Beijing new student infected people to strengthen schools and other key places of schools

China New Network Beijing March 20 (Reporter Du Yan) 16:00 on March 19th to 16:00 student. Beijing should strengthen the normal prevention and control of key places such as schools, compare the subject responsibility of the school.

This is the deputy minister of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, director of the Beijing Municipal Government Information Office, Beijing Municipal Government Spokesperson Xu Hejian, in today’s Beijing New Crown Pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work press conference.

According to the notification, from 16:00 to 16 on March 19th, 2 cases of new local new coronary pneumonia were diagnosed and 1 case of nucleic acid detection. All are in Dongcheng District. Among them, a case is a student at school; 0:00 to 24 March 19th, Beijing has added 14 cases of confirmed cases, no new suspected cases and asymptomatic infections, and 15 cases were cured.

Xu He Jian pointed out that the current capital epidemic prevention and control situation is facing severe challenges. Beijing should strictly grasp the epidemic prevention and control work, adhere to the “external defense input, internal defense rebound” general strategy is not shaken, adhere to the “dynamic clear” general policy does not shake, insist on “four-party responsibility” not shake, adhere to “four Early “requires not shaking, insisting from stricting the epidemic prevention and control.

He said that he attaches great importance to new cases. Fast word, starting from every new case, at the beginning of the discovery, struggle to win the second, full attack, fast traffic, fast pipe control, fast test, grab time, grab the progress, grab the front of the virus. It is necessary to further comb your existing epidemic disseminated chains, highly vigilant of epidemic risks outside the field of view, staring at controlling new risk points and risk personnel, ensuring that the epidemic is in the controlled range, quickly develop zero.

Xu He Jian pointed out that he would continue to attach great importance to school epidemic prevention. This round of the country is more related to the school and hospital. Beijing has added a school student infected, and he once again warns us to strengthen the school’s key place to prevention and control, compare the subject’s responsibility. Grasping the stream tracking source, adhere to people, things, environmental peers, and strengthen case-related analysis, quickly find out the source of infection. Take care of the life of medicine to observe students, organize good line teaching. Strengthen the health monitoring of teachers and students in primary and secondary schools, implement the morning trial system, encrypt the nucleic acid detection, and incorporate the same lives into the health monitoring range, if there is a history of tourism in the 14-day, the history of tourism should be reported in time. (Finish)

Source: China News Net