From the open online shop selling shoes to yourself to do the shoe factory 26-year-old “Cinderella” income is 50 times more than 6 years

“Cinderella” Qin Hongmei

从开网店卖鞋到自己做鞋厂 26岁“灰姑娘”收入6年翻50倍

In the early morning of November 11, Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival Party live an end, Tmall propaganda film showed a few online store growth stories. “Cinderella’s crystal shoe” tells the story of Qin Hongmei, one of the founders of the Sichuan Niyang City, this 26-year-old girl is from Hubei Enshi, and the brother of the Xianyang fiancé will open online shop selling women’s shoes, 6 From the year, 300 yuan rose to 200,000 yuan.

“Today’s turnover will exceed 5 million, exceeding the history of the best results.” At 3 pm on the 11th, the reporter of Huaxi Metropolitan reporter saw a war with two 11th, and she was full of blood, and her mood times.

Because love Cinderella Laugawa opened online shop

After graduating from Qin Hongmei high school, Southern Fujian work. In April 2009, boyfriend’s Noron Mingfu called her and invited her to come back and opened the Internet.

“It can’t wait any longer, this is a good development opportunity.” Luo Mingfu said this sentence, Qin Hongmei is impressed. At that time, Qin Hongmei, 20 years old, never purchased online, and never heard of Taobao. In July 2009, Qin Hongmei bid farewell to Fujian, a year, with the dream of entrepreneurship and the embarrassment of love, and came to the hometown of the boyfriend.

And boyfriend’s briggers, online shop selling women’s shoes, Qin Hongmei is the customer service of the online store, after sale, is also financial and the delivery staff. The online store has just begun to resell the game equipment and point card online, but with the increasingly mature Internet, the game virtual economy began to be remedied, the business situation is very unlikely, Qin Hongmei and Luo Mingfu have to give up.

On September 1, 2009, Qin Hongmei and Luo Mingfu were officially registered with Zhuyang City Enlightenment Trading Co., Ltd. They have begun to try to operate the real thing. “Chengdu women’s shoes have certain advantages in the country, it is to see this, so I chose the industry.

Salary 6 years round 50 times 26 year old girl annual salary 200,000

In the early days of entrepreneurship, Qin Hongmei is one of the founders of the company. It also serves as many positions in the company, but only 300 yuan a month.

“Every day, I guards the order in the Internet, and I can’t go out with other girls.” Qin Hongmei said that in 2009, she can take 1500 yuan in Fujian, and 300 yuan is still not enough for her.

From 2009 to 2012, after more than three years of development, Qin Hongmei’s team has developed from 2 people to more than 20 people, but the operating situation is not very ideal. A lot of employees who initially joined the company began to leave, “Proud our team’s largest The problem is how to protrude from e-commerce, how to make our products have been recognized and favored by more consumers. “

In 2012, they opened the market with the policy support and advantage of the pat network platform. In a short year, the company’s annual sales increased from the initial millions to 60 million, and the team has quickly extended more than 60 people from the initial more than 20 people.

Qin Hongmei came to work at 8 o’clock in the morning, and he took a break at 10 o’clock in the evening. Eating is a bowl staring at the computer screen. Luo Mingfu has no rest time. He goes to Chengdu lotus pool every night. 4 o’clock in the morning, start to pack delivery, “Sleeping rest time is a few hours on the road.” Luo Mingfu I have tasted the sweetness in hard work, “Chengdu is a women’s shoes, I chose this project to open the online store, there is definitely a prospect.”

“Later, it was a year of money.” Qin Hongmei said that his monthly salary rose to 900 yuan from 300 yuan, and now I have picked up annual salary, more than 200,000 yuan a year, the company’s employees have also developed more than 90 people, Qin Hongmei Out of the company’s full-time financial officer.

Forming shoes factory double eleven sales broke 5 million

The online store business is getting better and better, and sales are gradually increased, but the problem has come one after another. “Because the product is produced, the quality is not very good.” Qin Hongmei remembered that with the increase of orders, the complaints and after-sales increased, “Most of the shoes are degenerated, we hope that your online store is far more, so it’s very concerned quality.”

In 2012, Qin Hongmei and Luo Mingfu decided: forming his own factory. “Initially in the private room in the 3rd room, there is only two computers, one printer.” Qin Hongmei said that the company’s office has more than 1,000 square meters, and the warehouse area has reached 1000 square meters. The company moved 4 times, the more moving, the larger, and finally moved out a shoe factory.

This year’s double eleven, the sales of the Shu Yu have exceeded 5 million, and it has already become the leader in the native e-commerce enterprises. Qin Hongmei, who has sleepless, said that many e-commerce entrepreneurs have a similar experience. One person has more post, she has to sleep than the chicken. Although it is very hard every day, it is still like a chicken blood. Strive for your own e-commerce dreams. Huaxi Metropolis reporter Tian Xueyu photography report