Take a look at the “refrigerator” “Hand Warner” of the ancients.

Town, Liao Dynasty. The picture of this draft is taken by Liaoshen Evening News reporter

Picture of flavinum petals, sauce (left).

Qing silk 珐 蟠 龙 透 宝 宝 相 花兽 耳 冰箱.

Our reporter visited the Liaoning Provincial Museum, Shenyang Museum, Xinle Sites Museum, Liaoning Provincial Library, etc. Multiple important literature, combing the cultural relics of its current exhibition, temporary exhibition and these exhibitions. The classification is recommended to you, show the boutique exhibition and rare treasures that can be seen at home. You have a recommended exhibition and cultural relics, you can also tell this newspaper.

Refrigerator, “Hand Warner”, Salivat … Compared with the modern people, the ancient people’s life is not only full, but also exquisite and paying attention to. Also, these practical exquisite cultural relics can be appreciated at home.

珐 蟠 龙 透雕 宝 相 花 兽 耳 冰

This is a refrigerator for storage food in the Qianlong period, and is made from copper filament. The surface of the refrigerator is light blue, the edge portion is dark blue; the fridge four sides of the golden hollow hollow treasure, the rigs and other texture, the two sides are also casting the first army shape handle; the upper part of the refrigerator is a woodcarcular cover , The center of the center is open, the cloud dragon pattern and the Zhenglong, the pattern is incomparable, the color is bright and gorgeous.

Like modern people, the ancients will take some drinks, melons, and eat so fast in the summer, or give food. Where is the ice? In winter, you can dig it from the river, put it in the cellar, you can take it out in summer.

In addition to the fridge, this refrigerator is also equipped with air conditioning. Since the four weeks and lids are hollow, the room is absorbed in the room, and the room temperature can be used to use the air conditioner.

Appreciation of treasure points: Shenyang Museum standing exhibition “鎏 光 彩 清 大 – Shenyang Forbidden City Tibetan Fault Exhibition”



The hand furnace is an ancients holding warm, equivalent to the electric heating treasure used by our modern people.

Two-piece furnaces can be appreciated in the Shenyang Museum, all of which are the Qing Palace. A process is 珐, one is painted, and the difference between the two processes is obvious. There is a red bat pattern of the silk, the red bat, is equal to Hong Fu Qi Tian. Around the lid and the handle are all golden texture, the ears on both sides, is also a bat pattern, there is a double happiness above the cover, and there is a sticky persimmon, a floral pattern, which means it is made for a wedding. If you have a crane, there is a crane, which symbolizes Peace, and a mother and child, symbolizing family harmony, is auspicious meaning. These two Qing Palace enamel furnaces also showed ancient court life to every detail.

Town, Liao Dynasty

Liao Dynasty Shi Shi Yin Town is 12.5 cm high and 19 cm long. It is unearthed for Liaozharta Village, Princess, Shenyang Xinmin City. The same is the same as the gray sandstone engraving, the shape is the same, and the left and right is connected. Sphin is coated with a color. The body, limbs, the head is green, the lips are red, and the double color is used in black and white. This is exquisite to the stone lion carving, and the shape is awkward. The lion is painted with color, body, limbs, and head tail with green, lips, binding with black and white two colors, reflects the Liao Dynasty stone carving process and aesthetic orientation.

The ancients often sits on, some low beds need to be paved on the mat, “Shi Shin Yin Town” is the ornament used to press the mat angle. After the five generations, the Central Plains began to popular high-foot tables and chairs, no longer use Yin Town with the mats, but the northern Qidan sitting, using Yin Town habits still retain, become a place with a living in the aristocratic indoor in the Liao Dynasty. In a skilled knife method, it is visible that the Liao Dan is compatible with the powerful example of absorbing the Han nationality.

Appreciation of treasure points: Shenyang Museum stands on the exhibition “Shenyang History Exhibition” exhibition, the first exhibition hall

Yunting Cutter

Yunting Tilter copper mirror unearthed in Shenyang, which is a golden cultural relic. It is 13.8 cm in diameter and 0.3 cm thick. Round, round, buttons, high-relief, Si Ting, Si Ting, Siqin, four pavilions, a cloud line, the idle, the idle, the idle, the needle, the prosthetic examination, “Changtai County” and flower. The characters in the mirror are vivid, and the painting techniques are delicate, and the golden generation is far-reaching.

The cultural relics found in the Jin Dynasty in the Shenyang area are very rich, and the glaze brightest golden porcelain, and the bronze mirrors of the texture have shown that the productivity and living standards are improved at the time.

Picture of flavinum petals

Picture of flavored petals flower is a clear middle court utility. The whole unit is made of copper tire painting process. The saliva is divided into two parts, the upper cover is nearly semi-circular, the top of the cover has a round button, the button is decorated with red yellow, blue green two-layer equipped with the first grain; cover the lower portal For the circular bowl, the bowl port is connected to the octagodate plate. The outer side of the plate is also gold; the saliva cover, the bowl and the plate are pale yellow, and the pen is heavy. Various flowers, melon fruit, Butterfly and other things, whose blank is applied, and a fine brown spot; a sparrow, in the bowl and bottom is white. This palace original painting, with its unusual beauty pattern, and its surface effect gives people a fantastic feeling.


Liaoshen Evening News reporter Zhu Bai Ling

Source: Liaoshen Evening News

Appreciation of treasure points: Shenyang Museum stands on the exhibition “Shenyang History Exhibition” exhibition, the first exhibition hall