The o’clock high collar plays the bottom of the shirt. Give your child two sets, wear it too comfortable.

This year’s winter is really extra cold, especially today, big wind blue warning, listening to the wind, feeling cold.

I have given the cotton knitting shirts made by the child, how to look at it is very thin.

I chose to use the o’clock of the fabric to give the children a set. Dushiang fabric, two sides of the cashmere treatment, soft and comfortable, put it on the horse, feel warm, the children say, really comfortable, sleep directly

Take a look at the style renderings


This is the smallest, 90 yards suitable for 1 year old baby wearing

The front seam is not designed because the fabric has no stitching, I think it is very good.


These two are large, 110 and 150 yards

The above is just taken when I was doing, because it was doing it, and I didn’t have irony, so I looked a little deformation. It’s very flat to hot.


Today, I want to share the 110-yard cutting chart, suitable for a baby with a weight of 40 pounds of weight of 110cm. 4 years old

Crop chart unit: cm

2cm can also be made from 2cm before and after

This version of the collar requires that the fabric is very flexible. If the fabric is unhappy enough, it is not recommended to do this.

You need other types, which can be pushed according to the decline of 1 cm long 1cm long 1cm in length 4cm length.


Want to learn more children’s clothing, you can click on the circle card below to enter the circle from the most basic children’s wear prototype plate.

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Sewing process and sewing process

Fabric, o’clo


The o’clock fabric is a double-sided high-elastic knitted fabric, and its surface is soft and comfortable, and the high-elastic nature makes activities unrestricted. The special four-wire machine is generally stitched. But many family hand lovers can only be flat, you can choose to use the elastic wire to do it.

The sewing principle of the four-wire machine is to be bounded, and the line for stitching is not broken.

The edge of this o’close is not rouken, so it is also possible without including the edge, and the personal feeling is more comfortable.

Sewing with the elastic line, pull the fabric when sewing, finally use ironing inspections, the effect is also very good, so flat can also use it.


Sewing process: I am a spell with the remaining cloth, the front piece is not enough, so I put it.

The following image effect is the effect outside. The inside is the side, so the feelings of the whole piece are the same.

The Z-zwing outside is the right line of the sputum, you can fix the decorative role in fixed sewing edges, personal feeling is still very good.

After stitching into the whole piece, you can sew the shoulder first

When the cage is sutured with the sleeve, the two long shorts should be stitched, stitching

Sewed sleeves, and front and rear

This is the sewing effect

The hem and the cuff are directly folded, and you can suture.

Sustnight is like this.


The whole clothes don’t have any difficulty in the production. If you like it, you can try it. If you don’t understand, you can send a message to the comment area.

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