The man spent 150,000 to buy a dragging RV and was blindfolded when it was listed.

In order to facilitate their family members to go out, I spent 150,000 yuan to buy a trailer trailer, but when they were listed, they learned that their own BMW off -road vehicles could not pull the RV on the road, and the RV could not be retreated.

Mr. Wang, 44, has two sons. He usually works in Yan’an. In order to go back to Xi’an with his family, he intends to buy a dragging RV.


On May 17, Mr. Wang went to Shaanxi Jindong Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., which is in the Qi’an Seventh Road, Xi’an, and purchased a dragging RV worth 150,000 yuan. “I originally had a BMW X5 off -road vehicle. I wanted to use the current car to use this car and pull the RV with a hook.” Mr. Wang said, because it was the first time that he was in contact with the RV, he was not clear about the traction RV.

Mr. Wang said that at that time, the RV sales staff told him that the BMW X5 could drag the RV, and the contract also wrote that the sales company would help the license. He also paid a purchase tax and license fee of 15,000 yuan when buying a car.

“Around May 20, the sales took me to the car management station to the RV. During the filing of the car, I found that there was no accuracy of the total number of traction on the driving license of the BMW. The car does not have the quality of the traction. “Mr. Wang said that the car sales company also said that it can use other cars to help the record, and then give the RV to the license plate, but he is worried that even if the RV has a license, his own car does not record, and he cannot traction on the road. RV.


On June 9th, a reporter from the China Business Daily saw that Mr. Wang’s BMW off -road vehicle showed that the type of vehicle was a small off -road passenger car, and the accurate exile total quality column was none.

Subsequently, the reporter learned from the distinction of the Xi’an Vehicle Management Institute that Mr. Wang’s BMW car did not pull the RV, let alone drag the car on the road. Generally, the cars did not draw the quality of the cars, and the driving license did not indicate the total quality of the traction. Therefore, it cannot be recorded. Only pickup trucks, special vehicles and other models can be drawn to RVs.


Mr. Wang said that when buying a RV, if the salesman introduced that his BMW can be trapped and packed, he would not buy a RV. Now he wants to return, but the company does not agree.

On June 9th, the reporter contacted Mr. Xue, the person in charge of Shaanxi Kim Jong Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.. He said that the company sells for a trailer and has nothing to do with the front car. The RV can be listed normally without quality problems. Law, so according to the contract, you cannot withdraw.

China Business Daily reporter Tian Rui