Early spring, long -sleeved dress, elegant and intellectual figure, high -level taste is like this

#What to wear today#





It must be a must -have fashion item for spring and summer. For early spring, the warmth of dress is worse than other clothing items, but we can use

Long -sleeved design


To increase the skirt

Keep warm


The overall combination is both

Sweet and elegant

The temperament can also take into account both

Warm -keeping style

, Next, I will share with you the eyebrows about the wearing of several long -sleeved dresses, so that the image of the beautiful eyebrows grasp the attention of people, beautiful

Go out.


The combination of long -sleeved dress

Flower long -sleeved dress

Come to a long -sleeved dress in early spring. The elegant and intellectual figure shows the figure. In the dress style, the most popular and most beautiful skirts must be

Flower style.

In the styles and styles of printed skirts, there are many types. If women don’t want too much


The style, then we must use the choice and integration of the print color

The classic color is the background color

, Monochrome tone becomes the color of floral, such floral skirts are high -level without losing

Fashionable atmosphere.


Stereo print skirt

Long -sleeved dress is the “overlord” of early spring. It is exquisite and temperamental. It is too advanced to wear. For long -sleeved dresses, the style of printing is the most common. We can based on this

Style and style


Extension and use the style of three -dimensional printing to create unique features

Printing dress.

Because the element is based

Three -dimensional style

Mainly, so the color of the overall skirt should be alone

Too messy

, Create the three -dimensional structure of the overall clothing with the pattern of large flowers, elegant and sweet

Age reduction.

Animal stripe long -sleeved dress

For printed clothing, the style and style it contains are many. The style of each print is different. The pattern of the flowers is more

Fresh and luxurious



Geometric patterns are more well

Then girls want a more beautiful style and full

Wild beauty

Then animal -style printing patterns are the best.

Among them, the style of leopard print is unique visual impact and

Bright atmosphere

If the beautiful eyebrows don’t want to have a strong sense of strongness, we can choose zebra style

floral print,

Compared to other elements, it is more possessive



Sequenant long -sleeved dress

In the decoration of the dress, the style of the sequins is also the first accessories in terms of matching.

The characteristics of the jewelry

, Generally, the hollow style with skirts, not only fashion, but also with

Refreshing atmosphere.

But how to match the style of a long -sleeved dress with a long -sleeved dress. First of all, the elements and design of the overall skirt must be simple, followed by

Black as a color matching

, Sequenant elements are more delicate and meticulous, and the overall performance style is more suitable

Simple and atmospheric.

High -density print skirt

In terms of printing style, high -density printing patterns and low -density printing patterns are different in style and matching, so we must first lay the foundation of the overall style in terms of matching.


If the little fairies want

The bright and wearing Zhang Yang

Then when we choose a skirt style, we must cooperate with high density

Because high -density printing patterns are densely discharged, it often requires some

Gorgeous colors

, Create a strong visual impact.

Bubble texture long -sleeved dress

In the long -sleeved dress, in addition to the more classic restrained design of printing, we can also choose to have bubble texture

Printed style

Compared to traditional stamps, the style of bubble texture is more

Sweet and age reduction

The breath.

As a whole

Color and color

In terms of, the design of bubble texture itself is biased towards vision

Tedious design

So it is generally monochrome

Basic paragraph

Matching, adding a bit in terms of neckline and shoulder design

sweet and cute

The elements to echo the design of bubble texture.

Fake two long -sleeved dress

We can also use the matching of dresses

Stacking design

It is not stacked by a jacket, but using the illusion of visual illustration to give people a kind of splicing way

Fake two pieces,

Create multiple style performance.

In terms of overall color matching, it is also 80 %

Color is the main color

This main color is generally based on

Classic color -based

Because of the integration of classic colors, the color of the stitching fabric is very color



Secondly, other colors are used for stitching at the cuffs and necklines, so as to create it visually

Stacking style.

Palace -style lace lace skirt

In terms of the matching of dresses, the use of lace and lace is very common. These two CP composition and creation are more well -known

Dignified and elegant

In terms of overall combination, we use

Net yarn and black


Perform performance to prevent swelling styles. Lace matches are concentrated in the upper body, and layers of lace concentrated on the lower body, more

Fantasy and fashion

The atmosphere.

Fashionable atmosphere.

floral print,