This is the coat of the 50-year-old woman wears, there are these four pieces in winter.

Hey, you are a little fairy, everyone!

In the face of the cold, this single product must be the most indispensable in the closet ~ Perhaps, for young girls, the choice of the coat is as desired, but the woman after 50 years old can not That is just right.


What jacket is the 50-year-old woman?


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Here, these are the 50-year-old woman wearing coat. In winter, there are so four pieces, and you will follow Lily’s footsteps!

One: 50-year-old woman chooses the coat to pay attention to?

◎ length


If you are a woman who has been 50 years old, then when wearing a coat in winter, you must pay attention to the principle of picking up. Among them, the length is critical, too short jacket LILY is not recommended to start, it is not warm enough, and the second is very easy to present the stairs of the body. To say that the 50-year-old woman is suitable for the length of the coat, I personally feel that the length of the knees just just right is very suitable, and there will be no height limit, and it is sufficient to cover the proportion of the lower half of the body.

◎ version

In addition to the length, the 50-year-old woman is also the key to the choice of the jacket style. It is not a version of the width. It will be better to cover the shortcomings of the body. Only the width coat can Wearing trend and looks again. Lily’s personal comparison jacket version has a tantal, straight version, these two version of the coat, all are very comfortable, and also modified.

◎ color


For 50-year-old women, what color is better for winter wearing coat? If you don’t dare to try the bright color jacket, then for insurance, it is still colorful, like black, khaki, camel, rice white, is a very hundred and don’t pick people, it is also very good.

Two: 50-year-old woman has these four coats in winter

First piece: Classic simple minimalist long coat

How will it be intact without coats? As a middle-aged and elderly woman who moves 50+, when choosing the coat coat, it is recommended to choose this long, because the long coat is more elegant than the short section, the important thing is to cover up Did nothing?


As for the style, design, and color, classic color matching and simple money, if you are greasy black, then this kind of high gray adjustment is also very good! The inner selection of solid color bottoming shirts, sweaters, etc.


The second piece: Yu cold down jacket jacket

For women in the north, the down jacket can be the most essential, then, 50-year-old woman, how to choose the right one when choosing a down jacket?

To say, you should first choose a classic color, just better than black, really very hundred and thin, right? Moreover, it is not picking people, followed by the version and design, want to wear the down jacket to be slight, so like this kind of tailor design will be more than the hand, it will not make people feel bloated at all after the upper body. fat.


Third piece: Skirts in the suit


In the 50-year-old woman, when choosing a coat in winter, if you want to show your temperament, try this unin-tempered suit jacket.

As everyone knows, for the single item such as a suit, it is a female femaper, and it is also the best choice to create a sense of practice! Perhaps, in many people’s cognition, the suit is serious, generally, but as it continues to upgrade, today’s suit jacket has already been separated from the word, compared with the stability of the black suit jacket. Light-colored suit jackets, there are more low-key, gentle and temperament.


The fourth piece: soft and comfortable lamb coat

For lamb hair coats, I believe everyone is not strange? This fabric is soft and comfortable, and the material is very warm, it is not a bad jacket, but it has a shortcomings like the down jacket, that is, it is easy to wear sufficient and bloated results.


Of course, if you know the selection and length and color, then it is also a lot of temperature. 50 years old woman in winter, saying what is going to try the lamb coat, especially this long lamb hair coat, plus the straight body version, easy to wear thin Effect, perfect! On colors, dark or light colors are OK.


After reading the sharing of Lily above, do you want to say something? You may wish to interact with you in the comment area! These jackets are the 50-year-old woman, and these four in the closet are enough.