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The hands of 34 have the best use of facial cleanser, all skin textures are suitable.

Many fiasms are the easiest to ignore the steps when they start to learn skin care.

How many people spend a lot of money to buy emulsions or essence, but the washing milk is almost a bottle. When the skin care products are not good, they still complain that the product itself has problems, and I don’t realize myself.

In the most basic “facial cleaning”



Wash the face is not right, and the maintenance is full.

Pick your face milk that suits you, cleans the face with the right scientific method, many skin problems can be solved in the source.

Choosing a facial cleanser that is suitable for you, it is very important!

Below is Xiaobian to the fairy

Recommended 34 washing milk


Fu Lifang

Reference price: 149 yuan / 100 grams

The fighter in the palatable washing machine, I have already empty bottle! It is very delicate to use your hands and bubbles. Sometimes I am not careful to get into the eyes, and I don’t have spicy eyes. It is also ok, that is When you start, you will feel delicious, habits!


Outli Grapes Cassia Mousse


Reference price: 140 yuan / 200ml

The squeezed is the foam, the faint grapes and fragrance, the consumption is very fast, a bottle is used up, it is very clear, it is very clear, the cleaning is medium, it feels that the dried skin oil is very suitable for use. The bottle can also take the bubble bottle, and the foam originated.


Jia Na Tre Enzyme Washing Powder

Reference price: 130 yuan / 32 capsules

This is also a net red product! Powder, a one-piece, one can be used twice, the cleaning force is also enough, there is also a lost effect on the blackhead of the mixed skin, but the sensitive muscle is still cautious , Skin is thin, this kind of clean force cannot be used frequently ~


Eltamd facial cleanser

Reference price: 125 yuan / 207ml

The texture is like a viscous emulsion, naturally fresh, sweet, foam like a cream, it is very comfortable to apply on the face, not tight, not tight, the use feeling is very similar, that is, the pump is sometimes Glock the facial cleanser, often to use the solidified buckle!

Snowflake show

Reference price: 195 yuan / 200ml


Amino acid cleansing, pale yellow liquid, Chinese grass scent, each time a pump amount, the foam is not very rich, but the cleaning force is very good, the daily cleansing is completely HOLD, not dryness is not tight, and after the acne is washed The acne will become small! Go to yellow, there is nothing to feel!


Clarins mild foam cleansing cream

Reference price: 185 yuan / 125ml


Clarins are gentle, pregnant women can be used, paste is milky white, faint floral, bubble, really gentle, T area oil can also see obvious cleaning effect, the cleaning of blackheads, sensitive or Neutral skin is recommended!

Estee Lauder Red Rock Cleans


Reference price: 280 yuan / 125ml

Some of the texture is like a cream, a fresh fruit flavor, this is two-in-one effects, both facial cleanser, is a cleansing mask, it is not tested, not dry, clean, clean, I am clean, I The favorite is that it goes to the yellow effect, insisted on using a white feel!


Yue Tu’s source, two cars

Reference price: 155 yuan / 150ml

One fell swoop, as the name refers are cleansing, and the moisturizing is not dry, this paste is relatively thick, the foam is rich, the faint fragrance, the oil control effect is very good, the oil skin mixed skin is really love, pox skin can also, mild Dry skin, dry skin will feel tight!

La Mer Sea Blue Puzzle Collapse Decline

Reference price: 750 yuan / 200ml

Packaging is luxurious, tall, no foamy facial cleanser, faint fragrance, the first time I will not be used to, but I will be very smooth, I have no tightness, you can unload face makeup (light makeup) and skin surface Dirt, can be rinsed free of water, suitable for sensitive fragile skin.

珂 精致 清面


Reference price: 650 yuan / 200ml


The ladies are clean, and I have used it to use a cleansing. The amount of a pump is sufficient to use a full face, a transparent texture, and a rich bubble, the cleanliness is great, the big love of the dried skin is not expensive, and the amount is also expensive!

Pola Black BA Cleans


Reference price: 610 yuan / 100 grams

One of the true love cleansing! It is creamy, faint fragrance, and will pull the silk! Mian, squeezing the rice grain size can take a sufficient amount of foam, the amount of use is really super invincible, the key is to wash it is really comfortable. ! Very soft, moisturizing is very good, the budget is enough!


The ginza facial cleanser


Reference price: 480 yuan / 130 grams

It is also a net red and cleanser! The spuri skin is worth a soapy-washing milk! Ointment, faint semester, foam is very rich, flexible, very clean, I usually use, suitable for summer, wash your hard And black ba is almost, but this price is more favorable!

珂 耀 未 乳

Reference price: 235 yuan / 130 grams

Soap-based cleansing, washing milk paste is a lavender! Super beautiful! The amount is also very provincial, squeezing a little sakura, washing is clean, this price is about three months, the price is quite high. ! The oil skin mix is ​​only a good heart, no problem in the four seasons a year!

WHO after a total of cleanser

Reference price: 218 yuan / 180ml

Soap-washing milk, Chinese medicine tastes, smelling is very comfortable, paste is light yellow, it is easy to foam, very soft, it is easy to rinse, winter dry skin mixed with it will be slightly pulled, summer should be used in summer Pressure, 180 ml can be used for more than half a year, the sensitive muscle can also be used

Shiseido Yue Wei cleansing


Reference price: 200 yuan / 125ml


I am using the second moisturizing type, the paste is white with pearl, mixed orange particles, slightly retraining, but actually very gentle, face the face is basically no grain, as the evening cleansing clean effort The mixed oil is also suitable as the morning cleansing, more suitable for dry skin!

Liquan special cleaning

Sensitive skin must have a cleansing, as long as you squeeze out a lot of bubble washing, no membrane, always a very mild cleansing, clean degree, but very safe Allergic period can be prepared, the sensitive muscle will repurchase!

馥 poetry soy face

Reference price: 330 yuan / 150ml

The faint fragrance is not a foam type facial cleanser, but it is good to clean, but I will still use the makeup, then use this washing milk to be more assured, wash complete, very moderately moist! The mother of the muscle, pregnant women can also use, suitable for all skin!!

Chanel Camellia Washing Milk


The blue version is moisturizing, suitable for mixing skin, cameas, smell, smelling! Every time you squeeze the size of your soy size, you can have a very foam moisturizing effect. It will not have tight, face slip. Slide, as a facial cleanser, it is quite excellent!

Lancome Qing Ying Delivery


Reference price: 320 yuan / 125ml

The sense of use is not bad, the foam is very delicate, and it will not be pulled out. After washing, there is a small matte quality, soft and slippery, it is too difficult to foam, you can cooperate with the bubble network, clean power At the end, the flush is convenient, winter use will not feel that it doesn’t really like it!

Boscia Bo Qiankinin Acid Cleansing

Reference price: 240 yuan / 150ml

This cleansing cleaning is medium, generally the morning asks, because the morning washing does not need to clean up, the foam is not much, there is a loss of protective film feelings, slippery, tender, tender, It is recommended to use the dried peel friends around you!

SK-2 amino acid cleansing

Reference price: 460 / 120ml

Generally, as the morning cleansing, rose, very good, thin, gentle and weak alkaline, wash without tightness and peeled feelings, suitable for all skin: acne muscle, dried skin, It’s all fully, but for this price, I think the price is general!


Shiseido Time Glass Cleansing


Reference price: 380 yuan / 125ml

Packaging is very advanced, gradient, elegant floral, contain anti-aging ingredients, suitable for mature skin use, texture soft moisturizing is easy to foam, clean, classic Japanese saponi is washing, there is a thousand Suitable for summer, sensitive muscle caution, clean and powerful!

CPB cleansing cream moisturizing


Reference price: 350 yuan / 110ml


Ding Ding’s CPB cleansing! I feel somewhat strange, but I will hable after washing. After washing, my face is not really easy to use, and the bubble has no legend. It is comfortable, the use is comfortable, the amount is more than SK-province , Foam fine is also lost than SK-!

MINON amino acid foam facial cleanser


Reference price: 119 yuan / 150ml

Pressing the pump port, directly pressing the bubble, the bubble is also rich, wipes a gentle feeling on the face, no special feeling, no fault, but the skin feels stable, suitable for dry Leather sensitive muscle, don’t try

Laneige four-effect

Reference price: 110 yuan / 180ml

A bottle of cleaning and unloading sunscreen makeup, the blue, blue is a refreshing version, there is a frosted small particles, suitable for usually painting the sunscreen cream, the cleaning effect is general, but not tight, recommended Oil skin mixed skin, dried peel is not recommended!

City Wild Doctor Facade

Reference price: 108/120 grams


The oil control cleaning effect is very good. It is recommended to mix the oil-proof skin, especially good bubble, you can get out of the foam fine, for mixed dryness!

Ren rose foam cleansing


Reference price: 108 / 150ml


Ren is a small brand, the organic is not added, pregnant women can also use, I will do the morning cleansing, every time you have a four-five pump, the foam squeezed out is a bit soft, the taste is a bit rich rose, Washing is gentle, consumes particularly fast, not durable, but it is only more than 100.

Cetaphil silk Tamfu

Reference price: 100 yuan

The net red! Really super gentle, does not afford the type, CETAPHIL cleaning power is a bit not enough, always feel that you have nothing to wash, mixed skin, oil skin is not suitable!

NUXE Europe tree honey gel cleansing

Reference price: 99 yuan / 200ml

Contains honey more viscous texture, fragrances are some of them … Not so good, low-foamed facial cleanser, do not do it, it still has 400m version, I heard that you can shower or washing the whole body, there is a Nodded attractive!

FANCL Fang Yan Jie Powder

Reference price: 159 yuan / 50 grams

It is necessary for two months, and the amino acid cleanliness layer is thin and red blood can be used with the bubble ball to play a lot of bubbles. It is not too tight, but it is not allergic, sensitive to friends. The gospel is coming, that is, the main is not added, so the insurance period is very short!

Iz snail

Reference price: 69 yuan / 150ml


A tube feels for a long time, washing is very clean, not tight, because there is a snail mucus, there is a repair effect, a certain effect on acne printing, dark yellow, more mild, any skin can be used, but I don’t feel The acne marks are faint, but the true acne is not expected to face milk.


Curel 珂 foam cleansing

Reference price: 90 yuan / 150ml

It also belongs to the foam cleansing. You can directly face it. The foam is a bit like Curel marshmallows, the cleaning is general, suitable for the morning cleansing, wash and lifting sliders, the dry sensitive muscle is very friendly! Relative to Ou Li Bubble cleansing, I prefer Osi Li!

Yue poetry green tea washing milk

Reference price: 55 yuan / 150ml


A cleansing of cheap and easy to use, it’s really a big, a touch of green tea fragrance, the cleaning effect is also very good, the foam is not rich but delicate, but it is not a bit slight, but it is a little bit dry, then you have to go right away. Wipe water, suitable for students and mixed skin!



Reference price: 35 yuan / 120 grams

Net red products! The specialist can say that it is very hot, the people around me have been used, but I personally feel that it is very good, the cleaning effect is very good, but the face will be very dry, get it in the eyes. The feeling of stabbing.


In addition to choosing the product, you have to pay attention to these when you wash your face.

Warm water cleaning

Don’t let you know anything cold and cold! It is easy to stimulate the skin. Sticking to warm water is the best choice.

Cleaning time

In fact, the same part, as long as 20 seconds. Easy dry cheeks have been brought directly 10 seconds.

Wipe dry in a timely manner

If you don’t dry your face, the water evaporates is easy to take away the moisture of the skin’s surface, and gently press the surface of the face or clean towel in time.

Reference price: 200 yuan / 125ml

Reference price: 330 yuan / 150ml