Don’t have a small black bag of your back! Come into a few pieces of the grass, the Japanese, and the literary fashion is still a hundred

The bag is for women, not only the container used to place items, but also a secret weapon with exquisite and practical value. Summer does not have to use the old black bag with old gas, the fashionista will make the choice of the bag according to the current trend. For example, the grass wrapped in Japan, especially suitable for the summer wearing, and the literary fashion is also a hundred.

The reason why the straw package has become a hot single product in this time, which is nothing to do, with different recognitions that are different from the basic package, and there will be no older or turtly. When using simple clothing, it is more able to play the value of the fancy.


Straw bag

The texture is very unique, so you can maintain the design in the appearance, the size is different. Like this grass package, you can take both portable and mortise, and the size is medium in size.


The material used by the grass package is quite consistent, but the evacuation effect of which is created and the spacing between the textures is different. Therefore, it is difficult to form a thousand appearance when using the grass package.

The color of this straw package is shallow, which can be used to make up the monotonicity of the black costume. If you use dark costumes, it is very suitable for adopting a single shoulder back.


Like a small package, you can take the slurry of the grass package. The shape of this bag does not shape any public feelings, plus the mortality program, and can reduce the weight of the bag itself.

For example, in this straw package, it can be used for commuting, with a variety of full-occupative clothes, there is no other violations. In addition, the handle has also been added in the appearance of the bag to help it have two back methods, and the upper body is super significant.


The straw package has a unforgettable “capital”, which is a bit special, and can also maintain different appearances through changes in various shapes and changes in size.

Like this straw, it is a bit similar to the design of the underarm bag, and when the back shoulder, you can justify the position of the waist to help people’s visual focus. In particular, when a laid-gown is enclosed, it can also achieve the effect of improving the waistline, showing a high effect.

Hipster women, when picking up the grass package, the type of multi-color woven can be used, strengthen the change in color, and create a more colorful visual effect.

It is very interesting in the design of this grass. Although the color fill in the appearance is much, it has formed a sense of distinctiveness, and it can also create a bit of grid-shaped form. The bag is more attractive.


In addition to the square grass package, there are now more sleek types, which can give women a relatively gentle temperament, weaken it because the shape is positive.

The size of this grass package will be large, which can be used to match various commute. The design of the bag is relatively simple, the color is also very basic, and there is no constraint on the color above.

The straw package has become a type of bag of bags that are in the current tide, and it has a variety of improvements and changes in the look, and it can also use a variety of back methods and a different single product to create new intentions.


With the blue dress and the hand-wrapped bag, it interprets the rich literary feelings and fresh charm, so the dress created is very simple, but it is complete and harmonious.

The design of the grass package is small, small some shapes are more exquisite, and the big design is more practical, how to choose should decide according to their own needs.


Like this bag, the band is longer, the opening of the grass is large, so it can be combined with a variety of casual T-shirts, and can use the straw hat to echo in detail.


There are many designs of the straw package, the material also has a soft hardship. If you keep a soft fabric design, there is no obvious line feeling in the appearance of the bag, and some material can make the shape of the bag.

Like this straw, it is possible to form a relatively stereo line, and it also has considerable significant characteristics. Simple color does not integrate a variety of variegasters, it is possible to perform a temperament of randomly scattered and cultural art. No matter what you cooperate, the dress is still pants, will not affect this characteristic interpretation.

The black bags have been popular for so many years, naturally have a relatively fixed fan group, but if this color bag is used every day, you will make your dress innovation in the summer, you may use more new and new grass package. Replace it.

The radians like this grass package are obvious, which will become smooth than other bags than other bags, but still maintain a strong shape. With a blue dress, you can add a fresh atmosphere to show the interpretation and refreshing temperament, helping the shape becomes very beautiful, will not always hit the shirt.


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