the name, just because Liang Headmark is like a hood of the Ming Dynasty, it can be said that the name is very image.

The architecture of the hall is simmary, and the door and window Liang Dong is exquisite. Even the doors and windows in the small wooden building are extremely fine, enough to see its exquisite. The entire courtyard is also implied, elegant, and well-visual.


The next pair of squats is “leisure enough to pension, so happy to study.” The three national stories are carved on the wood, clearly identifying a gold robe, hitting the yellow cover, the grass boat rejection, and Changsha. This skill is now afraid that it is difficult to see it.

It is the best choice for the Water Show Pavilion in the Northwest Night. The wider perspective, with the window, overlooking the river, such as the water town.


If the same mall is a museum of an ancient architecture, then Chong Benntang is a carved exquisite art in this museum. Although the area of ​​Chong Benntang is less than one acre, the layout is very compact.


Although Chonghe Hall is looking at the river with Jiayin Titang, the architectural style of the two is slightly different. From the hall to the backhouse, slowly enter, the entire building is also open, you will find more and more high, this is called “lifting three levels” in the Jiangnan folks, it is used to be lateral structure, and the depth is relatively rare.

There is a blockwall separated between the hall, the hall and the hall. There are “crab eye patineers” on both sides of the gatehouse, which are both ventilated and bright, which are both laxative and fire. The east side is long, so that each of the housing courts are separated from independent, and it is connected to the whole.


However, Chong Benntang is the most attractive still to be a variety of engraving, there are more than 100 woodcarvices. Various woodcars is flexible, exquisite and beautiful, attracting tourists and admiration. Every inch of the door building is a story. Every party will come out of peace and rich, good luck.

If you want to know what is different from the marriage customs and our inland areas, the customs and process exhibition halls of Wushui Township weddings should not miss. The wedding performance will be held regularly here, so that you can feel this deeply affiliated folk marriage or artistic atmosphere.

Three bridges

Three bridges are treasures in Tongli Bridge, refer to Taiping Bridge, Geely Bridge and Changqing Bridge. The three bridges founded in the Ming and Qing Dynasties have witnessed that the spring and autumn here have witnessed a long time, and now they have long been integrated with the same mile.

Top mys like “Walking Three Bridges”, every time marriage is festive, the old man is sixty-six birthday, must go to the “three bridges” to map Geely. The three bridges in the hearts of the same macrity symbolize auspicious and happiness.


Since it is a three bridge, of course each has different meaning. Taiping Bridge Italian is healthy, peaceful; Geely Bridge bless everyone fortune, Daji Dali; Changqing Bridge can see is a long life, youth forever, after all, who doesn’t want to borrow five hundred year.

If you come to the same mile, you may wish to take a walk on the Third Bridge. Not only can you see the beautiful scenery on the bridge, but also have a lot of luck, and there are many sides of the bridge, let you let you know the belly. Zhongyi.

As in the Tongli Town, there are such treasures, in addition to the familiar “one park, two, three bridges”, of course, there are still many beautiful scenery waiting for us to discover.

Luo Xingzhou

This is a small island on the lake in Dongli, Town, surrounded by Luo Xing, so I was named Luo Xingzhou.

Everyone can travel to the island for free from the ancient town tickets, you can enjoy the peaks of the same macroba vast and fish sails. Looking at it, it is a Wonderland, which is famous for the rainy landscape, like a floating on blue waves.

However, when the temple worships, we must be careful of the monks, will let you take out a few grandfather from the waist, cash can also be transferred to WeChat.

If you let me choose a time to launde Island, I will choose the evening, then there will be no more people appear in the lens, and whenever the sun, I am far away from the island, I am far away from the Lake Wanjia Langer, even if there is a artistic conception.

Mr. Liu Yam has written “Luo Xingzhou Sound Wall” one poem: “A futon is now on the building, the autumn water is so trapped; the swaying boat mountain poem is good, Bai Lian is open.”

Nanyuan Tea House

Topic people love to drink tea, the tea house counts, the most famous, it is to have several South Park Tea.

Nanyuan Tea Site is located in the southern city of the South City, and there is Jiangnan’s first tea building. The facade is a clear-style wood carving decoration, still retaining the original charm.


In Nanyuan Tea, you can taste various grades, type tea, and also supply all kinds of tea. Point on a pot of green tea, a few Suzhou snacks, listen to Qu Yuanban playing Jiangnan silk bamboo, bidding, drama, or small adjustment, don’t be too pleasant.

In addition to the beautiful scenery in Tongli, there is a beautiful scenery.

Here is a lot of foods in this.

Go out to travel,

Beauty and food can not live up.

If you ask how you eat breakfast breakfast, most will answer you this: I have eaten a bowl next door.


Summer is the world of Susk. Although there is no “Maple Town, the big meat” in Town, Zi Guzhen, has not exquisite “three shrimp”, but there is still the same classic chuck and shrimp.

There are also some traditional tops, such as spicy sauce or bursting, don’t forget to add Pingwang spicy sauce on the table.

In addition, you can also match a bowl of porridge or some cakes, which can be the same mourning of the local road.

If you love, you can click on a bowl of nunwas, you want to eat, it is called a braised meal. If you are not enough, you will add a fish pill, just a bag of juice.

At the corner of the bamboo row, there is a grandfather who sells the sea cake. Which piece is the best hairy cake? The answer must be the piece that is now! Irrigation powder, put a bean sand, embed a lard, and finally “brush” to raise a layer of sugar, just baked sealet cake takes oil paper, a bite to call the hot mouth.

When you eat sweet bean sand and spray incense lags, life is full.

specific information



100 yuan



Tongli Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province


Opening hours:

Day Tour 7: 30-17: 30, Night Tour 18: 30-21: 30



From the Suzhou Railway Station, take the train in the train station square, every 20 minutes, the fare is 8 yuan, the trip is 45 minutes.

Some places don’t need to be deliberate, but it is still unstoppable.

Let us find this beautiful world together.

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