Treatment of the bed! Jinhua 15th Middle School 14 -year -old teenager invented a multifunctional wake -up pillow

2019-01-10 19:03 | Zhejiang News Client | Correspondent Dong Jinjiao

This is a 4 -frame comic

The alarm clock at 5: 59, 6:00 in the morning is about to sound, and the little owner sleeps positively. At 6:00, the pillow suddenly screamed, and the little owner who woke up from his sleep was doubtful: How could the pillow be called? After 15 seconds, the pillow was “rebellious”, and it shook.

A few seconds later, the little owner was so noisy that he couldn’t sleep. He was about to get up. At the moment he raised his head, the pillow didn’t bark!


At 7 o’clock, the alarm clock “started” on time, making a bee sound. After 15 seconds, the little owner hadn’t got up yet, and the pillow began to vibrate. The bee sounded again and again, the little owner was restless, and at the moment he looked up, the bee’s sound was gone, and the vibration was gone …


Simulation Demonstration Waking Pillow

This is a small invention simulation demonstration. From comics to real objects, a middle school student in Jinhua, using what he thought in his mind, with some simple materials, made a small invention -a special pillow, but it has a variety of functions, the most basic sleeping function, the most basic sleep function, the most basic sleep function, the most basic sleep function, the most basic sleep function, the most basic sleep function, the most basic sleep function, The alarm function, and the additional function of the night lamp. In August 2018, this kind of pillow with awakening function won the national utility model;

In November 2018, the 33rd Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition in Jinhua City, this small invention of multifunctional wake -up pillows won the first prize. Guo Shuyu, a second -second student who invented this special pillow, from Jinhua No. 15 Middle School.

I want to help my classmates go to school late,

The boy who watched light up,

It actually invented the pillow with a wake -up function

At 9:20 am on January 6, Guo Shuzhen took out his multifunctional wake -up pillow and introduced it. Take off the blue pillow case, a pillow core made of foam appears in front of the eyes. This pillow that does not seem to be very beautiful is currently a model. The timer, battery pack, controller, beeurge, vibrator … are installed in different positions, around a circle of small lamps around the pillow core.

Subsequently, Shu Yan took the thick dictionary and pressed it on the pillow to simulate the scene of the pillow wake up the “little master”. As soon as the “Little Master” left the pillow, the pillow was quietly quiet, without moving or sounding.

Guo Shuyu usually wakes up and does not rely on the alarm clock. It is more about watching the light outside the window, but invented such a multifunctional wake -up pillow. He is currently a junior second student. The knowledge of physical and physical related electricity -related electricity is about a month ago, but in his multifunctional wake -up pillow, the circuit is one of the key designs. Inventory of making such a pillow is the summer vacation of the year of elementary school.

It is easier to go to elementary school, it will be busy in junior high school, and get up earlier in the morning. I was worried that I couldn’t get up and I was late in class, so I thought about designing a special alarm clock to wake myself. This was the original intention of Shu Yan to engage in this small invention. Ideological, design, finding parts, connecting circuits … a pillow with a basically alarm function was really made by him.

It’s just that he doesn’t use this pillow, because he has a habit of watched the sun, and occasionally with the help of a second watch alarm clock. After he was in junior high school, he found that many classmates would be late and asked if the classmates had a alarm clock. The classmates said that there was a alarm clock, but there was still a bed. Some also said that the alarm sounded and did not hear.

Shu Yan thought that it seems that the wake -up pillow that he invented can still come in handy to help those who “get up in trouble”, although it is sometimes considered particularly noisy.

Super like to do it

This is a child who loves the brain and hands -on. A shot on the TV has fascinated him with “iron”

The previous year, Guo Shuyu took his wake -up pillow to participate in the scientific and technological innovation competition of the Jinhua Economic and Technological Development Zone, and won the second prize. He then applied for a patent to the country. Nearly a year later, the State Intellectual Property Office was approved and approved, and his multifunctional wake -up pillow obtained a practical new patent. After further improvement of the function of the work, in November last year, he participated in the 33rd Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest of Jinhua City and won the first prize.


Shu Yan said that he always wanted to optimize the use of multi -functional wake -up pillow lights, but he failed to program four or five times. He hopes to crack one day.


There are many multi -function wake -up pillows, and there are many “secrets” hidden in the pillow core. Looking at the appearance may be the connection of some circuits, but to achieve the function, the book is still difficult. For example, changing the alarm clock to a timer Then use the switch to control it, which requires strict voltage, which is high or low. On this issue, he and the scientific teacher Hu Bingping discussed. In addition, there is the production of the controller.

Teacher Hu Bingping said that Guo Shuxuan is a child who is very brains, hands -on, and questioning. Compared with design and production, the creativity of multifunctional wake -up pillows is more valuable.

In daily life, Guo Shuyu often emerges some weird ideas and will be put into action. In the math class, after listening to the news that a person was bitten by a dog and killed by rabies, he had the idea of ​​making a knife to prevent dogs. The sofa at home has just been changed, and he cut all the skin of the old sofa and said that he would use it later. Obsessed with military affairs and was interested in aircraft and ships. In the past few days, he used some toys in the family to use waste and made a ship model.

Not only that, when he saw an abandoned computer on the road, he would also pick it up, disassembled and loaded, and left with useful parts and materials. He will try to use it next time you do something else. In the multifunctional wake -up pillow, there are some elastic airbags, which are parts in the abandoned car video that Dad brought home before.

He also has a habit of starting a TV when he goes home. Recently, in the TV documentary, he aimed at a scene of iron fighting, and he had the idea of ​​experiencing iron. So he put the barbecue oven on the balcony, but he couldn’t play the effect of the people, and wanted a good stove, and then he put on the idea of ​​his mother’s oven and used the oven as an iron furnace.

The “baby” picked up is treasured in the wardrobe

To do what you like, it is indispensable for the support of parents, what tools need, buy all


When I walked into Guo Shuyu’s room, at first glance, it was a typical boy room. There were various lines and plugs on a bedside table. There were many books related to World War II on a bedside table. There are various tools, drawings and materials on the window sill. He said that he was tired of learning and making small production, which was a kind of relaxation. He has a goal of his study plan. He has recently planned the top 28 of the school for the final exam. He will strive to go to Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in the future to engage in aerospace design research in the future.

Shu Huan’s mother said that because her son liked to do something too much, she often didn’t know how to clean up. “This thing, he said he couldn’t throw it. That he said that he would keep it, maybe it would be useful in the future.” The doorbell was broken not long ago, and he had to keep it.

In the third grade of elementary school, his son showed this interest and exposed to circuit knowledge. They bought him a set of electronic blocks at the time. There were many kinds of circuits and equipment. The son liked it very much. It is hidden in the wardrobe now, and there is no few parts inside.

In addition to military books, “Maker Electronics” is another extra -curricular book he likes. It was bought by his parents when he was programming in the fifth grade of primary school. He has flooded four or five times so far. The controller in the multifunctional wake -up pillow was done by himself.

In addition to the e -blocks in the wardrobe, Shu Yan also treasured some “babies”, such as the abandoned car video that Dad had brought back before, and some parts and materials he accumulated.

Shu Huan’s mother said that her son used to “pick up” some things like trash, and then immersed in the fun of research. Although she was a little anxious, she was afraid that the child would spend too much time on it, after all, learning cannot be delayed. But since her son likes, she and her husband will still support him and help him develop hobbies. For example, the son said what tools needed, and they would immediately buy it. Several boxes of tools were placed next to the shoe cabinets in the living room, all of which were used by the son.

In addition to making various small stuffs, Shu Yan also loves painting. The decorations hanging on the wall of the house are not bought, they are all his own paintings.


Enter the “Popular Science Boy” from the Science and Technology Innovation Competition

The “Popular Science Boy” column jointly sponsored by Jinhua Science and Technology Association and Jinhua Evening News is a new column just launched this year. Based on popular science propaganda, it improves the scientific literacy of the public. The 33rd Jinhua Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest was held at the Jinhua Science and Technology Museum on November 16 last year. It was sponsored by the Jinhua Science and Technology Association and the Municipal Education Bureau. A total of 470 works in the city participated. After selection, defense and online publicity, a total of 18 outstanding small invention works were selected, 22 second prizes, and 39 third prizes; 6 first prizes for outstanding science and technology essay works , 10 second prizes and 18 third prizes; 6 first prizes for excellent scientific practice activities, 8 second prizes, and 13 third prizes; 25 first prizes for outstanding children’s science fiction paintings, 33 second prizes , 58 third prizes; 3 first prizes for excellent robotic creative projects, 7 second prizes, and 13 third prizes; 3 prizes for the recommendation project of outstanding science and technology counselors scientific and technological innovation achievements, 5 second prizes, 5 second prizes, Nine third prizes; 6 first prizes for excellent technology and creative projects, 9 second prizes, and 15 third prizes.


The youth science and technology innovation contest is a exchange meeting of the city’s scientific and technological innovation education concept and practical experience. In the form of “competition”, the new concept of scientific education is promoted to promote the booming development of youth science and technology activities in the city. The scientific and technological quality of adolescents has a positive role in promoting the popularization and development of science and technology education. Except for the number of finalists in this contest, the number of finalists has reached a new high, the overall level of the work is high, and the degree of innovation and technical content have improved significantly.

Guo Shuyi entered our “popular science teenager” from this scientific and technological innovation contest. He is a young man who loves and loves and loves …

The “baby” picked up is treasured in the wardrobe