Boys are in autumn, don’t wear sweaters, try these 4 sets of thin jackets, youth handsome super good-looking

Good-looking clothes match, to a large extent, give others a good impression. Autumn gradually be deeply in-depth, the weather is slowly cold, and the boy’s dress should not wear in summer. In autumn, many boys will only wear a sweater, then others will not wait.


Although the wear is very simple, it is more fashionable, but the whole is still monotonous. The boy’s dress is mixed with the girl’s flowers, but in replacing different styles, you can make yourself show more personal charm!

Therefore, the boys are in autumn, don’t smoke sweaters, try the following 4 sets of thin jackets, youth handsome super good look.

01. The necessary INS style with boys

Hong Kong Trek + Jeans


A boy around 20 years old, can wear very handsome in autumn! In recent years, the windbreaker of Hong Kong INS wind is special trend. The collision of big colors is both young, and there is a strong visual impact, full of personality! With jeans and small white shoes, boys must wear in autumn.

02. The colored item is especially suitable in autumn

Camel coat + black jeans


The camel’s clothes are very close to the big earth, so it will appear gentle. The hunch coat of boys, a white t-shirt, the lower body is black jeans and canvas shoes, and the whole is particularly simple. Put the T-shirt into the trousers, and improve the waistline and look high.

03. Creating a personality model using a superimposed method


Deep green coat + black casual pants

In the autumn of the bleak, if the boys choose a green dress, they will appear very young and handsome. Short deep green jacket, a white shirt, a high level, and a black casual pants and a pair of shoes, the whole is specially inseparable. Green is white, and the boy with dark skin is most suitable.

04. Middle long coats have heating male temperament

Medium head jacket + jeans

Autumn weather is always cool, and too little, it will inevitably feel cool, don’t be stubborn at this time. Try a long jacket with a T-shirt and jeans, it can be warm and have a demeanor, and the whole person looks particularly warm male temperament. If you are a school student, a decisive student style!

Boys are in autumn, don’t wear sweaters, try these 4 sets of thin jackets, youth handsome super good-looking