Silicone no silicon washing, hair is more refreshing!

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It is said that everyone wants to have every person, and a good toilet product is necessary!

Because the shampoo protection is not done, it will bring us: getting out of the oil, easy to flat, dandruff, easy to knot hair and hair loss, etc.


No matter what kind of troubles in our hair, this time, it is necessary to improve the scalp environment and adjust the balance of water oil;

I heard that there is no silicon head skin. After washing, the hair is lighter, so Xi Yuan also defeated: silky no silicon water shampoo package,

After washing your hair, there is really refreshing water, sharing it to everyone ~~~~

It is understood that the silicon washing, can help smooth the scales, reduce friction damage, and the silicone oil protects the head, but it is easy to generate greasy, suitable for damage and dry hair.

However, there is no silicilic water lifting, excluding silicone oil, no soap, weak acidic formula, perfectly blended in human skin, the root cleaning effect is better, especially suitable for oily hair. Therefore, oily hair is more suitable for “no silicone oil” wash, and Xi Yuan also started a set of silk-free silicon-shaped hair and hair removal, moisturized, and hair mask.

And silk shampoo also has five major advantages:

1. Innovative no silicon oil formula: 润 无 负 负, water filament


2, high moisturizing transparent sodium sodium: penetration moisture, lasting moisturizing


3. Improve hair: repair the internal structure of the silk inside the outer layer

4, strong toughness: high-speed nutritional injection, help hair to restore healthy vitality

5, repair molding angle protein: in-depth penetration to the core deep moisturizing, smoothness

Silicon-free series wash, hair loss, use no silicon oil formula, designed for hair dry and fragile petrolar hair,

Deep cleaning hair, lightweight and no burden; no silicon, 0 addition, no soap, close to the human body weak acid, strong water soluble.


For hair loss, dry hair, blow-up hot injury, hair quality is weak, and the scalp is over, special tube!


After washing, the hair will have a feeling, no general shampoo is so easy to foam, but the effect of cleaning twice will be better.


With the same equivalence, the hair will be healthier!


Silicone Silicone Water Shutners, Silicone Solarless Soapped No burden, easy to create a light air!


Silicon is a selling point, water-grunling is the focus, refreshing and solarined, the hair is slippery, the effect is still very satisfied!

Parents who like silicon scrubs can try, oily hair, more, should try o (∩_∩) o Ha ~

“Hairstyle is the most direct image of a woman.” It is also the best extra points.

Measuring if a woman is beautiful, not only to see the five senses and body,


The details of the details are more important to reflect the focus of quality temperament.

A beautiful and healthy hair is more reflected in the elegant temperament of women!