To buy bags, occupations, fashion and elegant, and far from Tiranian

In the royal ring circle, the good clothes after the King, Spain have been praised by the royal fashion powder. Many netizens have also given the high evaluation of “Wang Room to wear or see Leftiya”.

Contrast “Wang Room hits the face of the sisters” Lania “no money and white flowers”, Leiiqia is the price of “material super money”, the price of the price has won more royal fashion powders. Love and sought after.

The good taste of the king of Leitzia has not only reflected in the clothing, but also the OL style of the professional women, and there is a royal family’s elegance. Fashion … more important is the price of the price, if you want to start a practicality and equipped with elegant and fashionable portable bag, then I strongly recommend “the same as the Spanish Queen”, starting 100% loss.


This issue takes to see the “palm of the palm” belonging to the king of Leitzia, Spain [because of personal preferences, all of the routine official officials and private handbags or shoulder bags, handbags The series will be put in later], see how this royal family can take care of fashion and professional feelings while maintaining elegance.


Who doesn’t love the high-value and practical, who doesn’t love?

Just get the two new packages in the next year.


During the end of last year, During the Swedish, the Spanish local brand Carolina Herrera home with brand badges, with the dress and cloaks, the moderate is full, and attended the Golden Fund of Girona recently She has used this CH handbag with this CH handbag, so she looks better than she looks like the OL style.

The price of this CH handbag is less than 10,000 1rMB, and the value of those pigs after the king of Lania compared to the smuggled bag, this price is really “fragrant”.


There is another more fragrant-type new handbag after Lai, from Spain’s local brand Mauska, which was started at the end of last year.

The handbag uses a well-visual and fashionable classic smile design, a profile three-dimensional value, and a full-scale value of high-quality, more practical performance, the price is even more, you will be a heart-discount Contracts 2400RMB, the best representative of “ignorance”, and occupational equipment, OL installation moderation is full.


“Workplace must be”


When La Leongs, when enjoying private family time, most of the cases will choose a large-capacity handbag, because of its TV station anchor, handbags also have a workplace OL.

Carolina Herrera’s Navy Blue-Big Capacity Leather Handbag and Paco Rabanne’s Black Leather Chain Lock Handbags have once, and the two handbags have a very high practical value and design, which also makes it more The literacy and consciousness of the fashion people in the royal family.


Semi-diplomatic package derivative

For the actors of De Yunshi, it can’t be burdened, and for La Lai is a variety of workplace, it cannot be lost [even if it is married into the royal wife, I have made a country].

The dna DNA that has been engraved into the bones is reflected in her fashionable, and there is one of them.


Black leather handbags from hugo boss and the ‘Adrienne’ series of handbags and contrast handbags from Carolina Herrera … It is a “Walking Work Square Wearing Textbook” showing, by using frequency, you can also see The extent to which you are obsessed with the workplace of the workplace.

The choice of the items are simple, with black-oriented, to add flowers on the styling. To some extent, you can say that Hugo Boss and Carolina Herrera have achieved Leitzia, and Leatzia has also achieved Hugo Boss and Carolina Herrera.


Multiple matching bucket packs

Lecker is not limited to the handbag with the high-level adaptation with the workplace, and it has started to pass the necessary bucket packs of fashion people, and walk the grassroots, talk about people’s livelihood, and see the rear of the ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ. Bucket bag.

The body is full of black, simple shoulder design, large capacity, no complicated design, but there is still a feeling of exiting the people in the royal family.

And this bucket package is only 1399RMB, talking with the people, and even the details are the “civilian king”.


Play shoulder bag and chain package

As one of the “Wang Room Fashion Lord”, Leftiya’s fashion is not there, in her body, you can see a variety of possibilities, and you can see all the unique deductions of her fashion items.

Carolina Herrera’s black leather shoulder bag, Nina Ricci’s metal chain bag, uterque’s pink chain bag and Furla’s pure white metal chain bag … all have “shoulder fashion”, can be worried, can be gentle Senthounce, you can be casual, can be slightly cool … a package can make her a variety of styles.

Happy office workers, lamelis

The baked label after the latter, the unique label is a briefcase, and the workplace must have a little “old” but an indispensable briefcase is the “meeting” must take the item.

Her briefcase is not heavy and black is the naval blue and most of the brands from hugo boss, simple design, although there is a manner with the old cadre of the brand, but after being taken from the career, there is a workplace elite practice, Vice “Human High Quality Women”.


If you are now tangled in how to choose a good-looking briefcase, you can refer to the “royal family workplace to wear the teacher” package law.

Although there are many controversies behind the king of Leizia, it is recognized as a well-known, and it is very fashionable and attitude towards the choice of “palm”. You don’t like Leitzia, but you will love her clothing and packages.

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