Tong Liya has a sense of girlishness at an age of 4, and wearing a baseball uniform superimposed sweater has temperament, the more tender and tender

#What to wear today#


Speaking of sweaters, no matter what time it is, it is a popular item. It is loved by girls, and some sweaters can also be worn by men and women. Therefore, it is OK as a couple clothing.


In these years, sweaters

The style also begins to diversify

Do you think it only has a sports style? In fact, this is not the case.

It can be intellectual, handsome, and at the same time, it can be very casual. Generally speaking, there are many styles and shapes.

It is also fashionable to wear.


Although the sweater is a very simple item, and there is no bright spot to wear at the same time, it cannot be without it in the wardrobe.

It is simple and casual, and you don’t have to worry about it.

Show fashion and trend, but also very personality.

In addition, no matter what style of sweaters, as long as the version is loose, it can create a full laziness, and the style of the winter is almost matched.

For this reason, many fashion bloggers and street shooters like to use sweaters to shape, not to mention, it looks more characteristic.

It’s like Tong Liya,

Baseball uniform outer sleeve superimposed sweater

After wearing a full sense of girl, it doesn’t look old, and also


Highlighting full texture.

Therefore, I have to say that Tong Liya has a sense of girlishness at the age of 4, and wearing a baseball uniform to superimpos a sweater has temperament, the more tender and tender.

Tong Liya wearing analysis

Gray sweater

Highlights: loose/hooded/gray/plain color

The basic sweater cannot be missing in daily life, but in the only wear, the version should not be too satisfactory as much as possible.

Gray mid -length, very lined with figure, small girls can wear it alone,

It is also OK to make a disappearance of a lower jacket,

Young and energetic are youthful.

If you don’t want to wear it alone, it is very suitable for pear -shaped sisters,

It’s thin and fashionable to wear


After all, the effect of covering the meat is good, and it looks high and foreign.

The overall gray style, plus the hooded design, does not seem to have too much soil smell, and it is also very textured in the wear. It is good to wear daily travel.

Match: baseball uniform+black casual pants+sneakers

In fact, the matching of the sweater does not need to think about it too much. It is cool in the cold weather, without too much restraint, casual and casual.

But the weather is cold, everyone can wear a green baseball jacket, like Tong Liya, and the style of the sweater is right.

Show full of vitality and sports atmosphere.

The lower body is paired with a pair of black casual pants and a pair of sneakers. It is satisfactory, filled with a sense of leisure, and is also very fashionable.

How to wear a sweater in fashion and leisure in winter

With innovation in matching

For clothing matching, if there is no highlight in the wear, it will appear dull and there are no highlights.

Although the sweater does not pick up, there must be a certain highlight in the wear. The combination of green baseball uniforms and sweaters will not appear boring, but it is better.


Set off the temperament of middle -aged women


It is more fashionable to wear.

And the color belongs to the basic color, so it will not appear exaggerated, but it is more restrained.

It is also very generous to wear.

There are highlights of clothing

In addition to the matching, the clothing itself must have a certain highlight, and the long sweater of Tong Liya can almost control whether it is a small or slightly fat star, and it looks fashionable.

And the highlight of the clothing is the drawing line design at the hat, which looks very fashionable and attractive.

As an embellishment, it has benefits.

Therefore, for the overall match, it can also be seen that Li Liya wore a sweater and a baseball uniform to walk away from the airport. It was full of youth and looked at people who were not like 4.

Other sweater wearing display

Pink printed sweater+shorts

In terms of selection, if you don’t like neutral colors, you can also choose bright colors, such as pink, etc., you can still wear it

Show girlish atmosphere


It looks more casual and generous, but also looks stylish.

In addition, on the basis of the sweater, add some printing design and embellish it on pink clothing.

It looks very fashionable,

Dressing is also very casual.

Moreover, the loose short sweater is more suitable for small people to wear, showing the proportion of long legs, and at the same time, it also highlights the waist lines and looks even higher.

White mid -length sweater+tight jeans

Mid -long sweaters can always give people a casual and lazy texture. With a loose version, it releases vitality Feel and is very young.

The lower body is paired with a pair of blue tight jeans to shape a

Panasonic tightly worn

Fruit, visually more skillful, and not too bloated, at the same time, blue and white, and even more

Refreshing and fashionable.

Color Sweater+Black casual pants

If the sweater wants to have a sense of design, color fighting is a good choice. The black and white stitching will not have any exaggerated effects, and the dress is more textured.

The black and stitching of the whole body, the effect of the color, the color of the color

Also eye -catching

, Coupled with the yellow print embellishment, with monotonous, dressing is more elegant.


And in order to line on the overall style, a bag blessing, which increases practicality, while

It is also very tone


It looks delicate and neat.