Love children’s new dress, round baby refreshing and comfortable “Princess Dream

Home Little Princess likes gorgeous dreamy fairy skirt, but is always uncomfortable by the hard yar? Who says good-looking and better wear! Love children’s new dress, refreshing and clean college wind & ceremony is full of princess wind, design Exquisite, the material is paying attention to, fully guarding the baby’s wear experience.

Aimer Kids admire children Roman holiday girl vest dress

Love children’s Roman holiday girl vest dress, it is necessary to cool, but also beautiful and fashionable! Quiet clear sky blue and vegetarian white with a strong pure college wind, refreshing wild, giving people summer cool breeze. Fresh feelings. The thin knitted fabric is different from the dyeing process of different ingredient yarns, forming a vertical stripe, soft hand, good wearing, full of high level.

There are two styles of the Roman holiday series: small courtesy contemptuous dress is a striped design, shoulder decoration big bow, more diverse sweetness; short-sleeved / vest dress, a white stereo pleated bubble sleeve, two pieces The feeling of loading is more interactive.

Aimer Kids admire children princess gauze girl lace dress

Which girl didn’t like a sweet and fluffy princess dress when I was a child? Advocated the children’s princess whit skirt to meet the “Princess Dream” of each small princess. Ai Mu Children’s Princess Green Dress Series girl lace dress, using underwear standard production, net treatment + hidden scratch zipper, beautiful and more comfortable.


Water skirt round collar lace yarn skirt & lapel star dress two styles, round collar simply pure, multi-layer mesh with lace, tutu design, beautiful elegant; ceremony is full; the lapel mesh is embellished with flash stars, waves Shaped waist portion, modify the waist line, and the texture is highlighted.

Love children, let Little Baby realize their “princess dream”! You can also match the child’s basic leggings, breathable high-elastic light, is the “best partner” of the yarn skirt. More children’s fashion clothing, please visit the official website, good quality is trustworthy, more comfortable!


About the brand:

Aimer Kids, is a children’s underwear brand, adhere to the design, professional, health, stylish positioning, pure, refreshing design style, developing high quality underwear to grow with children.


Professional: Inherited Edward 28 years of professional underwear experience, design and developing children’s physical characteristics. From the material, version, craftsmanship, to meet the daily needs of children.

Health: Love children’s underwear features healthy materials, pure, refreshing colors, concise design, and carefully care for children’s physical and mental health.


Fashion: Colorful swimsuits and exterior products, through stylish version, childlike pattern, meet customer needs.