White home design

European -style gorgeous bedroom decoration is brilliant and gorgeous, and Chinese decoration is full of literary flavor. If you want a quiet style, you can try the white home design, quiet and natural! Today, the editor of Qianfan Yijia Textiles will talk about how to design the white home style!

1. White system+metal element

Metal elements have a colorful performance in many styles. In the pure white room, some metallic home decorations are incorporated, adding a lot of noble atmosphere and luxurious texture to the space, showing unique texture without exaggeration. face.

Second, white system+multiple materials


The more pure and clean, the more you should pay attention to the use of different materials to improve the level of space texture. Furdy blankets, comfortable soft bags, rice white silk curtains, warm flooring, rich materials, enhance the three -dimensional sense of the room.


Third, white system+minimalist painting


Pure white space is often low -key, but after hanging the murals, the overall visual sense is much rich, highlighting the comfort and simplicity of the space. You can also properly match the simple four -piece set of Qianfan according to the home textile. If you feel that the style is a bit quiet, you can add a few potted plants and add anger. wait!