What is the hot weather? These 5 sets of people wear, cool and look

“How do you not care about me? You are so intimate, such a hot day, you need your cold violence ~”

I have recently been crazy about the tract of the dog, why? Every day is

High temperature warning

And the love summer family is really love! Cold jokes can cool one degree!

When I came back, I often heard the fairy complaint when I replied to the message:

The xx places are too hot, these matches are not used.

Summer does not have a mood makeup, and it is full of sweat.



Hey, who said that Tianhe can not wear it? LIYA doesn’t come with a cooling set!

The first.

How to choose summer clothes?


▍ ▍


The fabric will greatly determine the degree of heat dissipation of clothes, and this kind of hate in the summer is shirtless.


The season is more concerned about this aspect.


➤ The upper body is also like a feeling, which can be used to deceive the brain: I didn’t wear, I didn’t heat.


➤ Do not bring any feature other than breathable sweat is not moderate.

Like this kind of chemical fiber fabric will be much thick than the cotton linen, although it is not easy to deform, but


Moisture absorption, poor breathable


Buffle is a word, I was hurt 10,000 times.

(Cotton and linen fabric is more soft and breathable)


Look color

Don’t take a small color to the temperature, everyone knows that the black will heat inspiration, but not only physical cooling,

Visual cooling


The effect also exists.

For example, red, orange red, Ming Yellow This high-profile color is easy to make people think of enthusiasm, active, hard to say that the same color like the sun is not hot.

But changed

Low bright, high grayscale color

In the case of the instantaneousness of the temperature, the innerness is reduced.

(Low degree comes with cooling effect)

After talking about it, the next is concrete.

The second.

How to wear it too hot?


Girl in White

Want to breathe, the preferred is white. All White, I also called it

0 degrees wear

Collective cold and temperature in one

. Moreover, both blouses and processes are not close to loose layers, and the fabrics are light and breathable, and they will not give you an extra temperature rise.

I am afraid that the whole body is a color that will be monotonous. You can form a simple contrast with a bag, and then the focus is placed on the bag.


Pay attention to the size and length of the package when you choose the package, because the overall is too generous, the bag is too heavy, there is a stupidity, it looks very uncoordinated.

The position of the bag is controlled



Emphasize waistline

Adjust the ratio.


Summer or hanging in the world

How can the cooling of the summer cool donee have less hanging tapes, through the skin reduction of the package, after all, we have a hottest look.

There are a lot of hanging tape, and it is even more than a month. As long as you pay attention to the combination of items, you don’t have to worry.


Weaken the sexy properties of the strap

, Reveal, can be replicated. Simple sling shirt + wild jeans can instantly pull you back to the summer in memory.

You can also wear a suspended skirt directly, don’t worry, you don’t want to be too hot.


Did you dress a cool shirt?


The knit fabric is soft and skin, whether it is sweat-absorbent or breathable, and it is not hot in the summer.

The upper body will follow the same light, and the inner and short sings can meet the layers and fashion degree. Dropping according to


Short shirt + high backing

Matching ideas, high and slim.

There is also a kind of

Hollow shirt

The design is very strong, which is also born for summer. But wearing it is definitely able to see the inside, so you don’t need to wear a hidden hidden, direct bold colors, but it is a feature.


Short + short = cool

The color of the short-sleeved shorts is of course a summer day, and it is directly effective to get a cool feeling by wearing less.

Ordinary T-shirt + shorts can contract the lazy summer 80% of the mix, we must find the T-shirt that is suitable for you, Liya is more introduced.

There is also a short top that is very suitable for summer.

Ice silk material

Directly drop the temperature of the surface. This kind of macrot is also needed, and it can wear a fashion, or it can be worn as a sunscreen.


The following short weathering pants are used to match, and the fabric silk is not easy to smudge, and this pants do not pick up your body.

Pear-shaped figure

Especially friendly, it’s right!


Can’t forget a small skirt

What else is this season can’t be cut? That must be a variety of small skirts! In this blooming skirt, the dress short skirt is the strongest king who stimulates the senses.

X version of dress

I have always been my heart love. If I don’t pick up my body, I can also enlarge your strengths. It is really worthy of me.

On this basis, add some small elements, such as the girl who is full of blossoms, bubble sleeves, slimming, small invincible V-colisters, rising beautifully to a new height in minutes.


No matter when, the small white skirt is a classic. Tutu

Set new and cool in one

, Sweetness, light is to look at high temperature.

Because the penguin of the princess is heavy, it needs



, The simple meatball head is refreshed and aged, and the summer is perfect!

What is the hot weather? After reading this, you have the secret of summer and cool feelings:

● Light breathable fabric

● Low-bright color

● Fragrance, less

After the summer heat, the temperature was higher than a day. The fairy remembered that sunscreen. When I was outside, I still had to wear sunscreen clothes. Tan is not something, sunburn is terrible!