These legal underwear are really beautiful, they want to wear. I can’t share it at all.

Every time I said the french style, some senior and proud words can’t help but come out from the mouth: Effortless Chic, lazy, elegant …

This brand recommended today

The upper body is really beautiful and comfortable!

I can only think of three words: delicate, romantic, fashionable.

Real shot top effect


Underwear is in China, as if it is a taboo


Many people express their embarrassment every time I mentioned underwear, especially lace underwear.


I tried me at the end of 2019.

The first set of lace underwear.

After wearing it, I suddenly understand why French women are so charming! I think

Not only a little girl, even if it is 40 years old, fifty years old


I should try this in the underwear with exquisite lace embroidery.


Our office has been organized once, and we also recommend it to you.

The hot size and colors are sold out, some have bought several sets directly.

Since the shelves, people who have bought this underwear

Four praises, thinking, exquisite and good:

There are still many people bought it.

Two three sets


really like

Someone still

Buy more than 1,500 dollars directly,

Start all the colors

People who have not grabbed also strongly demanded again.

It not only looks good, you can

Resist the stereotropic gravity, delay the chest sag

, Wear a better chest shape.

Today, finally got it.

Pet series

More stock of classic

8 color optional

But still

Value discount price

I have been able to buy it directly. In short, you must try it, you will fall in love with yourself.

Click on the picture below to buy

△ Size table reference

Note: It is usually wearing 70C recommendation M code, 75C recommendation L code


01 underwear designer is born, professional underwear

This is the right way to love yourself.

We are used to or wear a cotton, no steel lingerie, do not watch the style,

Take comfortable


I am myself,

The underwear in the wardrobe is exchanged every year, but in addition to the color change.

Some people have to be sexy, full, to be big, to gather, and the result is the steel ring and thick sponge pads by hard Bangbang.

Squeeze, put it on tension.

It seems that comfort and sexy look will never be able to work!

I used to think so before. But this set of no-steel lingerie, really broke my cognition. Let’s introduce you to this underwear brand.

Only when the depth understanding of a brand’s entrepreneurial process, we know that every product is exemplified behind it, and the deep meaning can wear comfort.

The founder of the inner underwear, Huang Yinyu, is the first in China, the underwear designer, graduated from the world’s four major design colleges.

French ESMOD underwear Design Plate

There are countless awards in the student era.

Because the talents present in the student work, Huang Yinyu is subject to France

“Underwear Mother”

Ms. CHANTAL THOMASS is invited to join the design department of CHANTAL THOMASS, learn underwear knowledge.

Huang Yinyu student era design manuscript

After returning to China,

It has been designed in high-end lines such as Manifen, An Lifang.

After a long time, Huang Yinyi found that the domestic underwear design concept is quite monotonous, basically

“Turn integration, receipt of vice milk”,


Rely on a thick sponge + steel ring.



French underwear design, first consider women’s health

Women’s breasts are distributed with rich blood vessels, lymphatic and nerves. Long-term extrusion will not only “leaving the vice milk”, or even cause breast disease.


“Underwear should respect the woman’s body, in different scenarios,”

Huang Yinyi, she decided:

For Chinese women to make underwear that meet the needs of Chinese women,

Let everyone know, “Wow, the underwear can be intimate.”

02 global high luxury brand lace fabric supplier

No need for a steel ring, wrapping and receiptivity is also very good

Underwear is the most close clothes, it is best to use it.

Huang Yinyu finally chose a lace fabric supplier for global high luxury brands, all using the same fabric.

This advanced lace is not only delicate, delicate and skin-friendly, but also high-elastic, as long as the cup is sewing enough,

Unlike some manufacturers in order to save costs, with inexpensive and sewing lace, it often explodes formaldehyde, pH violations.

Women’s chest is the most delicate skin, and the materials are not straight, and the skin is very easy to tease.

In addition to fabric requirements, the sewing process Huang Yinyi also enables a very complex triangular cup design, side seam, chest width line and other parts to sew.

Processing 1 set of time, you can do 4 sets, in addition to some custom underwear, there is almost no factory will use, Huang Yin Sao is looking for a tailor for a long time. The inner underwear is born in the dead belly.

Classic buyer show: vintage powder, 34 / 75A, wearing S code

Many people also persuade Huang Yinyi, change a practical process, fast speed, and low difficulty.

But she bite his teeth stick to the initial plan, and finally her insistence is worthy of:

Exquisite cut can give full play to the high elasticity of the lace, and there is also a role in the chest and prevent the excessive expansion of the secondary milk.

if only

The fabric and crop doing a sufficient, no steel ring can also have good parcels and support.

Be unlikely

Hard steel circle underwear, will be caught to the flesh or poke the chest, will also be good for the body.


Brand a lot of people a, B cup without a cup, no duty, C, D cup hold steadily support, no pair.

The brand has therefore also achieved design appearance patents. (Patent Number: 201930348167.0)

03 classic beauty


Comfortable to make people forgetting it

Inner underwear

Classic model is a very very low underwear

This is due to its

No steel ring design,

Usually no steel ring underwear is easy to appear, this classic is over.

28 times change version,

Every millimeter, each detail has not been released.

In order to make the lace underwear can also be like a light sight,

The craft of the mask cup suture has experienced 8 improvements.


Good wrapping makes chest

Will not have a space cup, do not affectionate the feeling,

Although it is worse than gathering the bra, it can squeeze out the business line, but this natural line, the strength is an interpretation of unpleasant and elegant.

Vest-type double shoulder strap design,


Divided the pressure,

The shoulders and the underarm are not unbended.

Not worried about running, chest tightness, shoulder strap slippery.

△ Real shot: Lace exquisite romance,

Smoothing is not skin

This classic has a total of 8 colors, retro powder classics, lead white pure, deep black mysteries, and pointed.

For women’s health, the color is fully used as a pure plant dye.

The red gold is cold and noble, it is very difficult, and it is also a special experience.

Will make you have the impulse, look at the mirror, because it is very beautiful.

Take the tea lace underwear with the red panties,

There is a kind of enthusiastic exotic, wearing this underwear training yoga, dancing and looks good and charm.

△ Left: ink tea underwear with red underwear


Right: full set of red gold

The skin is lined, and the lace of different colors is also clearer. Wearing is both sexy, not afraid of walking, steady security.

There is also a chest pad with a abrasive material in the bra, which is free to disassemble.


The inner slice can be disassembled, it can be washed, dry, and good storage.

This is a size reference to everyone:

The inner design concept is to let every woman wear, you can do it.

Set comfort, sexy, confident, and safety.

Love yourself is a woman’s most sexy thing

Every woman can interpret a different sexy, wear a single beauty, come with a discount!

Fans exclusive offer

Elegant, sexy, comfortable underwear

I will fall in love with myself.

Inji, pet series

French beautiful back underwear

Official price

308 yuan / piece

Fans exclusive offer 228 yuan


Set (underwear + underwear)


Official price 378 yuan / piece

Fans exclusive offer 298 yuan

50 yuan no door coupon, Kangxi Blue Cup

Limited quantity, while stock, participate in the lottery immediately









Click on the picture below to buy

Click on the picture below to buy

△ Size table reference


Note: It is usually wearing 70C recommendation M code, 75C recommendation L code

Note: It is usually wearing 70C recommendation M code, 75C recommendation L code

No need for a steel ring, wrapping and receiptivity is also very good

Comfortable to make people forgetting it