Evaluation || Noma Vasun breathable cold and impact pants

Now more and more people like outdoor sports, and with the gradual decline, outdoor sports must be prepared, the ability of ordinary trousers is not very strong, the impacters is undoubtedly the best s Choice. A few days ago, I went to hiking with my friends, prepared a punctual pants, especially good, today I recommend this opportunity to give you a short.

We all know that the impact pants are windproof, and today, this Noma Fanfang trousers that recommend it to everyone are special, with -20 ° cold-resistant ability, and new density windproof and rock velvet, Thick, windy warmth is greatly strengthened, the texture is relatively soft, can block the invasion of the cold wind, there is a lot of anti-air insulation effect than ordinary impact pants, there is no such impacter trousers.

When we conducted outdoor sports, we must be dedicated to the rain and snow, so the waterproof and anti-pollution requirements for impact pants are very high. The Noma Fanfang pants have a powerful waterproof and antifouling function. It uses a lotus leaf to retail water, and it can quickly slip water, thereby ensuring dryness of impact pants.


In the winter, we exempt to sweat in the outdoor, if it is not breathable, then we will feel uncomfortable in the body. Noma Fan’s impact pants are very good, very comfortable, still very comfortable, not very skin-friendly.

In addition, Noma Fan’s impact is a straight version. It is very stereo after the upper body, and it is in line with the body of the people, can be with the top of the top, and don’t have to spend our minds when wearing.

But we are not only to see performance when picking up the pants, but also work and some details, because these and the length of time is related. The Jobs of Noma Fan uses the design of the YKK zipper and repeatedly pulled the notat. The straight pants type is mature and stabilized and can be highlighted. Mapping resistant materials can reduce some of the wear and injuries brought by outdoor movements, and protect our legs to maximize our legs.


After comprehensive evaluation, this impact is really relatively thick. It is much thicker than other impacters. The internal velvet is very soft and comfortable. Winter is very suitable, but also waterproof, breathable is better. During the climbing process, there is no limit to the slightest restriction, the spatial sense is full, the breathable is good, and it keeps a dry state. This impact pants are particularly suitable for outdoor sports, very satisfied!

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