Identification high color value online three 7-8 million ladies blue table with diamond watch

[Watch House Foundation Recommendation] Although the men’s watch in the watch market still dominates, women who like to wear a watch are increasing. However, women’s purchase of watchings and men’s weights have different attention. Female is more focused on the look of the watch, I believe that for many female friends, “the value is just” this sentence is very reasonable. of. Today, I will choose a few more than a hot watch, and the color is high, look at it.

辨识度高 颜值在线 三款7-8万元女士蓝色表带镶钻腕表

Jonal Dating Series 3468410

Model: 3468410

Domestic public price: ¥ 80000

Watch diameter: 29 mm

Case thickness: 8.73 mm

Movement Type: Automatic Machinery

Movement Model: 967A

Shell material: fine steel

辨识度高 颜值在线 三款7-8万元女士蓝色表带镶钻腕表

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Wrist Find Review: The home may be a brand that you can’t reject every woman. It has unique appearance and design. It is simple and generous to satisfy female expectation. This appointment series shows the small steel watches on the day and night to match the pearl feet plate and the printing figures and diamond hours, and its eternal precision will accompany the wearer day and night. The watch is 29 mm in diameter, and this size is very suitable for female slender wrists. The watch is equipped with a home 967a automatic upper chain mechanical movement with power reserves for 42 hours.

Earl Possession Series G0A44081

Model: G0A44081

Domestic public price: ¥ 78000

Shell thickness: 7.47 mm

Movement Type: Quartz

Shell material: 18K rose gold

辨识度高 颜值在线 三款7-8万元女士蓝色表带镶钻腕表

Wrist Form Review: This lady watch is a continuous innovative fashion symbol, inspiration to run a series of watches Peugeotic rotating ring, combining rose gold with diamonds, full of fun. The rotating surface is inlaid, a half-month-shaped drill is rotated around the slogan of the slogan in a diamond. The blueprint blue crocodile leather belt with rose gold needle buckle, complementing 29 mm curved rose golden shell, creating a sense of motion.

Xiao Bang Happy Sport Series 278608-6001

Product model: 278608-6001

Domestic public price: ¥ 72000

Watch diameter: 33 mm

Case thickness: 10.84 mm

Movement Model: Chopard 09.01-C

Wrist Find: The Wonder’s Happy Sport series has very high identification, which is perfectly integrated with diamonds, jewels and watches. “Freedom, no more happiness”, a happy and creative wonderful performance in the Happy Sport watch, which also fits the Happy Sport watch that has been praising the life attitude and female freedom. Watches are equipped with Chopard 09.01-C automatic upper chain head, power storage for 42 hours. The watch is used to create a case, 33 mm in diameter is very suitable for women.

Summary: Women are always easy to be attracted by sparkling diamonds. It is impressed by external color, and may not excerades on the watch selection. I don’t know if the above three style is different, but the value is online, the recognition is very high, which one do you prefer?

Watch diameter: 29 mm

Movement Type: Automatic Machinery

Waterproof depth: 30 meters