In the spring of the spring, I should prepare a pair of canvas shoes, whether it is spring or go to work, hipster is very comfortable.

After spent the cold winter, I finally ushered in the spring. For girls, spring is a romantic season, and everything is recovering and vibrant. In such a dynamic season, it should also change, especially The choice of the shoes should not try the cumbersome boots, but choose a comfortable and light shoes, you can choose canvas shoes.

The fabric design of this shoe is reasonable. In the spring wearing a canvas shoes you like, you can create a variety of different style. If you don’t know how to pick the canvas shoes that suits you, you may want to see the fashion people are Try which styles, according to their match, come to judge their own style.

First, can I try to create a style?


• Classic canvas shoes


The style design of canvas shoes, although there is no gap, but according to the details of the design, there will be a classic style, which is a classic design, which is a classic model.

Like a common black canvas shoes, this shoe color is normal, but it can make the difficulty of matching, which is relatively friendly for girls who are not good at picking shoes.


If you are a leisure style enthusiast, or more pursuit of simple style, you can choose a classic canvas shoes to create your own fashion charm.

• Yellow style


Daily dressing, if you want to create more fashionable, you can try another canvas shoes, don’t choose the most basic style, but choose the color brighter style, you can try yellow canvas shoes.

This color is more suitable in spring, because the overall atmosphere is very strong, consistent with the spring atmosphere, and the two can create a hyperior feeling, let the wear show a stylish effect.


And the yellow canvas shoes are more than other styles of shoes, and the fat age is 30 years old, and you can pass this shoe, wear 20 years old, and the age-age effect is very obvious.

• White canvas shoes


White canvas shoes are probably the highest scoring rate, whether the star or fashionable people, almost everyone’s wardrobe has such shoes.

For ordinary people, white canvas shoes are relatively not used, because the color is not dirty, in addition to this, in fact, there are still many advantages of white canvas shoes, you can create more new style for us.

Second, can can be created in the spring season?

• Daily casual style

Canvas shoes can create a variety of styles, but the simplest style, can also showcase, can choose black canvas shoes, with suit jackets.

Select a base bottoming shirt, combined with canvas shoes, you can create a casual style, more suggest that everyone is on color, so that the match is not monotonous.

• Lazy style


Although the style of canvas shoes is more common, combined with some textured items, you can make it look more temperament, such as choosing a lazy style, lapel shirt with sweaters, you can make it look more The temperament can also make the style more practically, even if it is in the workplace, there is no problem.

Many people are pursuing fashionable style, but often the simplest look, is the most worthy of choice, if you let you come with canvas shoes, what kind of style do you choose?


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