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Gates ex-wife opened part in 8 billion luxury homes! Wave skirt, beautiful, daughter white dress style good fairy

Bill Gates and the wife of Merinda, Merinda, before Gates said his fault. Melinda, which is restored, seems to live more and taste, a lot of beauty, the style of the domineering woman has never changed.


First, Melinda holds the bride and send party for the daughter

1. Melinda’s party style


Melinda and Bill Gates 26-year-old daughter will hold a wedding, Melinda hosted the bride’s festival for her daughter in the luxury house of her home, but did not see the figure of Bill Gates. The 57-year-old Melinda is unfolded in the spread skirt, so that the girl is full of wearing, let her look very young. She took the initiative to make divorce, and her husband and her husband are really quite domineering!


Melinda’s black and white skirt, princess Fan Er, before the arrogant wife, now as an independent woman, it is more and more beautiful. The wave skirt is equipped with Baba powder, Melinda has a lot of thin, but it has become a full dress shelf. This color color is quite eye-catching, all grabs the daughter’s head.

2, quasi-new mother’s dispatch


Bill Gates 26-year-old daughter Jennifer, white dress styled, with pink shawl, full of ladies! Jennifer’s temperament is really a feature of her mother. As a rich daughter, she is a kind of grounding, it is really a very popular.

This is a luxury home owned by Gates and Melinda, worth 800 million yuan. Melinda has always been a very practical image, and this time is full of gentleness on his daughter’s party.


Second, the quasi-new mother’s fashion

Gates’ big daughter and Egyptian rich fiance are also a door to do households, and the handsome fiancee is as good at equestrian, equestrian is the favorite movement of the Royal Royal Aristocratic.

Jennifer’s style has a style of neighboring girls, and there is also a way to be famous. For the divorce of the parents, she seems to have always been standing on the mother.

The 26-year-old Jennifer has a sense of girl, especially in such a thorn dress, her and the Egyptian rich boyfriend have been in love for many years, really Lang Talent women!

The photo of the two is like an idol drama. Jennifer’s clothes and mothers are also very similar, and Jennifer learned independence and strong from Merinda. Jennifer This flower is equipped with a purple cardigan, such shapes and Melinda is very similar to the dispatch.

Summary: Jennifer’s wearing character: preferred print style, refused too much in complicated style, highlighting the richness of rich people.


Third, Melinda’s overbearing female president


Melinda’s workplace model is also very beautiful, 57-year-old Melinda, can still be very exciting after divorce. The dress is very gentle, and this white suit style is displayed from another angle.

Melinda understands himself, there may be many people don’t understand, why do he have to take a husband, this is her domineering. White suit suit, with white high heels, refreshing shapes highlights the incomplete gas field.

Melinda’s wearing summary: mainly divided into two styles, women’s flavoring models generally use skirts to highlight, the type of female president is generally highlighted.

Like Bill Gates, or the divorce of the world’s first Beszos, the original wife is actually very open-minded. Bezos’s ex-wife is now married again, and it has become the most money woman in the United States. Melinda is more unrequited, and her courage, we only need to wait and see.


Bill Gates, Melinda shines, shines! Wearing a spread skirt is more beautiful, single and super confident


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