Do you play games? Be wary of new scams! Special pit game player

In the game, some players will sell their own “senior” account, and there is also a group of player wallets, deceive the player’s liar …


They played the counseling of the account, using the false trading platform, defrauding the money in the player.

A new type of game fraud appeared in the near future …


How is the liar cheated?


The following small series is a real chat screenshot.


Interpret the new game fraud routine

first step


Buy a game account with “player”

The liar pretending to be a game player to contact the seller, indicating that he wants to buy a game account, and you can have a high price, which will make many sellers feel “transaction is very cost-effective”.

Second step

Guide the seller to enter the false “game trading platform”


When the transaction, the liar often makes it very much, saying that everyone has been traded with a certain platform, and this trading website is professional, and then the seller will sell.

In fact, the game website provided by the liar is the phishing website built.

third step


Forged success payment page

When the seller enters the trading website based on the instructions of the liar, sell the account information, the liar will make a successful payment page, so that the seller thinks that funds have arrived in the platform account. But when the seller is now, it will find that the system shows that the funds are frozen.


the fourth step

Counterfeit customer service, require recharge as financial thaw

When the seller fails, the liar starts to sing the double spring. Let the seller contact the customer service, and inform the seller, inform the seller account, because the personal operation error is frozen, it is necessary to recharge a certain amount to thaw, and the two funds will be returned.


the fifth step


Psychological tactics, moral pressing

If the seller said that he didn’t have money, the liar immediately turned the victim. “Money is yourself to freeze, I will buy something with you, I just want to take back my number”, “Your own problem must be responsible” “Moral Press” and the like let the seller are uneasy, thus cooperating with “customer service.”

Sixth step


Fake police, threatening intimidation

When the moral pressure does not care, the liar begins to threaten the alarm, even counterfeit police, send police pictures and report videos, and use intimidation to attack the seller’s psychological defense, and ask the seller to continue the transaction in the platform, otherwise paying legal responsibilities.

In summary, we can see such a new fraud – the liar counterfeit buyer, customer service, police and other identity, integration of moral pressing, intimidation, etc., is already a ripe and improved scripture.

In such scams, the victims are more young people, even minors. They distinguish the ability to be low, the mind is immature, and when you encounter some scared words or words, it is easier to feel scared, thus being stepped by the fraud.

Police remind: When online trading must pass the formal trading platform, do not believe in the link or two-dimensional code sent by the other party, always be vigilant, avoid stepping on the pit.

Transfer from China Police Network

Source: Kunming Wuhua Police