Jingmen people pay attention! Clearance is as low as 0.1 fold, get home! To buy clothes, it is about to end

Recently, I am friends in the mall.

I took them into them.

Big brand purchase group

I only know that the clothes of the staper is selling so cheap!

Hundreds of clothes shoes at the mall

As long as the purchaser is 0.1-5 fold!

It’s shocking!

Is the following items

You can take a look at your friends.


friends! Give you a chart

I saw this bottoming shirt in a group!

Original price of 199 yuan, group of 45 yuan in the group!

Any two pieces as long as 65 yuan

It is 333 yuan more than 398 yuan than the original price of the mall!

I can buy two coats!


Buy and then say, anyway, it is not suitable for free!

There is still shipping insurance.

I will put the entrance to the inner purchase group here.


If you often buy clothes, you must enter this group!

Directly sweep the QR code!


My friend still looks at this!

The latest petal buckle knit shirt does not exceed two digits!

All are the goods that mall counter withdrawal

Visible texture

For the sisters who love beauty


This group is the paradise of shopping! Intersection

The trouble of shopping, you can buy the big card at home!

the most important is

Cheap! Good quality!

(Some group friends feedback)

(Tang Tang Square recommended daily)

The group sharing all the malls withdrew the clothes

At the end of the year, the clearance, the super big name is engaged in activities!

The style is super good, the price is also one tenth of the mall.

Ask me to buy a link for sisters

There are also various big shoes


Red Dragonfly, Daphne, Yurkang, etc.

Super quality, all kinds of styles, colors are!

Sisters who want to buy shoes quickly!

These styles are really a hundred

The group is really buying!

These shopping malls should have hundreds of shoes

As long as the number of 2 digits is available here!

Give you the entrance

Is it very surprised? I am shocked!


Let me have to ask friends if there is any inside!

It turns out that this is called counter withdrawal women’s clothing,

It is common in the apparel industry.

Many shopping malls have a large number of inventories, and inventory backlogs.


These stocks have special channels to sell!

For example, I added this shopping group!


What is not garbage miscellaneous?

All are mall brands!

In fact, they are integrated with domestic and foreign resources

2021 cooperation brand merchants reach more than 3,000

All have big licenses!

Not only the price is cheap, and only sell counter genuine!

Not satisfied with 7 days no reason to return!


Free shipping insurance!


After entering the group, there is a special customer service dock!

You can ask what questions!


Since I have contacted counter withdrawal of women’s clothing

I didn’t go to the counter and bought clothes.

Because I know the price of counter, thousands of dollars in clothes

In fact, the factory price is 1 to 30% off!


2 pieces of wool coat original price 2998 yuan

378 yuan


Curable crazy!

Tikram autumn and winter new price is low to just one or two fold

The earthquan coat is more tone, and the woman is full.

In groups can not only get super-suite high quality clothes

Tang Tang matching staff can also tailor-made

For example, this set: bottoming shirt + plaid cotton clothes


Stylish and warm

I never dare to buy coats


Because it is afraid to step on the thunder, the proportion of tits is still short.

This time, it is also a brand activity 1-2 fold.

And also Tang Tang specially tried

Eisenba double-sided Ni coat original price 1999 yuan

Group of seconds kills 199 yuan!

If you want to get on the car, you will directly add Tang Tang.


I will pull you into the group after passing!

Recently, the national temperature drop

Open the wardrobe to find

Last year’s clothes can’t be matched this year.

Also, there is this special channel

Hundreds of sweaters

Dozens of pieces can be bought! Intersection

This blue Xiqing printed fashion sweater

Comfortable and color value is super

Sweet little sister must

Feimi cashmere vest original price 399 yuan

Group of seconds kill 69 yuan!


Not worthy of money! The price is equally anti-day!

Quality brand, wild

Tang Tang will take all the clothes to everyone

I only pushed myself I have used it.

After entering the group, there is a Tang Tang matching teacher himself!


30 and Zhong Gu Jia will not be cut off

Specially bought a limited package

Clothes bag is the second business card for women

There is also a must-have cotton coat in winter

Wear well and keep warm

The price is too cheap

Is one tenth of the mall!

Both is the big brand

Quality super good


Now I am full of various express delivery.

It is all bought in the brand!

I used to buy a purchase group to buy 5, 6 pieces!


If you want to get on the bus, please contact your friends directly.


The customer service will pull you into the group.

Recently, there are brand day activities, super cost-effective!

What is wrong with friends, you can directly add Tang Tang!


Anyway, there is no loss!


What is important is to have a channel wow!

Want to mobilize the clothes of the wardrobe, create a capsule wardrobe,

A hard-wearing sister


You can pay attention to Tang Tang’s video number # 穿 穿

I bought clothes, I am not afraid I will not match.

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I will put the entrance to the inner purchase group here.


Directly sweep the QR code!

You can ask what questions!