Prada men’s casual shoulder diagonal bag

The man is in a business trip or travel, it is inseparable from a bag. This issue of Xiaobian recommends several casual shoulders cross bags, see if there is any favorite!

1, Prada Nilong cloth shoulder bag

Prada men’s nylon shoulder cross bags, leisure or business is a suitable package, design simple and generous, very in line with contemporary gentleman.

2, Prada casual shoulder diagonal block


Brand Prada men’s casual shoulders diagonally broke the bag, the material of the bag is a very high-end feeling, work and crafts are very good.


3, Prada flip shoulder diagonal block

This Prada flip shoulder cross bag, relatively casual style, suitable for daily or travel, and flip design items are safer.

4, Prada shoulder diagonal bag

Leisure and business combination of Prada men shoulder cross bags, practical packages plus hundreds of style, how to match how to match.

5, Prada zipper shoulder diagonal bag


Genuine Prada zipper shoulder diagonal bag, compact include, double zipper decorative bag, plus brand logo, add fashion design.

The above is the Prada men’s casual shoulder brought by the love net, and you like it!