The pits I have been in those years: more than 100 beer comment

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With autumn


It’s a lot of beer from the domestic water beer to the beer. If you want to see a professional evaluation of some kind of beer, the APP can of course be satisfied. However, for the general wine friends, most of them will not specialize in see if the bubble is delicate, then put the wine in the mouth, feel the tongue, with the taste buds to make full sense of beer. More, we are all drinks with friends, unless they are too expensive, otherwise it is a small point, try it, after drinking, what is the brewing of you? I will be irrigation into the stomach.

Here is the beer I have, talk about my simple feelings of all wine.

I am in accordance with Pinyin or English first letters, so that everyone will communicate and view.

Detailed evaluation of some wine can look at the previous test.


Have you seen the IPA Rika? It’s so dry, the taste is, basically only bitter, the fragrance is almost unable, considering the price is cheap, more than 5 kinds of wine is very good, prerequisite, you love a bitter wine.



The Wescelium is too strong, so that the taste is too much like a juice rather than a beer rather than a fruity.

Authentic wheat white beer

This is the prostitute of Valentine’s beer, although it is not excellent in the deeds, but absolutely medium levels.

Afberg Monk Blacker


It is better to drink than wheat white, the taste is heavy, and it is rich, but there is no obvious chocolate flavor, and the taste is more embarrassing wheat.


Isbao wheat

Aimburg wheat than the name is like a little bit.

Odamo Wheat Beer

It seems that the sales volume is very good in Germany, there is nothing special, and ordinary moral wheat beer, refreshing and easy to drink, but the price is not very valuable.

ABK Beer

The medium grain is sold, and the germature wheat, which is more than malt, is also attributed to the glass bottle.

Ai Dieng beer

Perhaps it is expected too high, maybe I only have a bottle, I didn’t drink the essence, that’s, a good German wheat, but there is also a taste bud impact when I am afternoon.


Ibhouse pastel wheat beer

Did not add a japonicar, moral wheat, medium level, above.



The bottle is rich, it is very general when drinking, so it is cheap, and the mouth is fine.

Bray Empire IPA


As an IPA, fruity is general, this family is more bitter, bitter is more pure, um, just just bitter.

Bell Black Wen curved thistle twice

I went for a long time at home, I thought it was, the flowers were rich, and the wine was not bitter. What is double?

polar bear

Pu Tong’s brewed wheat, claiming that the lemon fragrance really wants to be very careful, relatively easy to drink, good price, 10 yuan a bottle of words, I must not buy.

Bailong wheat


One of German wheat, there is a unique mortar sweet taste, rich in foam, rich in taste, this is not to say more.

Mont Blanc


The only disadvantage is that there is no purchase channel, I have bought 2 boxes. Later, even after expiration, I still drink still fruit is rich, it is just a strengthening version of Fu Jiabai, now I am very missing, because I can’t buy it.

Baole’s wheat beer

Give me a small surprise beer, mellow, Mai Xiang, and more powerful, it is very cool.


Baole’s black beer

And the formation of wheat is stark contrast, too! Hard! drink! , A 5.0 black beer can drink alcohol, lack of coffee taste, the taste of the black beer, is very thin, do not say, pain.

Baiwei red bottle


It seems that Harbin produces and Wuhan produced. I also have a British product. Of course, the British produced is best, the domestic maixia is almost, but added rice, but add rice will sweet, not completely bad things . As a waterher, I think it is still nice.


In addition to bitter, there is no extra impression on me.

Baiyu beer


Didn’t drink black beer, ordinary wheat white is good, drink, often 120-130 price, and my heart is good to be very good.



Chang Luo Owl Coffee World Tao

The general coffee world, the coffee flavor is very rich, probably the same, and the cost is very high when doing activities.


Chang Luo owl pastel

When I bought an aroma of the orange, I bought the orange, but I bought it very general, the aroma is ignorant, and the taste is also general. This kind of wine is really considered to be bought again.

Orange bomb 16 degrees

Simply pursuing the intensive beer made in the pursuit of the degree, the hunting taste is still mixed, drink it once.


Duwei Gold Beer


Everyone has their own preference, some high-score wine is not suitable for everyone, some of the mid-range wine is not allowed to be the favorite of my heart. I have never dranified the high score, but the golden gold is really loved. Just the benefits of fruit, bitterness, wine, thickness, for most people, this wine is also a big problem, especially those who are unable to accept heavy taste.


South Africa’s brewing, taste is nothing special, drinking will not repurchase unless particular cheap.

Drac, beer, wheat

The reason why it is only because they are pulled into the blacklist, wheat ethics, but beer is comparable to the treasure, of course, it seems that Drac Wheat is OK, but I also meet in the forum. After several times, I have been the same as Drac.


Royal Denmark Brown Beer

This beer tells us that non-fine beer outside Germany can buy it without buying. It may not be particularly difficult to drink, but mediocrity is already the upper limit it can achieve.


Debon Water

I don’t know which kind of flavor is, let me feel very hard, belonging to it is cheap, I will never repurchase, but it is stronger than Drac.


Goose Island 312

Domestic geese island, even the ordinary wheat, when you drink, you will be disappointed, when the beer drink will feel good.


Fu Jiabai

Now Fujiabai bought a drink to the lady, the previous rich lemon flavor has been completely covered by coriander, the taste is also water, the initial drinking is only another wine. Of course, Fu Jiabai is going to watch the place of origin, and the different origins are different.


Open a lot of people, the big gate is him, the advantage is to buy, bad place? What is the disadvantage of this wine? Drinking easy to drink, then drink so many deeds, more than it is difficult to drink, it is true, after all, is purely derived, and the entry does not represent the taste.

Feldberg Black Beer

It is also a kind of beer that is relatively easy to drink, and who is cheap to buy whiskers.


Pendelian wheat white beer

Goethe is unified, it is actually good, mainly the current price is very powerful, and you can buy some when there is no special price in other liquors. No power, no.

Gao Master baby fat jasmine tea raqui

Generally, jasmine is a fine, but it has its own characteristics. After all, it is easy to buy, you can taste it.


Gao Masters Baby Fertilizer IPA

Even if it is very cheap, it is also very general.




Haurechan is refreshing

The legendary tricks, my grandfather, my father, Dad, they gathered beer every day, and now the big green stick feels more than soft. The butterol should be small, and the wine is too bad. In addition to being cheap, there is no advantage.


Trust 1900

A highly evaluated a beer, I personally not a very cold, I also understand that there is no so-called wheat incense, I only feel a little acid. From the complexity of tastes, the thickness of taste, etc., 1900 is indeed a leader in domestic water beter, just not suitable for me.



Before you didn’t touch the detriment, wheat king is my heart, because I don’t like the sour, there is no ok melli, and I am more likely to be more cost-effective. beer.

哈啤 icy pure beer

Painting the tiger is not a counter-class, and there is too much in the domestic school. The ice pure white beer is clearly a typical representative of imitation failure.

哈啤 icy pure


Can this also call wine?

Haogen Castle

Not very famous, but it is also a very good German wheat beer. It is also benefited from the glass bottle.

Crown Pig Beer


More refreshing Rag beer, relative to Lag, 4.9 is not low, pure wheat malt and hops, and taste is pure.


Refreshing and easy to drink, there is nothing to say, buy expensive is not worth it.


Jing A Bai Bai

Wheat is not as good as IPA, because you don’t pay attention to it, you can’t divide it and ordinary wheat. It is a lot of taste, but the price is not friendly, and the white bear is like a white bear, no white bear is famous. Over

Brewing dog punk

Brewing dog Jingdong translates into a brewed dog, even if the J word is. Open a wine, rich fruit flavor, suitable bitterness, and the key to civilians, nearly perfect.

Fine dog pony ghost club

The Bi Pieval is sweeter, and there is a little lychee. The degree is a bit low, and the wine is also thin.

Brewing dog hairpin orange


The thick orange flavor, the straight flavor, the Bieval is more direct and land, with orange smell. Very good.


Everyone is familiar with, although there is a lot of levels, but it is not a good wine, just caused my psychological price to buy. In fact, the teacher’s taste recession is not as serious as Fu Jiabai’s fall.

Golden Castle Black Beer

Sometimes the price is really cheap, I am probably a little bit next to it.


Carlsberg is actually cheap,



When you go to college, I feel very B grid, I have bought some, in fact, it is very good as a beer, especially after pairing lemons, just even if the price is 6 pieces, it is not worth it. Apply wine when drinking.


Sour, and as I didn’t like tooth beer, Kamerete was still drinking, and the taste is rich, and the wheat fruit is mixed together. Um, this is called Mai Xiang.

Carlite Blacker

Legend has the most worth buying brand, there is a rich coffee flavor, it is really better to drink, I don’t have a good buttery, but Karet is still very delicious.

Celtics red beer

One time I repurchase, take a little taste, but the wine is more pure and better, and of course, if you don’t like the bitterness, you will not like it.

Keventone wheat beer

Blue Celtics, I have a cheerful and sour deer, why is it so acid.


Celtic black beer

Fortunately, don’t ask for a good job but just. There is almost that the Black Beer with Faierdeburg.

Caesarsemont Wheat Black Beer

A dark beer that has been drinking very early, is a more good wheat, if you have a good price, you can consider it.

Caesar wheat white beer


Caesar is also a deer that the country’s earliest contact is, but in many varieties, it is a wheat pale better, and there is no characteristic of other fews. Even in each road Trushes, Caesar’s wheat is also very characteristic, the only disadvantage is that it is always more expensive.



Blue belt


The blue belt will bring a beautiful memory of the blue belt, as a water beater, a biased wine, obvious fruit fragrance makes people, and the relatives have moved a box of easy pull cans … What is this ghost, fruity No, ordinary water bearer, slightly a bit degree, probably this. Therefore, bottles and tanks may not really do the same wine.

Roosevelt 6

Occasional details will be smell, and the 6th is very general, many times, the light of the old brother.


Roosevelt 8

No. 8 is 3, my favorite beer is most easily accepted by most people. Alcohol, the killing is very good, and the taste is rich enough. In addition to the real old alcohol, do not have to drink 10.


Roosevelt 10

The outstanding representative of Belgian Monastery Beer loves to drink, don’t love to drink, I want to fall, the road is not deep enough, I can’t hold it.

Two birds

Jingdong is a big batch, and it seems that it is no longer entering. Ordinary gold Alone, the biggest problem is that the degree is too low, so drink a little water. The number of Lag is refreshing, what is the number of Else?


Litburg wheat

It is a good heart, Jingdong is in stock, as long as there is a special offer, unlimited repurchase, the taste is very pure wheat beer. Strongly recommended, just now Jingdong does not sell.

Lu Yunbao wheat beer

It seems that the evaluation is not bad, but I didn’t think there was anything special. It was a very general German wheat, and there was no outstanding, compared with the individual more like Afberg.

Lindman’s various fruity beers

It is generally fruitive to cover the beer flavor, and if the juice is good, it is definitely, and the specific taste is delicious.



Lost coast speedboat / death soul

I have a little bit unclear, I have bought it, I have a lot of bottles, but I have not bought comparison at the same time. Fruit, taste is quite online. Sure enough, the American IPA is more harmonious.

Lost coast

The aroma of oranges and oranges is mainly, and this taste is quite judged, it is bitter, but I like it very much.

Lost coastal machinery shark

Getting started IPA, mainly oranges and orange skin, like a little bit.


Mark beer

Winning is a cheaper with cheap, it is not difficult to drink, it is not difficult to drink, ordinary German black beer, fragrance.

Warrior Tibetan Beer

I remember very bitter, and the wine is not very thick, there is no more impression.

Menason Wheat

A general wheat beer, taste is flat.



Often, it is often referred to as Old Miller, a Russian beer. In fact, Russian beer’s universal number is not high. After all, people have to take beer as water. This wine is not so easy to drink, and the wine is more obvious.


Boxing cat right hook


Boxing cat, I have a lot of money, remember, this is a price bought for the first two months, compared to the front glass bottle, the fragrance of the easy pull can be a lot, in fact, the right hook pastel of the glass bottle Compact is refreshing and fragrant, only refreshing in the easy pull. Customer can be purchased, it is not worth it.


There is a bitter, the mouth is thick and rich, and the Japanese beer is the outstanding representative of Japanese beer is the same as the DPRK. However, there is really a very small price.

Kirin pure taste

Bar out of Zhuhai, a general water beater, taste is very light, but to tell the truth, it is much better than the snow and snow.

Kirin refined

No matter how senior old wine ghosts do not wait for the unicorn Zhuhai winery, the Zhuhai factory produced this, I have died 4 models, all the best in domestic water bearer, drinking feeling is very good, no scent, refreshing taste, No smell also means that even if the malt is light, it can be displayed.

Boxing cat strong orange

I do n’t know who the brain has such a beer, and then I ca n’t sell it. I can only sell it as a gift. The buyer can only endure it as a gift.

Boxing cat honey Daddy Potter

There are really no caramel, plus 40 bitterness, and 10 degrees of alcoholicness, which covers everything else, maybe there is no other taste at all.

Qingdao Augus

It is indeed better than most of the domestic water beer and a bit bitter, but the price is high for a long time. Why do I buy it for more than 120 cans to buy it?

Qingdao Xiaogukin

Recently, it seems very popular, the bottle is cute, it is also good to drink, it is refreshing and the mighty taste, the slight malt incense is all available.

Qingdao Chunsheng

Qingdao’s classic beer, snow -shaking, do not know a few streets. Although the alcohol content is really a bit low, it may not be very enjoyable to drink, but the fresh taste is still very good. But this price is only suitable for drinking in a restaurant. There are too many better choices at home.

Qingdao Beer 1903

If the quality of Qingdao 1903 is evaluated according to the quality of the Harbin Beer 1900, this wine is not as good as it. You are expensive and not delicious. Can you bear the taste of 7,8 wines to drink a big green stick?

Qingdao Quanmai White Beer

Drinking is no different from ordinary Microdia beer, so it is a medium level to get the German beer. It seems a bit expensive according to this standard.


Schwarben Wheat White Beer

I bought it at Stuttgart, and it was made up. A moral beer that was ordinary was a little fading and it was more easy to drink.

Hunting god beer

I felt pretty good at first. The wheat beer above medium or higher did not like it, and I did n’t know why, I may not know why, maybe it ’s a bit sour.



The taste is light, slightly bitter, the wine is too weak, and it is very average.

Swan Castle

Debo owned, except for the water, it is better, it is better to swallow, there is nothing featured, it can drink, it is not difficult to drink.

Taishan Sauvium 7 days

The alcohol content is a bit low, but the wine made in this case is quite good. It is a bit similar to the taste of Goethe wheat. As an enterprise that enables the quality upgrade of domestic beer, its own products are also excellent. It is much better than the snow bears that turn on the water.

Taiwan Beer Gold Medal

This beer fully reflects the existence of rice in beer not just to reduce costs. This wine is refreshing and has a honey flavor. Drink a happy.



Wolf Wolf IPA

The beer owned by Wolf Wolf feels heavier. The taste of this orange is so thick. Remember that it is orange -skinned, not orange flavor.

Wolf Wolf Cherry

It is a little worse than Lindman’s taste, but the amount is large and cheap. When it is drinking juice, 4%of the alcoholic content is not low as a fruit beer.

Wolf wolf flavor wheat

A little honey, it is really weird to drink, so that I can’t drink it a little.

Valentin Log

Although it is a false ghost, it has opened the door of many people’s German beer. In fact, it is still made up in terms of taste. At least it is not too unpleasant and easy to drink. It is very cheap to buy.


The death of Da Wusu has become a net red beer, but I have no desire to drink the second mouth once after drinking it once. This is the big green stick. Do you love to drink?



Snowflake bravely break into the world

You know that when I drink it, I have to break through the world, so do n’t get me too high for me, but you add so many diuretics to make me always find a small tree on the road.


I have only drank 4 bottles at most mellastically, yes, because I have no memories after 3 bottles or 4 bottles each time. The taste is really good.

Snowflake whole wheat

I missed the whole wheat when I first came out. At that time, the beer blossoms were added. Now I have changed the beer products. At that time, it was even more bitter, and there was a light wine fragrance. Now it can only be regarded as a more cost -effective beer in the hotel. Rice.

Snowflake raw wheat


The raw wheat is really very different from all over the place. Harbin is particularly delicious. It does not lose a lot of hotels for 10 pieces of wine. When you go to Qiqihar, the juice wheat wine is very strong, and it is added.

Snowflake pure

If you do n’t know the special offer in the hotel, if the special offer is unless I do n’t want to drink it today, I will drink it. If Qingdao Chunsheng is still a bit umami, the snowflakes are only light.

Snowflake Facebook

There is a unique cooking flavor. Although the price is exaggerated, I will still taste the special price of 10 yuan for the restaurant. It is not difficult to drink, and the taste is unique.


Snowflake pure 9

The biggest advantage is that it is cheap. I feel that it is better than Yongyong. Although it has been added, it is not a little bit. It is not a little bit to say whether it is wheat or rice fragrant.

Snowflake refreshing

It is water beer, there is nothing to say, quench thirst, not difficult to drink.

Snowflake wheat incense


It is Mai Xiang, in fact, the syrup is added, so the most obvious thing to drink is the sweetness, and at the same time, it has a mellow taste.


Xuefuhoff (Xing Hu)

Except for slightly lighter (German wheat with alcohol 5.0 often can’t avoid this problem), but the overall taste is balanced and more suitable for drinking.


Cedar Breeding

In fact, there are several beers of Snow Bear now. I don’t want to say more. Before this brand, there is still quite quality. Now the Guangdai plant is almost 10, and the taste is messy.



The leadership of industrial beer, Lagpielson, who reaches 5 degrees, sells well as a water beer. I still think it is worth it. What do you say?



It is also a classic monastery beer series. I have drank white, red, blue, and the time is a bit long. The taste is not very clear. The blue is a bit too exciting and the red is better. White was gone at all.

Asahi Chunsheng

Like Kirin’s squeezing, it is a Nissan’s representative beer, and it is not good to get rid of it. It is said that drinking with a squeeze is strange.

Asahi refreshing

It seems that it is made in Beijing. It is worse than that of Asahi Chunchun, and it is relatively large in the water beer. When you have a good price, you can buy some drinks.


5.0 series Pearson

It is also a subsidiary of Odinge. It is relatively indifferent German -style water beer.

Dear drinkers, what kind of beer have you ever drank or welcomes what you want to say. If you have n’t bought it, you can refer to this article to avoid pits and choose beer that is more suitable for your taste.